Treaty Stone



Side One
1. German Girl
2. Tired Of Here
3. Nothing New Under The Sun
4. Remember The Brave Ones
5. Isolation
Side Two
1. Newbridge Town
2. Winona
3. Our Love
4. Feeling Inside Me
5. Mother, Father, Son

All songs written and composed by Barry Moore.

Barry Moore - Guitar, Vocals
Declan Sinnott - Guitar on 'German Girl', 'Isolation', 'Newbridge Town' and 'Feeling Inside Me'

Produced by Declan Sinnott
Engineered by Paul Waldron
Recorded at Trend Studios, Lad Lane, Dublin
Sleeve Design - Frank Spiers
Photo - Tricia Murphy
Special thanks to Manus Lunny, Bren and T.G. O'Rourke, and Clive.

© 1982 Ruby Records, Ireland

No Heroes was the final studio record that Barry Moore released before adopting the performing name Luka Bloom. Moore was not to introduce the trademark Luka Bloom electro-acoustic sound until 1990's Riverside, but No Heroes comes a step closer with the rapid downstroke, heavy strumming of "Winona" and "German Girl". The guitar playing is less intricate than the 1978 album The Treaty Stone, lacking the lengthy instrumental solos of that album. But it also finds Moore focusing more on his songwriting and less on new arrangements of traditional songs. The reflective "Newbridge Town", and the Nick Drake-inflected "Feeling Inside Me" and "Mother, Father, Son" are particularly strong examples, though they pale in comparison to his later work.

Review by Evan Cater
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