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Luka Bloom
Photo by Claire Burge
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MUSIC - cd releases
SOMETIMES I FLY... > released on 26/10/2018
REFUGE > released on 01/10/2017
FRUGALISTO > released on 01/02/2016
HEAD AND HEART > released on 14/02/2014
THIS NEW MORNING > released in May 2012
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> LUKA BLOOM 2016 - The Year in Pictures
> LUKA BLOOM 2015 - The Year in Pictures
> LUKA BLOOM 2014 - The Year in Pictures
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June 2011 > Singing for the DALAI LAMA in Australia
Fri 28 Jan 2011 @ Ryston Centre, Newbridge

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 > Luka Bloom 2016 - The Year in Pictures
Luka Bloom 2016
A Collection of Photos and Posters from Ireland, Australia,
Germany, the UK, Belgium and the Netherlands.

Slideshow of photos and posters from concerts and events in 2016
with songs from the album FRUGALISTO

 > Luka Bloom 2015 - The Year in Pictures
Luka Bloom 2015
A Collection of Photos and Posters from Ireland, the UK, Belgium and the Netherlands.

Slideshow of photos and posters from concerts and events in 2015
Music: BANKS OF THE LEE from the album HEAD AND HEART

 > Luka Bloom 2014 - The Year in Pictures
Luka Bloom 2014
A Collection of Photos and Posters from Ireland, Germany, Switzerland, the UK and the USA.

Slideshow of photos and posters from concerts and events in 2014
with songs from the album HEAD AND HEART

 > Luka Bloom - HEAD AND HEART

MY WILD IRISH ROSE - A song from Luka's new album HEAD AND HEART
available from www.lukabloom.com

 > Luka Bloom 2013 - The Year in Pictures

Slideshow of photos and posters from concerts and events in 2013
with songs from the album THIS NEW MORNING

 > Luka Bloom - HOMEPLACE
New Book of Lyrics and Photographs by Luka Bloom

"This beautiful book includes personal snapshots taken by Luka,
scraps of scribbles from notebooks, and lyrics from a large selection of songs
written over the last couple of decades."

Luka Bloom Book 2013
The book’s introduction is in English, German and Dutch and explains what the book is.
(> PDF link to the English version.)

Available on www.lukabloom.com

 > Luka Bloom Video
GIVE YOU WINGS (You Should Always Come Home)
Music Video by Luka Bloom
12-09-2013 www.lukabloom.com

 > Luka Bloom Live on Radio
Luka Bloom Special on Clare FM THE WEST WIND with Eoin O'Neill
Friday, 8 February 2013
Listen again:


 > Luka Bloom - This New Morning

You Survive
by Luka Bloom

You stood at the edge last night
The dark came in
A need for closure
Crept under your skin
You planned it for days
Simple and clear
Struggling was over
Past the point of fear

Did somebody’s prayer get to
The will to live in you?
You pulled through
You pulled through

So this new morning
Trust in your heart
And know that your life
Is your great work of art

With respect to the light
And the darkness above
May the root of this day
Be love
Be love
Be love

Did somebody’s prayer get to
The will to live in you?
You pulled through
You pulled through

You survived
You survived
You’re here another day
Of precious life

You survive
You survive
You survive

Video Shot and Directed by Mia Mullarkey of Ishka Films - www.ishkafilms.com

'You Survive' is a story of survival in the face of a possible ending of one's life. It came to me from a friend in West Cork, who bravely shared with me her story. She also suggested I needed to write a song, as there is such an epidemic of people ending their lives in Ireland these days. Having heard her story, I decided to write a song about survival and love. A song about reaching out; hanging in.

Not an easy song to write, or to get right. I loved recording it with Brian Masterson; love the strings and Frankie Lane's sublime pedal steel playing. Mia Mullarkey had filmed a nice video for Dignity and Backbone last summer. I invited her to do a film for another song. She chose You Survive. I was surprised and delighted. I asked her to do what she felt, and left her at it. My only condition was that I not be in it. Just singing the song in the background. Mia is a great artist with a great heart. I love the way she films. In this little film, she has felt all the lonesomeness of the song, as well as the love and determination. And brought this to the screen with the grace and goodness in her nature. I never 'plug' my songs in any big way. I just let them off and whatever happens happens. But I really hope people see and hear this. And if it shines a little light in one person's darkness then it's job is done.

Luka Bloom

The John Murray Show on RTÉ Radio 1
Thursday, 31 January 2013
Listen here > >

Listen back to an interview with Luka Bloom & Gitti Maas, who inspired the song 'You Survive'.
Gitti courageously talks about her feelings of hopelessness, isolation and her attempts of suicide.

 > Luka Bloom 2012 - The Year in Pictures

Slideshow of photos and posters from concerts and events in 2012
with songs from the album THIS NEW MORNING

This New Morning 01. How Am I To Be
02. A Seed Was Sown
03. Heart Man
04. Capture A Dream
05. The Race Runs Me
06. You Survive
07. Riverdays
08. Across The Breeze
09. Gaman
10. Your Little Wings
11. Dignity And Backbone
12. The Ride
13. No Big Deal
Available to purchase and download on www.lukabloom.com

We are excited to bring the new album to you and have slotted May Day as the launch date on www.lukabloom.com. It has been a very fruitful and enjoyable experience. From writing the songs and deciding which to include, to gathering a fantastic bunch of musicians together to work on the album, to mixing and mastering the work and now here we are on the final leg of the journey. It's been two years a'growing and hopefully worth the wait.

