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ABC Queensland

with Richard Fidler
Tuesday, 13 March 2007
Sally Henderson and Luka Bloom

Luka Bloom - who was born into a famous Irish musical family as Barry Moore - is now in his 50s, but still has the power to reinvent himself. He's just spent a year creating his new album, Tribe, with fellow Irishman Simon O'Reilly, and in it Luka's edginess and tension have dissolved into a much more spacious and atmospheric landscape.

While Tribe features all original songs, Luka isn't adverse to performing his own versions of other songwriter's material. "I've just taken on a Kylie Minogue song - Can't Get You Out of My Head. When you are a solo singer-songwriter with drums and guitar, it's very easy for people to put you into a neat little box, hidden away under 'Irish folk' in the back of the record store, and I've always loved the idea of taking on songs that people wouldn't expect. Just to try and shake the perception that people might have of where you belong - break down the borders. I just love the idea of going into different areas of music and stripping away all of the glitz, and stripping away all of the effects and stripping a song down to it's bare essentials and seeing can it hold up? If the song is any good, it will."

While Luka may not like being filed under 'Irish folk', he's still very proud of his Irish heritage. "I live in Ireland and I'm quite happy, very happy that I'm an Irish man. I think there's a lot of Irishness in my songs, but I never wanted to travel the world as somebody whose primary profession was the fact that they were Irish. I always felt that somehow that phenomenon can often take away from the work and take away from the songs and for me, my working life rises and falls on the strength of the songs. I'd like to think that my songs can be heard and enjoyed by people of many different nationalities."

He might be a proud Irishman, but Luka draws the line at over-the-top Irishness. "I think the Australian-Irish handle the whole thing much more graciously than is done in America. I mean I don't think you paint rivers green in Australia, which they do in Chicago on St Patrick's Day and serve up green spaghetti. I find it all a bit nauseous, to be honest with you."

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ABC South West Victoria

Ballarat and South West Vic mornings

By Stephen Martin and Megan Connellan
Part 1 :: March 12-16, 2007

Bloom in Port Fairy
After a huge turnout to his performances in Port Fairy reknowned Irish folk musician Luka Bloom speaks with Megan Connellan about his music and his first trip to the Port Fairy Folk Festival.

MP3 >

ABC Radio National > The Daily Planet

The Daily Planet - 12 March 2007 - Dan Crary and Don Ross
Presented by Lucky Oceans

Playlist 1455 CD Cut 7
'Dead of Night' - Luka Bloom and Simon O'Reilly
(Incantory piece that celebrates the dead of night in Dublin's run-down inner city, featuring
Simon O'Reilly's electronics and programming and B.J. Cole's processed pedal steel guitar)
IMRO-MCPS - Big Sky Records CTX 333 CD | Luka Bloom - 'Tribe', distributed in Australia by Shock ( )

Planet Radio
World’s First Environmental Radio
Planet Radio 88fm is the world’s first environmental radio service based in Brisbane Queensland, Australia.

Music & Interviews

12th March 2007 - Jan Nary interviews and music with Luka Bloom

The doyen of Folk Music in Australia speaks with the incredibly talented Luka Bloom.
Listen to the whole interview and there’s some performance from Luka in there too.
Songs: City in Chicago and Gypsy Music (from Innocence)

MP3 >

774 ABC Melbourne > The Conversation Hour

The Conversation Hour by Jon Faine and Terry Lane
Thursday, 08 March 2007 - 11:00-12:00am

with Luka Bloom and June Oscar and Wayne Bergmann

When touring Australian in 2005 Luka said: "I really love coming to Australia. I think there’s a deep empathy between Australians and the Irish, something hard to define, but probably evident within our similar, self-effacing sense of humour. I do always feel at home there."

Luka Bloom is playing at the National Theatre tonight, and next Wednesday (14th March)
and at the Port Fairy Folk Festival this weekend

His new album Tribe is distributed by Shock.

Live music played this morning by Luka Bloom:
City of Chicago and No Matter Where You Go, There You Are

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John Laws : Vox

John Laws Morning Show
Monday, 05 March 2007

Luka Bloom joined John in the studio to play some acoustic songs from his new album, Tribe.
Live music: Make You Feel My Love, Tribe and Lebanon

MP3 >

PBS 106.7FM > Show Specials

with Susi Lanagan
Thursday 01 March 2007 - 09:00-11:00 am

Luka Bloom interview on What The Folk!

Susi Lanagan will be interviewing Irish folk-rock singer-songwriter Luka Bloom....

Playlist 1 March 2007
Diamond Mountain and To Begin To from TURF
Dead of Night and Tribe from the new album TRIBE

PBS 106.7 FM - Melbourne, Australia
"For 25 years, PBS-FM has been a beacon of independent, freeform, passionate, real and unpretentious radio. PBS is a champion of specialist and under-represented music and is proudly non-corporate, anti-fashion and wanker-free.

