Bittersweet Crimson

The new album will be released on 20 July 2020
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The Beauty Of Everyday Things



‘Finally the summer’s upon us…..’

The first line of the first song we are releasing from my new record Bittersweet Crimson.

I’ve been quietly beavering away in North West Clare for 2 years. I wrote about 20 songs and narrowed it down to the 11 songs which will emerge on this record on July 20th.

This is, I hope, the perfect song to begin with.
In the Summer of 2019, I wrote this, while re ecting on the simple beauty of life in Ireland, especially when the summer slowly unfolds.
Crowds descend on beaches, and into sports grounds, consuming icecreams.
Life moves outdoors.
We love it, and it passes too soon.
So lets enjoy it all, and celebrate it, hoping it lingers…..

The joy in this song for me, as with all the songs on this record, lies in the brilliance of the musicians around me, and the singing of Niamh Farrell.

The musicians here are Steve Cooney, Robbie Harris, Jon O’Connell and Adam Shapiro.

Steve, Robbie, Jon, and myself recorded the songs live in Windmill Lane in mid-February, before talk of lockdown.

Adam and Niamh performed in isolation during the lockdown. the song was mixed and mastered by Brian Masterson

It is such a joy to have this completed, and to release this happy song, as the summer unfolds in Ireland.
Have a great summer. You’ve earned it.

Luka Bloom

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