 > Luka Bloom 2011 - The Year in Pictures

Slideshow of photos and posters from concerts and events in 2011
with songs from the album DREAMS IN AMERICA

 > Luka Bloom - Singing for the DALAI LAMA in AUSTRALIA

A message from Luka Bloom (29/04/2011):

And finally some BIG NEWS!
While in Australia, I met two great women, called Lynn Bain, and Aileen Barry, from an organisation called Dalai Lama in Australia - (see dalailamainaustralia.org).- They very kindly invited me to participate in a series of major events in Australia with The Dalai Lama in June. I will be singing 'As I waved goodbye' each evening before His Holiness speaks in Melbourne, Canberra, Brisbane and Perth. And there will be a concert in Perth at the end.
This is an enormous honour, for which I am deeply grateful. That such a simple little song could find it's own way to such an arena and in this company is wildest dreams territory. It vindicates the simple act of waking each day and going to work in song. My nephew and friend Conor Byrne will accompany me and we are both thrilled to be invited.

Dalai Lama In Australia Ltd is very pleased to announce that Luka Bloom has very generously agreed to join us for the upcoming Australian visit by His Holiness.

Luka will be opening each Public Conversation and welcoming His Holiness onto the stage by performing a song he has written about His Holiness escaping from Lhasa into exile in 1959. The song is called AS I WAVED GOODBYE (Leaving Lhasa).
Here is a You Tube clip of Luka performing his song in Dublin.

We are also happy to announce Overflow Locations for both Brisbane and Canberra. Tickets for the Public Conversations have been very popular, with Perth the only city with Tickets still available! To enable as many people as possible to partake in the happiness and excitement of the Public Conversations, we have arranged for Overflow Locations in Canberra and Brisbane, where a live stream of His Holiness (and LUKA!) will be shown on the big screen.

Luka take to the stage to perform the Between The Mountain And The Moon
highlight As I Waved Goodbye at the following events:
Sat 11 Jun 2011 - Public Conversation @ Convention Centre, Melbourne
Tue 14 Jun 2011 - Public Conversation @ National Convention Centre, Canberra
Fri 17 Jun 2011 - Public Conversation @ Botanic Gardens, Riverstage, Brisbane
Sun 19 Jun 2011 - Public Conversation @ Burswood Dome, Perth
Sun 19 Jun 2011 - SONGS FOR THE DALAI LAMA Concert, Perth
More info: www.dalailamainaustralia.org

DVDs, CDs and MP3 digital downloads of the Public Conversations with the Dalai Lama
are available from the DALAI LAMA IN AUSTRALIA.

News - The Office of His Holiness The Dalai Lama

His Holiness begins teachings on ‘Bodhisattva’s Way of Life’ in Melbourne
Melbourne, Australia, 11 June, 2011 (By Tsering Kyinzom Dhongdue)
His Holiness the Dalai Lama began his first day of teachings this morning at Melbourne Convention and Entertainment Centre. Over 3000 people came to hear him speak on Bodhisattva's Way of Life by Shantideva....

For the second half of the day, His Holiness gave a public talk on "Happiness, Life & Living" in the same hall. Irish folk singer Luka Bloom opened the event by welcoming His Holiness on stage. "As I waved goodbye" was a song specially composed for His Holiness’ life journey of leaving Tibet and going into exile....

His Holiness' Australian tour concludes with "Songs for the Dalai Lama" concert
Perth, Australia, 19 June 2011 (By Tsering Kyinzom Dhongdue)
His Holiness addressed a sell-out crowd of 14,500 people at the Burswood Dome in West Australian capital Perth this morning. He spoke on "Spirituality in the Modern World" at his last "public conversation" as part of the 2011 Australian tour...

....The day concluded with the "Songs for the Dalai Lama" concert. Some of the big names in the music industry have given their time to celebrate His Holiness' journey and support Tibetan charities. They include Tim Rogers, Tex Perkins, Baby Animals, Katie Noonan's Elixir Trio, Lior with String Quartet, Adalita, Old Man River, Luka Bloom, Lyrics Born and The Nobel Funk Off. Tibetan musician Tenzin Choegyal and the Gyuto Monks of Tibet also performed during the 6-hour concert. Luka Bloom, the Irish folk singer who has been travelling on His Holiness tour, sang his song "As I waved goodbye" for the last time with a group of musicians.

His Holiness made a brief appearance at the concert. He commended the artists for their work and encouraged them to spread the message of peace and compassion through their music.

Concert Review on FasterLouder.com.au
Review by raciroo
@ Burswood Dome, Perth, Australia (19/06/2011)

For the end of the Dalai Lama’s tour of Australia, someone had the bright idea of holding a concert to showcase some of Australia’s best musicians. The theme of the day was Sharing A Common Journey, reflected by the uniting power of music. It was an exciting day, first of all everyone was excited to hear what the Dalai Lama had to say and then excited to hear what some of Australia’s favourite musicians would choose to play for their 25 minute sets.
Luka Bloom ...Luka Bloom who has been touring with His Holiness played a song dedicated to Tibet (As I Waved Goodbye) and he and the other musicians were presented with Tibetan scarves. His holiness left the stage with the framed song translated into Tibetan.

...Luka Bloom came back onstage to perform his balladeering songs that he takes very seriously. He appeared an obvious choice to tour with the Dalai Lama as he draws attention to injustices in the world (I Am Not At War With Anyone), about the importance of forgiveness (Miracle Cure) and human compassion (I’ll Walk Beside You). His nephew Conor Byrne joined him onstage to play flute on You Couldn’t Have Come at a Better Time. Whilst other artists may dilly dally with putting their face to a cause, Bloom obviously lives his message...