PBS announcers are music-loving folks who volunteer their energy, musical knowledge and vast record collections to prepare in-depth, specialist, music-freak programs. From our humble inner-city studios, with a small core of staff and an army of dedicated volunteers, we broadcast 24 hours a day to the wider metropolitan area of Melbourne and beyond, and stream live to the world here on the web..."

more info:

Radio Port Phillip > Equilibrium Radio Shows

Presenter: Laurie West

Luka Bloom and Marisa Yeaman open Equilibrium Radio Shows in 2006

The Equilibrium Radio Show is broadcast on Radio Port Phillip near Melbourne, which goes out across the Mornington Peninsula and surrounding areas. Laurie West hosts a top show which presents the great singer-songwriters from the mid 60's to the current day. The quality music, profiles, live-to-airs and interviews make Laurie's show a must for fans of singer/songwriting. Each year the Equilibrium Radio Shows feature a regular show opener... so far they have been George Harrison, Dave Steel, David Crosby and Shane Howard.

This year Luka Bloom will open the 40 regular shows and Marisa Yeaman will be the opener for the 12 'Home Grown' shows. The last Monday night of each month the show is called 'Home Grown' and focuses on Australian songwriters...

Equilibrium Radio Shows >
Music is a lifeline... Expect the usual unusual every Monday night at 9pm...
Playlist for 02 January 2006 Luka Bloom / No Matter Where You Go, There You Are
Our 2006 show opener
Playlist for 09 January 2006 Luka Bloom / Holy Ground
From Luka's 4th release "Salty Heaven"
Playlist for 16 January 2006 Luka Bloom / To Begin To
From the super album "Turf" back in 1994
Playlist for 23 January 2006 Luka Bloom / Urge For Going
From the covers album "Keeper Of The Flame"
Playlist for 30 January 2006 Marisa Yeaman / Damned If You Love Me
Our "Home Grown Show Opener" for 2006
Playlist for 06 February 2006 Luka Bloom / Natural Mystic
Luka remembering Bob Marley on "Keeper Of The Flame"
Playlist for 13 February 2006 Luka Bloom / Rainbow Warrior
Another wonderful track from "Salty Heaven"
Playlist for 20 February 2006 Luka Bloom / Rescue Mission
From the first album "Riverside"
Playlist for 27 February 2006 Marisa Yeaman / Nightskin
Playlist for 06 March 2006 Luka Bloom / Wishing On A Star
One of my favourite Luka performances
Playlist for 13 March 2006 Luka Bloom / Blackberry Time
"Salty Heaven" from 1998 is a powerful album
Playlist for 20 March 2006 Luka Bloom / I'm A Bogman
Having a lot of fun on "Between The Mountain And The Moon"
Playlist for 27 March 2006 Marisa Yeaman / Another Day
Playlist for 03 April 2006 Luka Bloom / I Need Love
LL Cool J's 1987 song was pop-rap's first hit
The Green Room / Bridge Of Sorrow
Dave Steel and buddies doing it for Luka
Playlist for 10 April 2006 Luka Bloom / Cold Comfort
Luka sang this on-stage in New Jersey last week
Playlist for 17 April 2006 Luka Bloom / Salvador
From the current release "Innocence"
Playlist for 24 April 2006 Marisa Yeaman / Watching Fire Burn
Playlist for 01 May 2006 Luka Bloom / Gypsy Music
Luka remembers EU expansion on 1 May 2004
Playlist for 08 May 2006 Luka Bloom / Perfect Groove
Perfect way to start Donovan Birthday Special
Playlist for 15 May 2006 Luka Bloom / The Water Is Wide
From the peaceful release "Before Sleep Comes"
Merrilyn Simmons - Luka Bloom - A real fan!
Luka Bloom - I Need Love
On the "Acoustic Motorbike" release
Luka Bloom - Out On A Limb
Back in the Barry Moore days

Laurie West:
"This week I replayed some of the interview I did with Luka Bloom back in 2004. At that time the album "Before Sleep Comes" had been released and Luka talked about the creation of that album and how he coped with another bout of tendonitis by putting these songs together. He also provided a few laughs when he talked about that first venture to America in 1987.

I will always remember that interview with Luka... I telephoned him at the pre-arranged time which was around midnight in Ireland and when he did pick up the phone he admitted he had dozed off on the couch. It was a fun interview with Luka talking just like he does on stage... from the heart and with great humour."

