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Premiere on 9 June 2006
Verkadefabriek, Hertogenbosch
The Luka Bloom documentary was shot last year in Ireland (2005). We interviewed Luka at his house in Newbridge and filmed performances in his music room at home, his sister's house and The Doolin Cafe in Doolin, and there is also a large role for Luka's sister Anne Rynne.
- Helmut Boeijen, director

Irish singer-songwriter Luka Bloom has turned 50 recently. With their intimate portrait 'My Name Is Luka' director Helmut Boeijen, cameraman/editor Tim Klok and sound engineer Menno van den Berg, draw up the balance sheet of half a century Luka Bloom. In this personal documentary the younger brother of Christy Moore, the most popular living Irish artist, traces his own roots and visits people and places that have formed his own life and contemporary Irish music in general. 'My Name Is Luka' has already been bought by the Belgian public broadcast company VRT and the Australian ABC. Negotiations with other television channels are still running. The documentary has also been selected for the Indie Can Film Festival in Toronto (CA) and will also be shown on Luka Bloom's Live-DVD.

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Translated by Yvette

My Name Is Luka

An Intimate Portrait of LUKA BLOOM

Songs, people and places featured in the documentary, some impressions and some of Luka's comments...

Love Is A Place I Dream Of ~ live performance at home

    "Solitude is the most important ingredient for me in writing songs.
    I think, it has to be ok to be alone for a long time to write songs."

First Light Of Spring ~ background music

Luka talking about growing up in Newbridge, moving to various cities, like Dublin and New York, spending some time in Holland and Germany... but then some years ago, he decided to build a little house in the country, returning to his roots...

Rainbow Day ~ live performance in his music room

Talking about the difficult time when he was ill and not able to work for a long time.
    "...I had built this place for the purpose of my music and when the place was finished
    and I am here, completely all of the sudden I can't work anymore! It was very strange...
    but there was a good reason for it - because I needed to change..."

Perfect Groove ~ background music

At his "spiritual home", Bishop's Quarter Beach near Ballyvaughan in County Clare,
a very special place to him, where he has written a lot of songs...

Be Still Now ~ walking on the beach and singing the song
Watch a preview here > Broadband | Smallband

    "It was the first time in my life that I wrote a complete song with no guitar, no pen,
    no paper. I just wrote this little song..."

I walked along the western shore
One bright November day
I watched the heron watching me
And thought I heard him say

Just be still now, wait a while
And let life come to you
Just be still now, all your dreams
Are on the breezes passing through

I walked along the city streets
And wished that I could fly
I saw the heron by my feet
And thought I heard him say

Just be still now, wait a while
And let love come to you
Just be still now, all your dreams
Are on the breezes passing through

Just be still now
Just be still

    "I walked up and down the beach for about 2 hours, just sing a line, then sing a second
    line, and then sing another line, and always listening to the sea and watching the heron...
    that song just came to me... it's a gift, it's a blessing from above, or from the sea, or
    maybe from the heron!"

Intro to The Fertile Rock ~ background music
Talking about writing the song and his performance at the Tivoli in Utrecht

Luka's sister Anne Rynne introducing the family...

Short clip of Christy Moore & Declan Sinnott singing "Hattie Carroll" by Bob Dylan...

Anne showing her office - calling it her "packing room" - and talking about her job, "selling her brothers' CDs and being part of their work"

Davoc Rynne playing the tin whistle, accompanied by Luka on guitar...

Luka talking about becoming "Luka Bloom"
    "'s just a brand name, a nick name..."

Delirious ~ background music ~ showing some old photographs

I Am Not At War With Anyone ~ live performance at home

Luka and his nephew Niall Rynne talking about business issues...

Here And Now ~ background music

Talking about "being alone" and "being on the outside"
    "...I hope that some of the feeling of being on the outside, looking in,
    at the world, at life, at Ireland, at relationships, at people, at experiences,
    I hope some of that is reflected in my songs..."