Luka Bloom
Luka Bloom
Event & Concert Photos >>

Luka Bloom - As I Waved Goodbye
@ Whelan's, Dublin - March 2009

 > LUKA BLOOM on Tour in the USA - May & June 2009
Luka Bloom @ Anthology, San Diego
Luka Bloom @ The Anthology, San Diego, CA - Photo by Eileen Pinto
May 17, 2009 - New York, NY - Joe's Pub > SOLD OUT
May 19, 2009 - Staten Island, NY - House Concert
May 21, 2009 - San Diego, CA - Anthology
May 22, 2009 - Santa Monica, CA - McCabe's Guitar Shop > SOLD OUT
May 24, 2009 - San Francisco, CA - Great American Music Hall
May 25 2009 - San Francisco, CA - House Concert
May 28, 2009 - Portland, OR - Mississippi Studio
May 29, 2009 - Seattle, WA - The Triple Door
May 30, 2009 - Vancouver, BC - St. James Hall
June 3, 2009 - Denver, CO - The Soiled Dove Underground
June 6, 2009 - Chicago, IL - Old Town School of Folk Music > 2 SHOWS
June 7, 2009 - Milwaukee, WI - Shank Hall
June 9, 2009 - Sykesville, MD - Baldwin's Station
June 10, 2009 - Vienna, VA - Jammin' Java
June 12, 2009 - Rockland, ME - The Strand Theatre
June 13, 2009 - Brownfield, ME - Stone Mountain Arts Center
June 14, 2009 - Foxborough, MA - Showcase Live
June 16, 2009 - Saratoga Springs, NY- Caffé Lena > SOLD OUT
June 17, 2009 - Piermont, NY - Turning Point > SOLD OUT
June 18, 2009 - Philadephia, PA - World Cafe Radio Session
June 19, 2009 - South Park, PA - South Park Amphitheater > cancelled due to weather!
June 20, 2009 - Philadephia, PA - World Cafe Live
June 21, 2009 - New York, NY - City Winery

Setlists, Photos & Reviews >>

Read also the latest concert reviews in Luka Bloom's Forum >>

Irish singer Luka Bloom a hit in New York City
Irish Voice Newspaper Columnist

For anyone who goes to see a concert at Joe's Pub in Manhattan, you know the place runs like clockwork. They do two shows each night and they usher guests in and out, without being rude, like military efficiency.

In retrospect, this was probably not a great place for Luka Bloom to play last week, since his concerts are a prolonged communion with the audience peppered with stories and songs.

"I only have a little more than an hour," he grumbled good-naturedly, "so there will be no s**** talking tonight. It's a shame because I really love s**** talkin' with a New York audience."

Looking tanned and trim after a swing through Australia, Bloom wasted no time diving into the new songs from his latest collection, "Eleven Songs".

He is clearly proud of all 11 of them, as he featured the majority of these tunes into his tight set. On "Eleven Songs", Bloom experimented with jazz and flamenco textures, but in this live setting that found him alone with an acoustic guitar, he provided a greater focus on the powerful songwriting that exists at the core of the new album............

"I told them that if I was forced to begin my 2009 tour of American in New York, I would have to end it here as well," Bloom told the sellout crowd, which means you will get another chance to see him if you missed him last week.

Bloom never fails to deliver an entertaining show, and you are hereby advised to catch him at a town near you! After playing gigs in upstate New York that include the Turning Point in Piermont on June 17 and Cafe Lena in Saratoga on June 16, Bloom will conclude his tour at City Winery (55 Varick Street, New York 212-608-0555) on June 21.

He will also play Philadelphia's famous World Cafe club and radio program on June 20.


Luka 'chuffed' to be coming back
Bloom sees visit as a chance to reconnect with fans and old friends Luka Bloom recalls amazing times at the Commodore when he visited Vancouver regularly.
Three years shy of his first strum in an American club, he released Riverside on Reprise. Acoustic Motorbike (1992) and Turf (1994) followed and the guy was a regular in new folk circles.
His live shows, frequently on bills with Spirit of the West, were legendary. This city even winds up in a lyric in the touching song "The Man Is Alive" on Riverside.
So why has it been more than a decade since Bloom was here, let alone with a new album getting Canadian release? The stunning Eleven Songs is out on Bar/None this month.
"It's been a while since a CD of mine was released in Canada -- unfortunate," says Bloom. "Vancouver holds an important place in my life and there was a time, in the 1990s, when I had amazing times at the Commodore and visited regularly...."

Songwriter Luka Bloom makes room for serendipity
By ALEXANDER VARTY, Straight.com
The subconscious mind has a wisdom of its own, although the connections it makes aren't always apparent on any kind of rational level. And those intuitive processes are at least a part of what's going on with Eleven Songs, Irish singer-songwriter Luka Bloom's 15th solo CD.

Luka Bloom @ Paradiso
Concert Photos by Lieve Boussauw :: www.b-lieve.be/lukabloom/album

Watch ABtv :: Luka Bloom @ Ancienne Belgique Brussels


Luka Bloom & Band - LIVE @ Ancienne Belgique Brussels

Setlist > Ancienne Belgique Brussels - 4 March 2009

 > Luka Bloom - ELEVEN SONGS
Eleven Songs 01. There Is A Time
02. I'm On Your Side
03. I Hear Her, Like Lorelei
04. I Love The World I'm In
05. Sunday
06. Fire
07. When Your Love Comes
08. See You Soon
09. Eastbound Train
10. Everyman
11. Don't Be Afraid Of The Light That Shines Within You

available from www.lukabloom.com

IMRO Ireland: The new album releasing October 10th 2008
www.imro.ie - 09 September 2008

Internationally acclaimed singer-songwriter Luka Bloom will release his twelfth album, Eleven Songs, on October 10th 2008 on Big Sky Records. The album will be preceded by the lead radio single, 'I'm On Your Side'.

Returning to the raw live sound of his earlier records and brimming with inspiring lyrics and sumptuous melodies, Eleven Songs reminds us why Bloom is such a master of the concert stage. The album was co-produced by Luka and David Odlum (ex-Kila and ex-The Frames) and recorded in Grouse Lodge in County Westmeath.

Musicians on the album include Dave Hingerty (ex-The Frames), Trevor Hutchinson, Liam O'Maonlai (ex-Hothouse Flowers), Paul Smith, Cora Venus Lunny, Ken Edge, and the Gardiner St. Gospel Choir. Backing vocals are Sinead Martin and Robbie Moore.