Playlist for 22 May 2006 Luka Bloom / Gone To Pablo
Luka sang this at gig in Philadelphia last Friday night
Playlist for 29 May 2006 Marisa Yeaman / Holy Water
Playlist for 05 June 2006 Luka Bloom / Rainbow Day
Luka's songs just keep on coming in 2006!
Playlist for 12 June 2006 Luka Bloom / Bridge Of Sorrow
Plenty of Luka on Equilibrium this year
Playlist for 19 June 2006 Luka Bloom / Don't Be So Hard On Yourself
From the live album "Amsterdam"
Playlist for 26 June 2006 Marisa Yeaman / Didn't Mean To Fall In Love
Playlist for 03 July 2006 Luka Bloom / The Shape Of Love To Come
"Salty Heaven" is a wonderful collection of songs
Playlist for 10 July 2006 Luka Bloom / Holding Back The River
Powerful song from the "Turf" release
Playlist for 17 July 2006 Luka Bloom / Don't Be So Hard On Yourself
Played for a good friend having a tough time right now

Laurie West:
"This week, as usual, I opened the show with a Luka Bloom track. But there was a special reason. A good friend of mine here in Melbourne is going through a really tough time right now and I played the song for him as a form of encouragement. The good news is that he heard the track and sent me a text during the show expressing the uplifting feeling he got.

Luka Bloom songs can really hit the heart and I am enjoying opening the show as I am each week. To have seen Luka singing his wonderful songs on stage has been one of the musical highlights of my life!"

Playlist for 24 July 2006 Luka Bloom / The Man Is Alive
Excellent track off the first album "Riverside"
Playlist for 31 July 2006 Marisa Yeaman / No Fences
Playlist for 07 August 2006 Luka Bloom / Hudson Lady
About the early days in New York
Playlist for 14 August 2006 Luka Bloom / The Fertile Rock
A good description of Jack actually!
Playlist for 21 August 2006 Luka Bloom / The Hungry Ghost
Another super track from "Salty Heaven"
Playlist for 28 August 2006 Marisa Yeaman / Solid Ground
Playlist for 04 September 2006 Luka Bloom / I Believe In You
From Luka's second album "The Acoustic Motorbike"
Playlist for 11 September 2006 Luka Bloom / It's A Passion
Luka's music certainly is around here!
Playlist for 18 September 2006 Luka Bloom / Soshin
Our 2006 show opener continues on his magical way
Playlist for 25 September 2006 Marisa Yeaman / Little Girl Lost
Playlist for 02 October 2006 Luka Bloom / Ciara
"Salty Heaven" continues to inspire me
Playlist for 09 October 2006 Luka Bloom / The Acoustic Motorbike
A very sensible approach to viewing the countryside
Playlist for 16 October 2006 Luka Bloom / In Between Days
Outstanding cover of The Cure's Robert Smith song
Playlist for 23 October 2006 Luka Bloom / Monsoon
Beginning the show "Between The Mountain And The Moon"
Playlist for 30 October 2006 Marisa Yeaman / Vacant Sign
Playlist for 06 November 2006 Luka Bloom / Delirious
Sensational on stage performance in Amsterdam
Playlist for 13 November 2006 Luka Bloom / Sunny Sailor Boy
Studio version of the Mike Scott song
Playlist for 20 November 2006 Luka Bloom / Make You Feel My Love
Singing it for Bob
Playlist for 27 November 2006 Marisa Yeaman / Thousand Mile Stare
"Live-to-air" opening of the Homegrown Show
Playlist for 04 December 2006 Luka Bloom / Here And Now
Six tracks this year off "Between The Mountain And The Moon"
Playlist for 11 December 2006 Luka Bloom / Diamond Mountain
Reference to Australia on stage in Amsterdam
Playlist for 18 December 2006 Luka Bloom / German Girl
Thank you Rena for your 2006 support!

Playlist for 25 December 2006 Marisa Yeaman / Didn't Mean To Fall In Love
Enjoyed Marisa's music this year
Playlist for 01 January 2007 Luka Bloom / Forgiveness
a nice long track
Playlist for 15 January 2007 Luka Bloom / Wishing On A Star
It might come true
Playlist for 19 February 2007 Luka Bloom / No Matter Where You Go, There You Are
For Murray tonight
Playlist for 05 March 2007 Luka Bloom / Freedom Song
Luka in Melbourne this week
Playlist for 14 May 2007 Luka Bloom / Homeless
Current album really gets your mind thinking.
Playlist for 21 May 2007 Luka Bloom / Tribe
Title track off current release
Playlist for 04 June 2007 Luka Bloom / Urge For Going
Doing it for Joni
Playlist for 11 June 2007 Luka Bloom / To Begin To
Turf is a sensational collection of songs
Playlist for 23 July 2007 Luka Bloom / Peace Rains
A wonderful new Luka sound
Playlist Archive >

