01. Water Is Life
02. Cello As Everest
03. I Still Believe In Love
04. In My Secret Life
05. Wayfaring Stranger
06. Dadirri (Deep Listening)
07. Dear Gods
08. Breathe Easy
09. City Of Chicago
10. I Am Not At War With Anyone
11. The Ballad Of Monk's Lane

Produced by Luka Bloom & John Fitzgerald
Recorded at Lettercollum Recording Studios, Timoleague, County Cork in 2017
Recording engineered by John Fitzgerald
Mixed by John Fitzgerald
Mastered by Brian Masterson at Soundscape Studios, Sandycove, County Dublin

All Tracks written and composed by Luka Bloom (IMRO/MCPS Ireland)
except of 'In My Secret Life' - Leonard Cohen
and 'Wayfaring Stranger' - Traditional

Cover Painting by Tim Goulding
Design by Steve Averill

© 01/10/2017 Luka Bloom - BigSky Records BSCD-0010

Sometimes records are planned for months or even years.
Sometimes records sneak up on you.
I am very happy to announce that in October 2017 we will be releasing my new record REFUGE on www.lukabloom.com

Autumn/Winter 2016 the world seemed to become a loud, brutal place.
People hurting from war, homelessness, climate change…..
People respond in different ways.
I sought refuge in songs. I wrote some, I learned some and I visited some old ones.
After a few months of quiet work, I felt the need to put these songs out into the world.
At first I heard choirs and strings and trumpets.
In the end I decided to keep it raw, and simple.

And here it is - REFUGE. 11 songs, recorded in the amazing studio that is Lettercollum Recording Studio, with John Fitzgerald and mastered by my old friend Brian Masterson.
The cover painting is called ‘At One’ - by Tim Goulding, a great Irish artist from Beara Peninsula in West Cork.
The cover is designed by Steve Averill.

If you would like to pre-order REFUGE you can do so from www.lukabloom.com
My sister, the singer Anne Rynne, still manages the shipments at the website.
The cost to you is 18 euros per record, including shipping.
The first 500 will be signed.

In this age of streaming, I still believe in the record and I love to work with great people to create a record that flows. The sound, the order of the songs, the number of songs. This is how I choose to listen to the people I love. And this is how I want to present my work.

To all who choose to buy the record from us, I thank you. It allows me to continue.

Love and Light

Luka Bloom

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Filmed by AmbiguousFiddle at Monk's Lane in Timoleague, Co Cork (July 2017)

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