Luka Bloom Like many Irish families Luka Bloom comes from a family of singers and songwriters and first went on tour many moons ago with older brother Christy Moore. In 1987 Luka went to the US and toured with The Pogues, The Violent Femmes, Hothouse Flowers and The Cowboy Junkies, and in all has now enjoyed eighteen years of successful worldwide tours.

In 1990, Luka was signed to Warner Music in LA and over the next four years recorded three albums for them. Luka has released a further seven albums on his own label, Big Sky Records.

Over the years Luka has brought his songs to clubs, theatres, festivals, bars and arenas all over the world. In the last 10 years he has concentrated in performing in Australia, Holland, Belgium and Germany. His incredibly gifted electro-acoustic guitar playing guarantees an impassioned live performance of his original, poetic and melodic songs.

Eleven Songs, the new album from Luka Bloom, releases October 10th 2008 on Big Sky Records through RMG Chart.

Luka will tour Ireland in October and November - tickets on sale now

10 October Birr Theatre, Birr, Co. Offaly
11 October The Dock, Carrick-On-Shannon, Co. Leitrim
15 October The Waterfront, Belfast
17 October The Forum, Waterford
18 October The Savoy, Cork
01 November Vicar St., Dublin


...Eleven Songs, the new album from Luka Bloom, releases October 13th 2008 on Big Sky Records through Proper Music Distribution....

SHOCK RECORDS Australia: Luka Bloom Announces New Album 'Eleven Songs'
www.shock.com.au - 24 September 2008

Much-loved Irish troubadour Luka Bloom announces the release of his new album 'Eleven Songs', out on Big Sky/Shock Records October 18.

After recording his last few, slighly more experimental projects at home, Luka has returned to a top flight album in Dublin to record what could well be a career defining record. Co-produced, recorded and mixed by original Frames guitarist David Odlum, the album will be followed by extensive touring; touring which will see Luka return to Australia for shows in the first quarter of 2009..........

Steve Morse's Corner @ ICONS Irish Music & Arts Festival
www.iconsfestival.com - August 2008

Luka Bloom

Idealism still fills Luka Bloom's world. Save all your cynicism because Luka doesn't want to hear it. He's a singer-songwriter who continues to churn out great songs; hence his prized addition to this year's ICONS lineup; while doing it with heartfelt hope and optimism......

"Cynicism just isn't an option for me", Luka says from his home in Ireland. "I find cynicism almost boring, actually. It's an easy way out. It's easy to look at the whole scenario and just say, 'You know what? (Bleep) it.' But, no. There are a lot of great people in this world who are really trying to make it a better place - and who want to live simple, creative, beautiful lives. And I can choose which way I want to be. Do I want to hide? Do I want to just not bother? Or do I want to participate? I'm choosing in my own personal little way to participate by writing these songs and coming at people to offer another way of looking at all of this. We're so media driven and so driven toward fear. I think if people can come into themselves and really look at the potential within them, there's a chance that you can turn some of this fear around."

When Luka is on a roll, it's wise to let him continue. Music for him is not just a series of notes, but a way of redefining life.

"As I go on - I'm 53 now - I've kind of lost all interest in being clever. And I've lost interest in trying to impress people in any way. I've become a believer, in a very simple way, of saying what you feel in the moment. I just put it in a song and put it out there. We live in a world where people are bombarded with imagery and bombarded with sounds of all sorts, and I just want to present people with something that is really simple.".....

What is also occupying his mind these days is the completion of a new CD entitled "Songs" [Eleven Songs], which he'll put out through his website in mid-September, right around the time of ICONS. He describes it as an old-school record made live in the studio with great musicians such as bassist Trevor Hutchinson of Lunasa and drummer Dave Hingerty, a longtime member of the Frames.

"I wanted to make a record that has some of the feel of the great Robert Plant/Alison Krauss collaboration" (which came out last year). "I wanted to make something that had a timeless feel to it, where you could hear the room and have good people playing together live. And we did it. It's just one of those moments in life where all the elements came together in a way that every moment of the recording was utterly enjoyable. I'm really, really excited to release this album."


Howlin' Wuelf Media - news room



Luka Bloom, the much loved Irish troubador who has been impressing audiences for years with his exhilarating live solo performing style, announces the release of his new album "Eleven Songs" on Bar/None Records on March 10th. "Eleven Songs" is his eleventh album and it is a return to the bold production work of his early critically acclaimed Warner Bros. releases 1990’s major label debut Riverside and 1991’s The Acoustic Motorbike. In the interim he has continued to work up innovative approaches to solo acoustic guitar and his voice has developed an incredible range that rolls from deep bass tones to soaring falsetto.

For "Eleven Songs", which Luka co-produced, recorded and mixed with original Frames’ guitarist David Odlum, he has written a classic batch of songs including the catchy country folk of "On Your Side" and the poignant tour de force "Don’t Be Afraid of the Light That Shines Within You". The record features Luka on a number of different guitars with tasteful backup that includes stand up bass and drums on some tracks and strings and a choir on others but is always centered with Luka’s voice and guitar.

In November 2007, Luka sat down with Odlum to discuss the 20 songs he had to consider for his the next record. The album was recorded at Grouse Lodge in County Westmeath where they were joined by Dave Hingerty (ex-The Frames), drums; Trevor Hutchinson, double bass, Liam O'Maonlai (ex-Hothouse Flowers) and Paul Smith on pianos. Additional musicians included Joe Csibi, who brought a string quartet from Dublin, Kenneth Edge on soprano sax and clarinet, Conor Byrne on flute, pedal steel guitar by Joshua Grange and additional vocals by Sinead Martin, Robbie Moore, and the Gardiner Street Gospel choir.