Equilibrium Guestbook Message

I love Australia, miss Australia and can't wait to get back to sing for you all ASAP.
God bless you all,
Luka Bloom

Laurie West: So good to hear from you Luka...your concert in Melbourne earlier this year was a real dazzler and the sooner you get back here again the better!
Posted on Thursday August 11 2005 at 10:25 AM

Equilibrium Radio Shows

Monday, March 21, 2005
Review of recent Luka Bloom concert in Melbourne...
Tracks featured were
1. Primavera
2. In Between Days
3. Salvador
4. Blackberry Time
5. No Matter Where You Go, There You Are
6. The City of Chicago (Christy Moore version)
7. Peace On Earth

Monday, November 1, 2004
Telephone interview with Luka Bloom from his home in Ireland...
Tracks featured were
1. I Need Love
2. Out On A Limb (The Barry Moore Years)
3. Delirious
4. Throw Your Arms Around Me
5. In Between Days
6. Sunny Sailor Boy
7. Be Still Now
8. Salt Water

ABC Queensland > Conversations

with Steve Austin
Thursday, 24 March 2005

Luka Bloom: a conversation

Irish musician Luka Bloom began life with a much duller name. He was born Barry Moore, but decided on a plane flight to New York to adopt the new moniker. It was 1987. Barry was off to a new country, with new people, so why not a new name too? Luka comes from the Suzanne Vega song My name is Luka and Bloom is from James Joyce's Ulysses. Luka grew up in County Kildare in Ireland and was educated by the Patrician Brothers and the Dominican Fathers. He is the brother of folk musician Christy Moore - or as Luka likes to say in concert - Christy Bloom is his brother!

Music was an intrinsic part of his life growing up. The Moore family all sing and play, but Luka had his own way of making music. His first tour was as the support act to Christy Moore in 1969. Luka Bloom was 14 years of age. Severe tendonitis damaged his guitar picking hand, but it was a blessing really; it made Luka learn to play with a plectrum. He also adopted some silly antics on stage. In 1991 Luka recorded the album Acoustic Motorbike and at the PinkPop Festival in the Netherlands, cycled on stage with the guitar strapped to his back.

He travels to Australia often. "I think there's a deep empathy between Australians and the Irish, something hard to define but probably evident within our similar, self-effacing sense of humour," Luka says. "I do always feel at home in Australia."

His shows include tender original material, but his cover songs are equally superb. Luka Bloom hit the big time in America with a stripped-back Irish version of the rap song 'I Need Love' which was first done by LL Cool J. Luka says he does not include cover songs in his set just for the novelty factor. "I have always believed that it is possible for a solo artist to sing songs from any area and the only limitations are in people's minds. Rather than covering these songs as a novelty, I was determined to convey my love of these songs and the artists who created them." The album Keeper Of The Flame saw him tackle songs from Bob Dylan, The Cure, U2, and even the Hunters and Collectors ballad 'Throw Your Arms Around Me'.

The new album Innocence is a departure from the norm. It is more about the lyrics than the sound. Luka paints pictures through his poetry and lets the music simply add to the mood.

Listen to Part One of Luka Bloom Interview
[21:49 - Audio in RealMedia format]
Songs Part One: Innocence (Innocence)
Listen to Part Two of Luka Bloom Interview
[23:33 - Audio in RealMedia format]
Songs Part Two: Sunny Sailor Boy (Amsterdam Live) -
Miracle Cure (Innocence) - Throw Your Arms Around Me (Keeper Of The Flame)

17 March 2005 - 23 March 2005 - Charts

Three D Radio's Top 20+1 chart
is comprised of the most played albums from past week.
This Week 8 · Luka Bloom - Innocence · Last Week -

DIG Internet Radio - Music with Depth

Luka Bloom: The Interview

by Russell Woolf - 16/03/2005
Originally heard on ABC Perth

The gorgeous and sweet Irish musician Luka Bloom, is touring Australia right now. After a long break from playing live he started his antipodean trip in Perth where he caught up with ABC presenter Russell Woolf.

702 ABC Sydney > Breakfast

with Angela Catterns
Tuesday 15 March 2005

Breakfast guests not to be missed!

Join Angela Catterns for Breakfast on Tuesday 15 March when the enigmatic Irish folk singer/songwriter Luka Bloom talks about his new album Innocence.
1. Throw Your Arms Around Me (Keeper Of The Flame)
2. Thank You For Bringing Me Here (live)

720 ABC Perth > Drive

Luka Bloom

Friday 11 March 2005
Presenter: Russell Woolf

He's never been on the MTV awards, he's never dated Paris Hilton, but he's one of Ireland's more successful musical exports. He's done it with a combination of gentle melody and carefully crafted lyrics. Word of mouth, coupled with the acclaim of music writers, and ABC airplay has kept bringing Luka Bloom back to Australia to play for enthusiastic audiences.