Here And Now ~ background music

The City Of Chicago ~ background music

    "...I had to go away to feel a sense of belonging with my music
    and that somehow gave me the courage to try to come back home
    and to feel comfortable here. I've brought my songs home..."

Anne talking about their mother Nancy, and a special day in June 1992...
and singing the traditional song High Germany, accompanied by Luka on guitar

All for thee love, all for thee, the rout has now begun,
And we must go a marching to the beating of a drum.
Go dress yourself all in your best and come along with me
I'll take you to the wars me love in High Germany.

Oh cursed that be these cruel wars that ever they should rise
And out of merry England pass many the man likewise.
They pressed my true love from me, likewise me brothers three
And sent them to the wars me love in High Germany.

My friends I do not value and my foes I do not fear
But now my true love's left me, wanders far and near
And when my baby it is born and smiling on my knee
I'll think of lovely Willie in High Germany.

All for thee love, all for thee, the rout has now begun,
And we must go a marching to the beating of a drum.
Go dress yourself all in your best and come along with me
I'll take you to the wars me love in High Germany.

The Ceili Bandits and Luka playing a traditional tune at the Magnetic Music Café in Doolin.

Talking about finishing school, doing his first trip to Doolin in 1973 - "for me, it was like arriving in a foreign country!" - and hearing the Russell brothers, Micho, Packie, and Gussie, playing the old Irish music at O'Connor's Pub.

Shores Of Lough Bran ~ a traditional song performed a cappella

Come fill up your glasses and we'll drink hand to hand
For tomorrow I'll be leaving the shores of Lough Bran

There's my father and mother, you can now hear them cry
To hear them bewailing it would moisten your eye
But I will assist them, please God, if I can
Far away from lovely Eireann and the shores of Lough Bran

In the incoming morning, I will bid you adieu
To Lithrim, Drumshambo and sweet Carrick too
But no matter what fortune I might make far away
My thoughts shall run with you by night and by day...

Talking about his job, writing songs, making a record, going to the public and singing the songs...

June ~ live performance at the Doolin Café

    "Every time I sit down to write a song, if I am completely honest about it,
    I don't know where I'm going..."

    "I think, the songs that I write, that I really love, are the ones where I have a
    feeling, I have a sense of something, but I have no idea how I want it to finish."

Exploring The Blue ~ live performance in his music room

    "...I know there is a lot of vinegar in the world and if I only present the romantic
    view of the world then I am denying the vinegar, and the vinegar is as important
    in the world as the honey. So I don't always have a romantic view of the world.
    Sometimes I have a very dark view of the world - and that comes through in some
    songs - and sometimes I have a very light view of the world. It really depends on
    the nature of the journey that I am going on. The journey ends with a song that
    lasts for 3, 4, 5 minutes, but it might take me a month to complete that journey."

Talking about writing the song "The Man is Alive", and bringing it home to his family.

The Man Is Alive ~ live performance in his music room

The night sometimes seems dangerous, we wonder what it hides
It sometimes brings us closer and forever changes our lives
Strangers talk in open ways, we cannot always understand
Who have not felt the loving touch and seen the guiding hand

I was brought up near the riverside in a quiet Irish town
An eighteen-month-old baby, the night they laid my daddy down
Everyone knew everyone, and everybody else as well
My home was filled with sorrow then, too much for me to tell

The man is alive, alive and breathing
It's taken me so long to see
The man is alive, alive and breathing
The man is alive in me...

    "I feel that songs should say something...... I want to say something to people...
    I don't believe in the idea of music changing the world, I don't believe in songs changing
    the world, but I do believe in the power of a song to transform one person's life, and if
    one song I sing, affects one other person in some way or give them a different view of
    the world or of a fraction of their life, I definitely want to do that, definitely!"

Instrumental intro to Cold Comfort...

Documentary by
Helmut Boeijen - director
Tim Klok - camera/editing
Menno van den Berg - sound

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