Says Luka, "By the time we left Grouse Lodge 20 songs became 15, and we knew we were on to something good. And suddenly we were done by mid May, so off we went to Black Box in France again, and over 10 days, 15 songs became 11. We were done and we were, and are, very happy."

The press in Ireland has been enthusiastic about Eleven Songs’ release. Hot Press proclaimed, "Bloom is nothing if not consistent. This is his 11th solo album in a career that stretches back over 30 years and he hasn’t made as duff record yet…it is warm and sepia-toned…The predominant theme is a spiritual one, encompassing love and loss: the crunch track is the wonderfully optimistic ‘Don’t Be Afraid of The Light That Shines Within You.’ Reminiscent of Astral Weeks-era, Van Morrison meets U2’s ‘I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For.’ It boasts soaring string and the massed voices of Gardiner Street Gospel Choir – a superb synthesis. All told 11 Songs is an album that reveals a superb craftsman working at the top of his game. Savour it."

"Eleven Songs"' stellar track "Don’t Be Afraid of The Light That Shines Within You" expresses Luka’s feelings at the beginning of 2009 and honors the yearly feast on February 1st in his hometown of Kildare, Ireland when groups of people gather to welcome the beginning of Spring and celebrate Brigid, the Patron Saint of Kildare who was the goddess of love, poetry and justice in pre-Christian Ireland. Luka says, "Every year we gather to welcome the light into our world; and to hope that more light will shine in the world; and that someday out of the darkness of war, hunger, greed, poverty, will come the light of community, sharing, justice, music, dance, peace and love. I wanted to write a simple song to share with everyone in Kildare, and light a spark for change. He wrote the song around 2000 and for years only sang it in Kildare, but in 2008 he felt a surge of energy around this song and recorded it for Eleven Songs. Luka continues, "This song is my prayer for the world, and I send it out at the start of this exciting and dangerous year, with love and hope in my heart for our shared future. Songs can also be prayers, blessings, and they can be a spark to ignite something beautiful in anybody. January 2009 could mark a great beginning. I hope it is"

The critical praise for "Eleven Songs" has also included a "4 Star" rave in The Irish Times. ".he's sizzling like a neophyte who's just discovered the magic in a newly minted song. Sure, there are traces of Bloom's trademark percussive guitar style and his political instinct on Fire, but the rest is a highly personal journey: fingering stillness and, most of all, what it means to live comfortably in one's own skin. Acoustically, Bloom has created a space that serves his meditations well..this is a collection that doesn't so much assault the senses as infiltrate them, lingering long after the final note has sounded. A quietly triumphant return to his roots."

Returning to the raw live sound of his earlier records and brimming with inspiring lyrics and sumptuous melodies, Eleven Songs reminds us why Luka is such a master of the concert stage and you can hear the pleasure that was had by all the participants in the album's perfect grooves.


 > Luka Bloom - video interviews
Luka Bloom interview
> FaceCulture Video Interview with Luka Bloom - 8 October 2008

FaceCulture spoke about his new record Eleven Songs, Tribe, Robert Plant, Allison Kraus, hopeful songs, great musicians, When Your Love Comes, reason of that certain title, playing with a band, feeling confident, musical cycles, writing songs, I'm On Your Side, friendship.

Luka Bloom - I'm On Your Side

Luka Bloom interview
> FaceCulture Video Interview with Luka Bloom - 15 May 2007

FaceCulture spoke to Luka Bloom about Groningen and Utrecht, growing up, his parents, the death of his father, playing guitar, writing songs, being alone and happy, moments of magic, his obsesson in finishing songs, the new album Tribe, Simon O'Reilly, Cafe del Mar, Air, his sound, making a record, songs on the album Tribe, comparing people, proud of other cultures, homeless people and lots more.

FaceCulture Online Magazine :: www.faceculture.nl

 > Luka Bloom - THE MAN IS ALIVE - DVD & CD
Luka Bloom Latest News
21 Feb 2008

Greetings everyone,

I hate watching violent movies. Always did. whenever I find myself watching one, I look through closed fingers, and wait for the hard parts to pass. That's what it was like last night trying to watch the new DVD for the first time. I loved the bits in the documentary section where I'm playing with friends, or walking with my sister; but I couldn't be looking at or listening to myself talking so much. The only part of the DVD I could watch without freaking was when I was playing guitar, because it's the first time I've watched myself do that, and I still have no clue what I'm doing, which is a bit of fun.

What I'm saying is I would never have done this. Only for members of my family and a few people close to my family, the DVD would never have happened. Niall, Usna, Turlough, Anne, and all the people they assembled, made this happen.

They started to ask me about it 3 years ago and I didn't want to know about it. Just let me write songs and sing them and I'm happy. But the lads just thought it was time for this, and they persisted. I thought they were mad.

So many great people came over to Dublin for a mighty night in the Helix. From all over the place. We had a lovely time.

I'm not going to go into the details of the delay in getting the DVD finished, but I'll just say there were serious issues with the Helix gig from a technical perspective. We lost all but 50 minutes of the gig. I was prepared to let the project go, but Niall and Usna persisted, and in time they rescued enough of the show to consider finishing.

Then I got the idea of bringing a few people round to the house for a Saturday afternoon, to get a different buzz.

Then we approached the lads in Holland about using the documentary...... And all of a sudden nearly 3 years later here we are.
2 gigs, a bunch of songs, way too much of me talking shite.
I can't watch it, and I never will again.

But for people who like these things, I hope the DVD satisfies your curiosity.

And I hope you enjoy the songs, and the shots of the Burren.

I've learned something from the DVD, and I'm grateful for that.

Its great to sing and play music. But maybe not so great to be trying to explain yourself. Maybe there's no need. Maybe it is best to sing the song, and then shut up. I think so.

See what you think.

This was a long tough road, especially for Niall and Usna at Union Station Productions. I thank them and admire them for their resilience and conviction. And I thank all the people who helped put the 2 gigs together.