Mr Bloom breaks what he does into three compartments - writing a song, recording a song, and performing it. "The performance is the celebration part of the other two jobs", says Luka Bloom.

Russell Woolf is interested in Luka's recent live album 'Amsterdam'. It was unusual as a live recording from a single concert (most live albums are edited together from several concerts). It turns out that it was extremely unusual because Luka's not a fan of live albums at all. "I don't listen to live albums mostly", he says, "unless it's jazz." He was only recording with a view to a 'B' side, but then said "God I've really got to release this." As the title indicates, 'Amsterdam' was recorded in Holland. The crowd sang along in particularly moving fashion. Luka reckons that, perhaps unexpectedly, "the Dutch and the Belgians are just gorgeous singers."

Luka Bloom is only just now resuming live performance. For parts of last year he could neither play nor sing. He was struggling with tendonitis because "I'd basically been playing for thirty years and not really stopped to pay attention to the way I was doing what I was doing." He'd no sooner overcome the tendonitis and he got voice nodules.

This led Luka Bloom to have to reinvent himself as a performer. And yes he's happy with the result.

Listen to the interview
[Audio in RealMedia format]

As heard on 720 Drive. He has a brand new album called Innocence and appears at the Fly By Night Club Fremantle on the 13th March.

ABC Radio National > The Deep End

The Deep End
with Vicki Kerrigan
Thursday 10 March 2005

Luka Bloom turns 50 this year. A master interpreter, throughout his long musical career Bloom has balanced original songs with reinventions of tunes by a diverse range of songwriters.
Bloom drops by The Deep End to perform.
1. City Of Chicago
2. Primavera
3. Make You Feel My Love

774 ABC Melbourne > Afternoons

with Richard Stubbs
Thursday, 10 March 2005 1.00pm to 3.00pm

Richard Stubbs talks to celebrated Irish singer-songwriter LUKA BLOOM about his new album Innocence, and he'll play live.

John Laws Morning Show Programme
Wednesday, 9 March 2005

Luka Bloom balances his original songs with reinventions of tunes by a diverse range of songwriters, from Joni Mitchell to Bob Dylan. Currently touring Australia, Luka Bloom called into The Fortress to speak with John Laws and sing a couple of tunes.
1. Thank You For Bringing Me Here
2. Make You Feel My Love

ABC > The Morning Show
Friday, 5 May 2000

Irish songwriter Luka Bloom is back in Australia with his sweet, sad songs.

ABC Radio National
14 November 1993 - Sunday Concert: Luka Bloom

Luka Bloom is the new voice of Irish music, or so say the critics. His songs reflect the concerns of Ireland today as well as universal themes of love and loss.

 > Ireland
RTÉ Radio 1 > Brenda Power
Tuesday, 9 August 2005

Luka Bloom: 9th August 2005
Singer Songwriter Luka Bloom. His new album is called 'Innocence' but the song featured on the programme today was taken from his 'Riverside' album > The Man Is Alive.

Dublin City Anna Livia 103.2 FM > Sin É
Airtime: Tuesdays @ 9 pm
Presenter: Mick O Brien

Sin É - The Ballad Show > Luka Bloom live in studio
Tuesday, 23 November 2004 @ 10pm

The Sin É Sessions presented by Mick O' Brien is Dublin's only 2 hour Folk and Ballad Radio Programme. It is live on Dublin City Anna Livia 103.2 FM each Tuesday 9-11pm. O' Briens Tuesday night Sin É Show mixes local legends like Luke Kelly with such new kids on the block as Danu and Dervish. One of Anna Livia's biggest ratings-grabbers, it's also spawned its own Sin É Sessions Album, which includes songs performed live on air by John Spillane, Luka Bloom, Cathal Holland and Major coup.

The Sin É Sessions CD features an exclusive recording of Luka Bloom's
first live performance of 'City of Chicago' on radio.
The Sin E Sessions
"A master singer/songwriter, Luka's songs are poetic, positive and musical. The Sin É listeners
gave great feedback to Luka's appearances on the show. His song on this cd is 'City of Chicago'.
Luka wrote this song in 1984 and this was his first time to sing it on radio. I have great respect
for Luka Bloom as a singer/songwriter and as a person."

"This CD is a celebration of live music and song writing talents that the Irish folk music scene is widely known for. The idea for this cd came from the listeners to Sin É which is an Irish Folk Music radio programme that I have presented for the past 5 years on Dublin City Anna Livia 103.2 FM. It is our policy to have as much live music on Sin É as possible. Over the past 5 years we have had some of Ireland's finest singer/songwriters from Christy Moore to Jimmy McCarthy, from Luka Bloom to Johnny Duhan. Some of our regular listeners would ring up and ask me to play the versions of a particular song that an artist had performed on the show live. So we decided to put some of these songs on a cd and let a bit of air at these particular versions. I have had the pleasure of sitting in the hot seat while some of Ireland's finest artists perform these great songs..."

