WATER IS LIFE (Mni Wiconi)

Water is life
From the dawn of the day
To the death of each night
All of the oceans
Rivers and streams
Filling our lives up
Enriching our dreams

For brother and sister
Water is life
Mni Wiconi
Water is life

The blood of our mother
Flows through our veins
We poison rivers
Bring her great pain
I pray that our love
Will soon be unlocked
The tribes have assembled
At Standing Rock

For those who will follow
Water is life
Mni Wiconi
Water is life

The march of the Black Snake
Is still in full stride
When will we learn
That water is life
Fields turn to desert
I don't understand
The silence of women
The blindness of man

For our dear Mother
Water is life
Mni Wiconi
Water is life

All of the seasons
May we do right
For our dear Mother
Sing Water is Life

Mni Wiconi
Water is Life

© 2017 LUKA BLOOM //
(IMRO/MCPS Ireland)

This song is inspired by the incredible ongoing stand by Native Americans in Standing Rock, South Dakota. They seek to protect their water and sacred lands from oil pipelines)

start at 12:20: WATER IS LIFE

© Rena Bergholz :: Luka Bloom Page