But most of all, I thank the people who took time and trouble to travel to Dublin to attend the Helix gig.

We really hope the wait is worth it for you now.

It's great to have it done.

Right so, I'm off to make a record...
God bless,


The Luka Bloom DVD 'The Man Is Alive' is available to buy from www.lukabloom.com.

DVD - Tracklist
01. I Am Not At War With Anyone
02. Lebanon
03. No Matter Where You Go, There You Are
04. Sunny Sailor Boy
05. Water Ballerina
06. Lighthouse
07. Rainbow Day
08. You Couldn't Have Come At A Better Time
09. Perfect Groove
10. True Blue

The setting for this afternoon gathering couldn't have been more inspiring. The open fields of Kildare and the Bog of Allen are the backdrop for music with friends and family. We get an intimate feeling with Luka in his home, where many of his most recent songs were written. Water Ballerina, You Couldn't Have Come At A Better Time, are still lyrically emotional classics.
Luka Bloom Luka Bloom AN EVENING IN DUBLIN
DVD - Tracklist
1. Primavera
2. Innocence
3. Here And Now
4. Peace On Earth
5. City Of Chicago
6. Don't Be Afraid Of The Light That Shines Within You
7. Exploring The Blue
8. Gone To Pablo
9. The Man Is Alive / Hill Of Allen

Luka has made great connections with audiences in Australia, Belgium, Germany, Holland, Ireland, Italy, Switzerland, the UK and the US throughout his career, so he personally invited his fans to come and experience an intimate gig in a Dublin venue. The mood is sumptuous and songs like The Man Is Alive and City Of Chicago are performed with outstanding passion - pure dynamite! Luka made it a stunning night and opened up for a questions and answers session afterwards.

In this feature we get a personal insight into Luka: the artist, the writer and performer from his home in County Kildare and with his family in County Clare. This documentary shines light on the inspirations for his songs and the natural settings of Ireland which bring out his expressive lyrics.

LIVE CD - Tracklist
01. I Am Not At War With Anyone
02. Lebanon
03. Water Ballerina
04. No Matter Where You Go, There You Are
05. Innocence
06. Lonesome Robin
07. Primavera
08. Peace On Earth
09. Gypsy Music
10. Thank You For Bringing Me Here
11. Exploring The Blue
12. Rainbow Day
13. The Man Is Alive
14. Hill Of Allen
15. Don't Be Afraid Of The Light That Shines Within You
16. Love Is A Place I Dream Of

The diversity of the performance from Dublin and Kildare has made for a fine collection of new and old songs with magical moments captured throughout. Romantic songs like Love Is A Place I Dream Of and the call for Peace On Earth are among the many beautiful tracks on this Live CD. Luka is a live performer like no other, and his spirit and music are really alive on these
exceptional recordings.

© Union Station Productions 2008

... d v d - r e v i e w ...

The Irish Times - The Ticket - Friday, March 21, 2008

MusicDVDs - The latest releases reviewed

* * * *
LUKA BLOOM - The Man Is Alive

Union Station Productions

The naked honesty of Luka Bloom's double DVD and live CD is breathtaking. Here's a man who's never been afraid to buck trends. Fans have witnessed the continual evolution of the artist formerly known as Barry Moore: from his woolly jumper folk days to Red Square, and on to his incarnation as Luka Bloom. This is an Aladdin's cave of frank interviews, insightful observations and a gabháil full of intimate live performances (one in Bloom's own front room). The Man Is Alive is a snapshot of someone whose quest is far from over, but whose comfort in his own skin bears testament to a road well travelled. And the music's not half-bad either. Magnificent, in fact. www.themanisalive.com


... i n t e r v i e w ...

A Conversation with Luka Bloom

Luka Bloom recently released a 2 DVD, 1 CD set entitled "The Man is Alive". It includes two concerts — one in Luka’s house in Nass, Co. Kildare and the other at the Helix in Dublin, along with a question and answer session. It also includes the Dutch documentary "My Name is Luka" and a CD with songs from the concerts. Luka recently spoke with Cindy Reich from "Celtic Connections" via phone from his home in Naas on a rainy evening in March.


Luka Bloom - Peace On Earth

Luka Bloom - Sunny Sailor Boy

Clip from 'My Name Is Luka' - DOCUMENTARY
Luka talks about the song 'The Fertile Rock' in The Burren.

Luka Bloom
Luka Bloom Live @ The Helix, Dublin
Wednesday, 28 September 2005
Read concert reviews about this very special and unique event by fans from Ireland, England,
Scotland, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, the States and Germany >>

 > Luka Bloom documentary : MY NAME IS LUKA
The Indie Can Film Festival is holding its second film festival dedicated to the independent low budget filmmaker on SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 25th and SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 26th. The event will be held at THE INNIS TOWN HALL THEATRE, located on the University of Toronto campus..... The Indie Can Film Festival mission is to offer the independent filmmaker the opportunity to screen his or her film to an audience of peers and the public....

My Name is Luka
Saturday, November 25, 2006

7:30 pm to 8:25 pm
My Name Is Luka Poster
Genre: Documentary
Running Time: 52 minutes
Produced by: Tim Klok
Directed by: Helmut Boeijen
Written by: Helmut Boeijen
Cast: Luka Bloom

"My Name is Luka" portrays Luka Bloom, younger brother of Irish folk hero Christy Moore, in his own personal environment. At home, in music town Doolin and at his sister Anne's place he talks about his life and music and plays some of his great songs. The film is also a portrait of rural Ireland and its musical history.


tbs Productions :: portfolio > My Name Is Luka

Helmut Boeijen - director
Tim Klok - camera/editing
Menno van den Berg - sound

Luka Bloom Documentary :: My Name Is Luka

Sunday, 04 Mar 2007 - 4:00pm
Thursday, 23 Oct 2008 - 11:30pm - Society and Culture Repeat M

Irish singer-songwriter Luka Bloom talks about his life and career while playing some of his songs.


