In Groningen



Side One
1. Snowbird (Sheridan/Moore)
2. The Dog Amongst The Bushes (trad. arr. Moore)

3. (a) One Last Cold Kiss (Pappalardi/Collins, Up Fall Music)
3. (b) The Cold Wind (Moore)
4. Groningen (Moore)
5. They're Milking Again (Moore/Murray)
Side Two
1. Our Land (Moore)
2. (a) The Cliffs Of Moher (trad. arr. Moore)
2. (b) Willy Coleman's (trad. arr. Moore)
3. (a) I'll Need Your Love (Moore)
3. (b) Between The Sheets (Moore/Murray)
3. (c) Danny Boy (Boosey/Hawkes, Weatherly Music)

Barry Moore - Guitars, Vocals
Eamon Murray - Harmonicas, Saxophone
Gerhardt Ammerlaan - Bass
Olga Grooten - Flute
Geert Oude Weernink - Melodeon
Buck Staub - Bodhran

Sound Engineer - Adje Bos
Recorded at Blue Tape Studio, Heerenveen, Holland, Jan. 1980
Sleeve Photography & Design Max Bruinsma, with help from Sjoerd van Dorp
Produced by Eamon Murray and Barry Moore, with help from Adje Bos
All tracks published by Mild Music except where stated.
Deze Plaat is en Uitgave van Kloet Muziek.

© 1980 Kloet Muziek, Holland

The words of Snowbird were written by Jimmy Sheridan of Dublin, I learned The Dog Amongst The Bushes from Liam Og 'o Floinn; The Cliffs Of Moher from Kevin Burke, Willy Coleman's from Matt Molloy; One Last Cold Kiss from my brother Christy and Danny Boy from my mother Nancy. Thanks to you all.

- Barry

In Groningen

We would like to dedicate this album to our friends, the Groninger Collective "KLOET" and particulary Jan without whose encouragement this recording would not have been made, and also to our friends in Ireland, whose company we often missed on this trip. We hope ye enjoy the music.

- Barry & Eamon

In Groningen

The Groninger kollektief 'KLOET', released this album. This organisation in Holland exists of only volunteers. Besides releasing albums, members of KLOET run a pub and print monthly a small local newspaper. The money that becomes available through their efforts will be used to create small collective work-units. Being less dependent of the normal mechanism of society, the small-scale structure units provide usefull and creative works.

That's in a few words what we're trying to do besides complaining about nowadays sick society. This album is numbered 001, soon we'll be able to let you another.

Hope you enjoy this one, all the best,

KLOET, Groningen, The Netherlands

Danny Boy Danny Boy
© 1979 Mulligan Records
1. Danny Boy
Barry Moore (Vocals, Guitar)
Gerry O'Beirne (12 & 6 String Guitar)
Eamon Murray (Harmonica)
Rita Connolly (Harmony Vocals)
Garvan Gallagher (Bass)

2. Girl
(from the album Treaty Stone)
Recorded at Windmill Studios; Engineer: Brian Masterson
Produced by Gerry O'Beirne

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