~Mick O'Brien
October 2006 -

Today FM > Tom Dunne's Pet Sounds
Thursday, 27 March 2003 - 19:00-22:00 |

Luka Bloom live on Today FM
This afternoon live recorded especially for Today FM
1. Sunny Sailor Boy
2. Here And Now
3. I Am Not At War With Anyone

RTÉ 2FM > The Gerry Ryan Show
Wednesday, April 24, 2002

Wednesday's Show:
Luka Bloom is live in studio with Gerry
Interview and live performance
1. Rainbow Day
2. Throw Your Arms Around Me

The Gerry Ryan Show is broadcast each week-day morning on 2fm, from 9 am to 12 mid-day.
For a limited time you can listen to a copy of the Wednesday show. [28K RealAudio]

RTÉ 1 > Under the Influence
Friday, 29 March 2002 - 14:00

Joe Jackson explores the life and career of Luka Bloom.
Songs chosen were:
James Taylor - Fire and Rain - Luka's time in Newbridge College
U2 - New Year's Day - the developing music scene in Ireland in the early '80s
Lou Reed - New York - the late '80s when Luka moved to America
Luka - The Man is Alive - with a lot of background detail on both the song and his father
Monsoon - with some background information
I'm a Bogman - the album version (but was cut off quickly at the end of the programme)

Information from Denis Healy

RTÉ > Rattlebag
Wednesday, 20 February 2002

Tony Clayton-Lea reviews Luka Bloom's 'Between the Mountain and the Moon'

> You can listen to the entire show, or listen to each topic

RTÉ Guide

MONDAY NIGHTS - In Concert Series
A collection of nightly music programmes for Summer weeknights at 10.02pm, July, August, September 2001 on RTÉ Radio 1 - The In Concert series will continue through the summer months providing a wide and diverse selection of 'live' concert sounds.

Monday, 6 August 2001 - 22:02-23.00 - Radio 1
In Concert: Luka Bloom
Highlights from a concert recorded last February at the Cork Opera House.
The performance includes Gone to Pablo, Wishing on a Star, If I Were a Carpenter
and Don't Be So Hard on Yourself.

Setlist: Exploring The Blue - Gone To Pablo - Rescue Mission - Sunny Sailor Boy - Don't Be So Hard On Yourself - Make You Feel My Love - Wishing On A Star - Keeper Of The Flame - I'm A Bogman - Water Ballerina - If I Were A Carpenter - The Fertile Rock - Ciara - You Couldn't Have Come At A Better Time

Clancy's Irish Music Radio

15th-19th March 2001 - Special St. Patrick's Holiday Programme with Luka Bloom

Interview & Playlist:
Christy Moore: The City Of Chicago
Luka Bloom: You Couldn't Have Come At A Better Time, If I Were A Carpenter, Holy Ground, Bad
The Pogues: Thousands Are Sailing
Luka Bloom: Forgiveness

Winner of Clancy's polls
Who is your favourite singer-songwriter? (Nov 2000)
48% Luka Bloom - Winner
16% Shane McGowan / 10% Jimmy MacCarthy / 11% Paul Brady
8% Van Morrison / 5% Sinead O'Connor / 1% Kieran Goss

Album of 2000 by a male Artist (Jan. 2001)
Luka Bloom - Keeper Of The Flame
Paul Brady - Oh What A World
Kieran Goss - Red Letter Day
Tommy Fleming - The Contender

Clancy's Irish Music Radio
Programmes profiling the music and careers of these great artists begin Sat 18th Aug. 2001

Transmission times (in Dublin) are as follows:
Luka Bloom > Sat 18th - Sun 19th - Mon 20th: 11.45, 19.45, 03.45
Luka Bloom > Tues 21st - Wed 22nd - Thurs 23rd: 13.45, 21.45, 05.45

You Couldn't Have Come At A Better Time (with Eileen Ivers)
Holy Ground - Forgiveness - Bad - If I Were A Carpenter - No Surprises

 > Netherlands
NPS - Studio 6

Zondag van 6: Roots
Sunday, 7 January 2007
Luka Bloom
Live recorded at the Take Root Festival in Assen on Oct 7th, 2006

I Am Not At War With Anyone
Sunny Sailor Boy
City of Chicago
No Matter Where You Go, There You Are
I'm a Bogman
I Need Love

Rainbow Day
You Couldn't Have Come At A Better Time

Song from Ireland - a weekly Irish Music Radio Programme on Radio Rijwoude
presented by Wim van Gent.