Canvas > Music on Sunday
11 March 2007 - 13:00h > NEW DATE

29 October 2006 - 13:00h

"My Name is Luka" portrays Luka Bloom, younger brother of Irish folk hero Christy Moore, in his own personal environment. At home, in music town Doolin and at his sister Anne's place he talks about his life and music and plays some of his great songs. The film is also a portrait of rural Ireland and its musical history.

Luka Bloom werd onlangs vijftig. Muziek op zondag maakt de balans op van een halve eeuw Bloom. ‘My name is Luka’, een persoonlijke documentaire over de populaire Ierse singer-songwriter. We gaan terug naar zijn roots en bezoeken mensen en plekken die zijn leven, en de hedendaagse Ierse muziek in het algemeen, hebben gevormd. 'My Name Is Luka' toont Luka Bloom, de mensen die hem dierbaar zijn en de rijke natuur en cultuur van Ierland. Hij mijmert over het verleden, het heden en de toekomst. We oren hem zingen, en uitleggen waarover zijn songs gaan, want een lied zonder betekenis is voor hem geen lied. Een hartverwarmende reportage, de soundtrack van zijn leven?

from: www.vrtfansite.be

Luka Bloom

Luka walking on a beach in Ireland and singing 'Be Still Now'.
Watch the preview here > Broadband | Smallband

www.vpro.nl - Real Player

Luka Bloom

Watch it online > MY NAME IS LUKA
Luka Bloom Documentary by Helmut Boeijen

Watch also the great documentary of 'The Frames - It's just a band'
> www.vpro.nl/programma/vrijegeluiden/afleveringen/20653176

...Glen Hansard is joining a musical get-together at Luka Bloom's home...

Original broadcast date: Sunday 6 February 2005
VPRO Vrije Geluiden - www.vpro.nl

 > Luka Bloom - Videos

Luka Bloom performs Open Up Your Arms
on Dutch TV show 'Vrije Geluiden' - Nov 2005

>> Luka Bloom Videos on YouTube

 > publications > articles, interviews & live reviews

Luka & Christy at the Shelter, Dec 2001

Fabrik, Hamburg

Feeling the World


Knitting Factory





Bloom Seeks Rock Fans - Interview by Ken Eisner
The Georgia Straight - 27 April 1990
Odyssey of lucky Luka - Interview by Joe Jackson
Sunday Independent - 20 Jan 2002
Luka's homecoming
The Nationalist - 10 April 2003
Luka's Lullaby
News Four - Community Newspaper - April 2004
Royal welcome awaits Luka in Lisdoonvarna
The Clare Champion - 30 July 2004
Luka Bloom On Recording Before Sleep Comes
By Michael Molenda - Frets Magazine - Fall 2004
Luka Bloom returns with a new album
Leinster Leader - Entertainment - 10 Feb 2005
Luka's in late bloom
Sunday Life - 27 Feb 2005
Luka Bloom Interview by Chris Havercroft
X-Press Magazine - 10 March 2005
Luka offers glimpse of a talent in full bloom
Interview - The Clare Champion, Ennis - 3 June 2005
Luka Bloom - Songs of Innocence
Interview - Galway Independent - 15 June 2005
In Search of Innocence
Irish musician, Luka Bloom explains the inspiration
behind his 10th album release, 'Innocence'.

Interview by Christopher M. Staten - March 30, 2006
more publications >>

live reviews
17 Apr 2004 - Burgerweeshuis, Deventer
by John Beumer www.folkforum.nl - www.folkroddels.be
10 Jun 2004 - Moon River, Carrick-on-Shannon
by Susan Ryan
26 Jun 2004 - Knitting Factory, New York
by Alice Farrell
22 Aug 2004 - Irish Fest, Milwaukee
by George Houde
12 Oct 2004 - The Keadeen Hotel, Newbridge
by Mick Lynch
24 Mar 2005 - The Tivoli, Brisbane
by Kellie Riordan
28 May 2005 - The Playhouse, Derry
by Mark Burns
23 March 2006 - Cleere's Theatre, Kilkenny
by Naoise O'Donovan Coogan
05 April 2006 - The Barns at Wolf Trap, Vienna, VA
by Greg Yost
09 April 2006 - Sellersville Theater, Sellersville, PA
by Tim Darragh
26 Jan 2007 - Celtic Connections, ABC Glasgow, Scotland
live reviews by Iain Lundy and Susan Mansfield
04 Jan 2008 - Riverbank Arts Centre, Newbridge, Ireland
by Kildare Post
more live reviews >>

concert photos
19 Dec 2001 - Luka & Christy @ The Shelter, Dublin
by Gerry Ryan
Abdelli's Photo Gallery: Abdelli & Luka Bloom
23 Aug 2003 - Feeling the World, Mortsel/Antwerp
13 Dec 2005 - CC Ter Vesten, Beveren
by Dirk Goris
May/June 2004 - Pub Session in Doolin
by Richard Carson Morton
28 Apr 2003 - De Melkweg, Amsterdam
29 Jun 2003 - Parkpop Festival, Den Haag
18 Apr 2004 - Concerto, Amsterdam
06 May 2005 - De Kleine Komedie, Amsterdam
04 Oct 2006 - Paradiso, Amsterdam
LEXsample - Luka Bloom in Amsterdam
by Lex van Groningen
13 Nov 2005 - Schlachthof, Lahr
08 Dec 2005 - CC Belgica, Dendermonde
by Erwin Bergholz
07 Apr 2006 - Outpost in the Burbs, Montclair, NJ
by Warren Churgin
08 Apr 2006 - Tin Angel, Philadelphia, PA
by Marc Pujol
09 May 2006 - Gravity Lounge, Charlottesville, VA
by Osmund Geier
23 Sep 2006 - Tollhaus, Karlsruhe, Germany
by Matthias Schadock
01 Nov 2008 - Vicar Street, Dublin
18 Nov 2008 - Paradiso, Amsterdam
by Erwin Bergholz
07 Dec 2008 - Tollhaus, Karlsruhe, Germany
by Matthias Schadock
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 > live in concert > fan reviews
Dendermonde Vicar Street, Dublin Leopoldsburg
no matter where he goes, there we are...

