01. Exploring The Blue
02. Sunny Sailor Boy
03. Gone To Pablo
04. Natural Mystic
05. You
06. Don't Be So Hard On Yourself
07. Make You Feel My Love
08. Diamond Mountain
09. Perfect Groove
10. Monsoon
11. The Fertile Rock
12. Delirious
13. Gabriel

Recorded live in Theatre Carré, Amsterdam on Monday, 11th February 2002

Luka Bloom - Guitars and Vocals

Produced by Luka Bloom & Brian Masterson
Paul Scully engineered the live sound
Mixed by Brian Masterson and Paul Scully at Windmill Lane Studios, Dublin
Assistant Engineers: Kieran Lynch and Mark Dwyer
Mastered by Brian Masterson

© 2003 Luka Bloom - Big Sky Records (Ireland)
Skip Records (Germany/Switzerland) & Culture Records (Benelux) | Shock Records (Australia) | Instinct Records/Evolver (USA)

For perhaps 12 years now, people have been asking me to do a live CD. I never felt any enthusiasm for the idea... Until last February. On February 11th 2002, we arrived in Amsterdam to perform in Carré. It was a cold Monday... But that night, Carré was full of amazing people who wanted to celebrate with me, the magic of songs. All shows have magical moments. But this night in Carré, from the very first chord, there was pure magic in the house. Oh, and by the way, the tape was running... I now find myself totally excited by, and proud of, a CD I didn't want to make two years ago!

I love to make records, and I love to play shows. This CD is both; a recording of one unforgettable night in Amsterdam. I hope all who hear it, enjoy it.

Luka Bloom

  Amsterdam - Double Vinyl Limited Edition
(Skip Records Germany)

LP 1
1. Exploring The Blue
2. Sunny Sailor Boy
3. Gone To Pablo
4. Natural Mystic
5. You
6. Don't Be So Hard On Yourself
7. Make You Feel My Love
8. Diamond Mountain
9. Perfect Groove

LP 2
10. Monsoon
11. The Fertile Rock
12. Delirious
13. Gabriel

Bonus Tracks
(not recorded in Amsterdam)
14. If I Were A Carpenter
15. Ciara
16. Lily In The Garden

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