This New Morning



01. How Am I To Be
02. A Seed Was Sown
03. Heart Man
04. Capture A Dream
05. The Race Runs Me
06. You Survive
07. Riverdays
08. Across The Breeze
09. Gaman
10. Your Little Wings
11. Dignity And Backbone
12. The Ride
13. No Big Deal
(Bonus Track: The Planet Company | Compass Records)
14. You Couldn't Have Come At A Better Time

All songs written and composed by Luka Bloom
All songs © 2012 Luka Bloom (IMRO IRELAND/MCPS)

Produced by Luka Bloom and Brian Masterson
Engineered, mixed and mastered by Brian Masterson at Soundscape, Sandycove, Dublin.

Luka Bloom - Guitar & Vocals
Glen Hansard - Vocal
Rita Connolly - Vocal
Iarla Ó Lionáird - Vocal
Eimear Quinn - Vocal
Steve Cooney - Guitar & Vocal
Mairtin O'Connor - Accordion
Dirk Powell - Banjo & Mandolin
Conor Byrne - Flute
Donal Lunny - Bodhran & Bouzouki
Robbie Harris - Percussion
Samuel Arnold - Vocal
Frankie Lane - Dobro & Pedal Steel
Caoimhin O'Raghallaigh - Fiddle
Orchestra: (on 5 tracks)
Arrangements and double bass: Joe Csibi
Leader: Lynda O'Connor
Violin 1: Larrisa O'Grady - Nicola Cleary - Aoife Dowdall - Feilimidh Nunan
Violin 2: Sylvia Roberts - Rachel Du - Catherine Humphries - Siofra Grant
Viola: Laren Dervin - Carla Vedres - Nathan Sherman
Cello: Gráinne Hope - Michelle Mason - David Doyle

Artwork by Turlough Rynne at Point Blank
PR photos and good vibes: Claire Burge

© 01-05-2012 Luka Bloom - Big Sky Records BSCD-0007
V2 Records (Benelux) | Skip Records (Germany) | The Planet Company (Australia) | Compass Records (USA) | Proper Music (UK)

Luka Bloom 2011 was an amazing year, during which I toured Holland with Jan Douwe Kroeske and 2 meters crew; then went to Australia in March. There I was invited to return ...to Australia in June to sing for the Dalai Lama each night of his 3 week tour of Australia.

Then tours in Belgium, Ireland, and Switzerland. all the while I was watching and reading about events in the world, and quietly writing songs. Though not all the songs were quiet.....

By November I realised there were 20 songs needing to be loved. So of course, I began to think about a record. Every singer thinks about a record. These days thinking about a record is interesting, because so many people have lost the love of records, and don't buy them anymore.

Not me.

I still love the feel, the smell and the sound of record, whether vinyl or cd. I don't have a huge collection; but I really care for what I own, because they are part of my life.

Anyway, I began to think about these songs, and what to do. Speaking with Brian Masterson, my recording engineer from over 30 years ago, the songs began to grow with each conversation. In the beginning, it would be me and my guitars and a few friends playing.

But no, I decided these songs needed more.

So I invited some of my heroes, and some of my friends, to come and sing with me, and play with me.

Glen Hansard of the Frames and The Swell Season; Rita Connolly, Iarla O'Lionaird, Eimear Quinn, who are some of Ireland's greatest singers. Steve Cooney, my guitar hero. A new friend, Dirk Powell from America on Banjo and mandolin. Mairtin O'Connor, who plays accordion and gets deep into the soul of a song. Conor Byrne, my nephew and friend, who's flute tones grace many of my songs. Donal Lunny, an Irish legend, who was one of my childhood heroes with my brother Christy. Robbie Harris, and Samuel Arnold, new friends who played percussion and sang. Frankie Lane, a great dobro and pedal steel player. Caoimhin O'Raghallaigh, a young Irishman who is playing a significant part in reviving the true soulfulness of Irish music. He played fiddle. And Joe Csibi, my friend who arranged the 16 piece orchestra on 5 tracks.

Everybody gave their all, none more than Brian Masterson, who produced the record with me, and mixed and mastered it. I feel blessed. And in the end it is all about the songs. The songs brought us together, and together we try to honour the songs.

Making a record is one of the great privileges of my life. It is still in 2012, the only way I want to present my work to people. These songs are really important to me. On this record, these songs were given all the love they needed.

No note left unsung, no note left unplayed. Just enough. I am proud of This New Morning, and I thank all who helped bring it to life.

Luka Bloom


"This New Morning is the sort of album that gives me new hope that real, honest, raw and beautiful music will endure. Thank you, Luka Bloom."
Review by ANDREW W. GRIFFIN | www.reddirtreport.com

"Blooming Great": Luka Bloom’s THIS NEW MORNING
quot;This New Morning is a treasure: beautifully sung, played and produced. It’s blooming great."
Review by DAVE KENNY | www.vulgo.ie

Luka Bloom - This New Morning
"The singer-songwriter’s love for his native land and the great outdoors pours out of every word and every note in This New Morning."
Review by TONY HILLIER | rhythms.com.au

"What first sounded to me like a simple singer-songwriter with an accent yielded many dividends over subsequent hearings. While the overall sound quality leads to an experience that is a touch soft and kind, it is emblematic of Bloom’s musical perspective, one marked by decades of accrued knowledge, of both the musical and life variety. This New Morning offers listeners quite a musical odyssey, and aptly lives up to Bloom’s namesake."
Review by HANS WETZEL | www.goodsound.com

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