Playlist for 26 October 2006
Luka Bloom (special)
01. It's Not Good Enough
02. Girl
02. The Man Is Alive
03. You Youldn't Have Come At A Better Time
04. I Need Love
05. Diamond Mountain
06. Black Is The Colour
07. The Fertile Rock
08. Rainbow Warrior
09. Gone To Pablo
10. She Moved Through The Fair
11. Be Still Now
12. Delirious
13. Miracle Cure
14. No Matter Where You Go, There You Are
15. Thank You For Bringing Me Here

Thursday, October 20th, and Thursday, December 8th, 2005
Luka Bloom featured on Radio Rijwoude - Presenter: Wim van Gent

Wim van Gent was also in the audience of Luka Bloom's concert at the Helix in Dublin on September 28th. His radio show on Thursday, October 20th, will include interviews he did with fans after the show.
broadcast time: 21.00-23.00 h (local time)

> Listen live (luister live) at

The playlist included Luka's songs The Man Is Alive, Primavera and Thank You For Bringing Me Here.

There was also the broadcast of an interview with Luka Bloom on
Thursday, December 8th, 22.00-23.00 h
> Repeat on December 12th, 2005 from 14.00-16.00 h (local time)
1. You Couldn't Have Come At A Better Time
2. Diamond Mountain
3. The Man Is Alive
4. The Fertile Rock
5. Freedom Song
6. Miracle Cure
7. Sunny Sailor Boy
8. Peace On Earth

Radio Kink FM > 2 Meter Sessies |

2 Meter @ Kink FM with Jan Douwe Kroeske
12:00-15:00 Radio Kink FM

Luka Bloom live on radio

Wednesday, 27 April 2005
Luka Bloom - Wisseloord Studio's te Hilversum
1. Thank You For Bringing Me Here
2. Innocence
3. Miracle Cure
4. No Matter Where You Go, There You Are
5. Primavera

Sunday, 27 April 2003
Luka Bloom - Bal-room, Hilversum (dBmg)
1. I Am Not At War With Anyone
2. Primavera
3. Make You Feel My Love (Bob Dylan)
4. Exploring The Blue

Monday, 11 November 2002
Luka Bloom & Alyanya - Bullet Sound Studio's, Studio 2, Nederhorst den Berg
1. Monsoon
2. You
3. True Blue
4. Billy Gray (Norman Blake)
5. Perfect Groove
6. Alyanya: Here I Am

Sunday, 11 March 2001
Luka Bloom - Big Al's room, Kink FM studio, Amsterdam
1. If I Were A Carpenter (Tim Hardin)
2. No Surprises (Radiohead)
3. In Between Days (The Cure)

Saturday, 22 August 1998
Luka Bloom - Old Mill, Naas, Ireland
01. Gone To Pablo
02. Sanctuary
03. Rescue Mission
04. Blackberry Time
05. Don't Be So Hard On Yourself
06. The Hungry Ghost
07. Ciara
08. Holy Ground
09. I Need Love (LL Cool J)
10. The Shape Of Love To Come (with Conor Byrne on flute)
11. You Couldn't Have Come At A Better Time

Thursday, 25 June 1998
Luka Bloom - NOB radiostudio
1. The Hungry Ghost
2. Don't Be So Hard On Yourself
3. Holy Ground > released on CD: 2 Meter Sessies, Vol 8
4. Letter To E (The Nits with Luka Bloom)

Friday, 6 May 1994
Luka Bloom - NOB radiostudio
1. Diamond Mountain
2. To Begin To
3. True Blue
4. Sunny Sailor Boy (Mike Scott)
5. Holding Back The River
6. Sanctuary

Tuesday, 14 January 1992
Luka Bloom - NOB radiostudio
1. I Need Love (LL Cool J)
2. Exploring The Blue

Tuesday, 25 September 1990
Luka Bloom - NOB radiostudio
1. Gone to Pablo
2. I Need Love (LL Cool J)

Tuesday, 6 February 1990
Luka Bloom - NOB radiostudio
1. Gone to Pablo
2. The One
3. The Man is Alive

 > USA

The Groundbreaking Series Returns
Exclusively on PRX
Ahead of its time in 1990. Right on time in 2007!
HEAT with John Hockenberry

Stories We Can Tell: John hosts singer songwriter Luka Bloom
and music from his new recording Riverside.
(free subscription required)

XM Radio - The Loft Sessions
Listen on Mondays @ 12 Noon ET

Ditch your shoes, grab a bean bag and join us for the Loft Sessions... where we invite our favorite artists up to the Loft and ask them to create their ideal intimate musical session, especially for you. And as always at the Loft, the music is paramount, so you'll hear everything from hit gems to adventurous covers - even the occasional choice insight - all at each artist's discretion. The Loft Sessions. Meet the artists as they are.