Read fan reviews from Ireland, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, USA and Australia!

 > on tour :: publications - photos - reviews - setlists
Australia 2007 Oct-Dec 2002 - Between The Mountain And The Moon Tour
London - Paris - Italy - Germany - Belgium - Netherlands - Austria - Switzerland
June 2004 - U.S. Tour
Boston, MA - Morristown, NJ - New York, NY - Northampton, MA - Nantucket, MA
March 2005 - Australian Tour
Perth - Canberra - Adelaide - Melbourne - Sydney - Brisbane - Byron Bay
April/May 2006 - U.S. Tour
from Vienna, VA to Piermont, NY
March 2007 - Australian Tour
Sydney - Melbourne - Port Fairy - Melbourne - Sydney - Katoomba -
Canberra - Brisbane - Eumundi - Adelaide - Perth

2006 - Gigs in Ireland
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Bantry - Belfast - Borrisokane - Clonakilty - Cobh - Cork - Dublin - Kildare - Killarney - Lisdoondvarna - Listowel - Miltown Malbay - Newbridge - Skibbereen - Waterville
2009 - Gigs in Ireland
Belfast - Castlebar - Cork - Drogheda - Dunlewey - Dublin - Greystones - Kildare -
Kilkenny - Naul - Tinahely - Wexford

 > Listen to LUKA BLOOM interviews and performances...

RTE Radio 1 > Brenda Power

A daily programme in which Brenda Power examines the human interest stories behind the headlines.

>> Brenda Power

Luka Bloom: 9th August 2005
Singer Songwriter Luka Bloom. His new album is called 'Innocence' but the song featured on the programme today was taken from his 'Riverside' album >> The Man Is Alive

>> Click on the date to listen to the show.

[RealOne Player]

ABC Queensland > Conversations

Presenter: Steve Austin

>> Luka Bloom: a conversation > Thursday, 24 March 2005

Listen to Part One of Luka Bloom Interview  [21:49]
Interview and Songs: Innocence (Innocence)

Listen to Part Two of Luka Bloom Interview  [23:33]
Interview and Songs: Sunny Sailor Boy (Amsterdam) - Miracle Cure (Innocence) -
Throw Your Arms Around Me (Keeper Of The Flame)

Audio in RealMedia format

more audio interviews with Luka Bloom >>

Radio Port Phillip > Equilibrium Radio Shows

Presenter: Laurie West

Luka Bloom opens Equilibrium Radio Shows in 2006

The Equilibrium Radio Show is broadcast on Radio Port Phillip near Melbourne, which goes out across the Mornington Peninsula and surrounding areas. Laurie West hosts a top show which presents the great singer-songwriters from the mid 60's to the current day. The quality music, profiles, live-to-airs and interviews make Laurie's show a must for fans of singer/songwriting. Each year the Equilibrium Radio Shows feature a regular show opener... so far they have been George Harrison, Dave Steel, David Crosby and Shane Howard.

This year Luka Bloom will open the 40 regular shows and Marisa Yeaman will be the opener for the 12 'Home Grown' shows. The last Monday night of each month the show is called 'Home Grown' and focuses on Australian songwriters...

103.2 Dublin City fm - Sin E with Mick O'Brien
Airtime: Tuesdays, 9-11pm
Listen live on the web >> www.dublincityfm.ie

Luka Bloom Live in Studio - Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Listen to the show again...

About the Show: Join Mick O'Brien on Tuesdays at 9pm for two hours of Irish folk. Phone in your requests and listen to CD reviews, gig reviews, live interviews, live music in studio, and outside broadcasts from some of Ireland's biggest stars. During the past eight years Sin é has become Dublin's most popular Irish music Programme.

A new music series on BBC Alba (BBC Scotland) in January and February 2009 -
2 of the 8 programmes are featuring a performance of Luka Bloom.

Horo Gheallaidh - New Series
10th January 23:00PM BBC ALBA

Programme 1 (10/01/09)
Programme 2 (17/01/09) ~ Luka Bloom - The City Of Chicago
Programme 3 (24/01/09)
Programme 4 (31/01/09)
Programme 5 (07/02/09)
Programme 6 (14/02/09) ~ Luka Bloom - Thank You For Bringing Me Here
Programme 7 (21/02/09)
Programme 8 (28/02/09)

LUKA BLOOM - An accomplished Irish folk-rock singer
songwriter, who has toured all over the world.

About the Series: With a blend of voices, styles and instruments from all over the world, Horo Gheallaidh is a musical experience like no other. Join me, Jo Macmin to listen to artists from all over the world giving a special, intimate performances of their songs and tunes at the Horo Gheallaidh ceilidh sessions filmed in Glasgow.

Horo Gheallaidh is an eclectic mix comprising bluegrass, folk, Celtic and world music of the highest quality. Sit back and embark on a journey from the UK through the Mediterranean, North Africa, America and Scandinavia as you listen to the bands and musicians represent their cultural heritage in the way they know best.

This is a unique opportunity to watch world-class artists up close, performing stripped down versions of their songs live on our sofa in a way you wont have seen them before.

more info > www.horogheallaidh.com

If I find love along the way
If I find love, it's a rainbow day
Luka Bloom
Doagh Isle 2000 © Bergholz
A Rainbow Day @ Doagh Isle, Inishowen, Co Donegal

© Rena Bergholz :: Luka Bloom Page