The Barry Moore Years



01. Treaty Stone
02. Little Martha And Me
03. It's Not Good Enough
04. Lonesome Robin
05. Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee
06. Girl
07. Little Snowbird
08. The Dog Among The Bushes
09. Groningen
10. One Last Cold Kiss / The Cold Wind
11. Danny Boy
12. Feeling Inside Me
13. German Girl
14. Out On A Limb
15. It's A Passion
Mastered for CD by Brian Masterson
Sleeve Design by Turlough Rynne & Point Blank Multimedia

All songs are written and composed by Barry Moore, at IMRO Ireland
Lonesome Robin, written by Bob Coltman
Danny Boy, by Boosey & Hawkes, © Weatherly Music
One Last Cold Kiss, by Felix Pappalardi, © Up Fall Music

© 01-09-2001 Barry Moore IMRO Ireland & MCPS

Compilation of Songs written between 1975 and 1986

Treaty Stone
Treaty Stone
In Groningen
In Groningen
No Heroes
No Heroes
Only available at www.lukabloom.com

Looking back never has the same excitement as looking forward. So I must credit others for generating the enthusiasm for this project; namely the people in various parts of the world who ask me about the Barry Moore Stuff!

Rather than release the old albums, I decided to compile a CD of songs, which would act as a snapshot of the years 1975 - 1986. The first 11 tracks are all in the finger-picking style which defined my early songs.

Then there was the brush with tendonitis, which caused me to literally begin again after a 2 year break. So the last 4 tracks have that feeling of a new beginning; a change from finger-picking to strumming. This is the style I developed further, when in 1987 I went to work in America as Luka Bloom.

I want to thank Una Johnston, Rosemary Flanagan, Aine de Barróid, Gerry O'Beirne, Eamon Murray, Gerhardt Ammerlaan, Olga Grooten, Geert oude Weernink, Buck Staub, Rita Connolly, and Declan Sinnott. Also Mulligan Records, Tara, Jan in Groningen, Clive Hudson, Jackie Hayden, and all the musicians who played with me through those years.

from Dirk Goris

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