Monday, June 26, 2006 :: #99 Luka Bloom
From songs off the new album Innocence to plenty of our favorite covers (Dylan, The Cure, and more!), Luka's sagacious songwriting and disarming Irish wit captured us completely. Please join us for this truly compelling session.

Encore Presentations:
Monday @ 9:00 PM ET | Thursday @ 3:00 PM ET | Thursday @ 9:00 PM ET | Saturday @ 6:00 PM ET
XM Satellite Radio -

WFUV 90.7 FM
Public Radio from Fordham University in New York City

City Folk Sunday Breakfast with John Platt
Sunday, May 28, 2006 > 8-11 AM

Musical memorials to folk heroes, and an interview with Luka Bloom.
Songs played live in studio:
1. She Moved Through The Fair
2. Miracle Cure
3. June
4. City of Chicago
5. No Matter Where You Go, There You Are (from the album Innocence)

> Luka Bloom Interview with John Platt by Deborah Sandford

WUMB Folk Radio 91.9 FM Boston

The Morning Express

Monday - Friday from 6am to 10am
This Week May 8-12, 2006

Luka Bloom, we've got (birthday) number!
Luka, from Ireland, made it big in the U.S. on the success of his interpretations
and his originals. We're happy to celebrate his birthday this week!

WFUV 90.7 FM
Public Radio from Fordham University, New York City

City Folk with Claudia Marshall welcomes Luka Bloom to Studio A.
Friday, 23 May 2003

Interview with Luka Bloom
1. Sunny Sailor Boy (Amsterdam)
2. Make You Feel My Love (Live)
3. Here And Now (Live)
4. Monsoon (Live)
5. Delirious (Amsterdam)

KFOG Radio, San Francisco, California
Wednesday, 14 May 2003 - at 1:00 pm

PRIVATE CONCERTS > KFOG Private Concert with Luka Bloom

Some singer/songwriters seem to simply transcend trends, peacefully making their music regardless of financial success or record sales. Some call them Cult or Underground artists. We here at KFOG just call it good music.

Luka Bloom falls squarely into this category. He joined us here at the KFOG Studios to play a show for an extremely intimate KFOG Private Concert. The respected Irish folk singer is known for his highly engaging stage presence and richly layered acoustic songs, making him a big draw here on San Francisco stages, and a favorite on KFOG's Acoustic Sunrise. Luka treated the Foghead-only crowd to a strictly acoustic performance that may have been lacking in sheer volume, yet was made up for in Bloom's boundless energy. Thanks to Luka and his crew for putting on such a great show for the Fogheads.

KFOG gallery >

WXPN 88.5 > World Café
Tuesday, 6 August 2002
Re-broadcasting on Saturday, 21 September & Monday, 23 September 2002

Since 1991, World Cafe has showcased contemporary music, serving up an eclectic blend of blues, rock, folk and alternative country. David Dye hosts the program from member station WXPN in Philadelphia. Each show centers on David's "performance chat" with a featured artist or band.

World Café with David Dye - Special Guest: Luka Bloom
Irish singer songwriter Luka Bloom is stopping by the World Cafe studios before he heads home. His new album 'Between The Mountain and The Moon' is a glimpse at his continuing spiritual look at life and music.

World Café
Thursday nights at 10 p.m. on KUNI

23 August & 13 September 2002
On this edition of Conversations from the World Cafe with host David Dye, Irish singer songwriter Luka Bloom plays from his new album, 'Between the Mountain and the Moon'. Born Barry Moore, the performer changed his name to Luka Bloom on a plane ride to the States. He got his inspiration both from Suzanne Vega's song Luka and from the character Leopold Bloom in the novel Ulysses. Bloom is well regarded for both his original music and his ability to reinvigorate and interpret other people's songs.

WXPN 88.5 > World Café
October 22, 1999 and November 22, 1999

Join host David Dye as the World Cafe welcomes Luka Bloom
to the studio for a performance and interview.
1. Blackberry Time
2. Don't Be So Hard On Yourself
3. Cool Breeze
4. Ciara

Sedge Thomson's West Coast Live
San Francisco's Live Radio Show to the World
11 March 2000

Live show from The Asian Art Museum in Golden Gate Park.
with Irish singer-songwriter Luka Bloom
1. Holy Ground
2. Forgiveness

KCRW > Morning Becomes Eclectic
Tuesday, June 1, 1999
Host: Nic Harcourt

Irish singer-songwriter Luka Bloom performs original material:
1. Exploring The Blue
2. Leaving Lhasa (with the Shruti Box)
3. The Hungry Ghost
4. Ciara
5. Don't Be So Hard On Yourself
6. Holy Ground

> Audio Interview from KCRW's Morning Becomes Eclectic


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