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Wed 05 April Vienna, VA - The Barns @ Wolf Trap
Fri 07 April Montclair, NJ - Outpost in the Burbs
Sat 08 April Philadelphia, PA - Tin Angel
Sun 09 April Sellersville, PA - Sellersville Theater 1894
Tue 11 April Pittsburgh, PA - Club Cafe
Thu 13 April Ann Arbor, MI - The Ark
Fri 14 April Chicago, IL - Gunther Murphy's
Sat 15 April Milwaukee, WI - Irish Cultural & Heritage Center
Tue 18 April Seattle, WA - The Triple Door
Wed 19 April Portland - KINK FM 102
Wed 19 April Portland, OR - Aladdin Theater
Fri 21 April San Francisco, CA - Great American Music Hall
Sat 22 April Santa Cruz, CA - E3 Playhouse
Sun 23 April Los Angeles, CA - Knitting Factory Hollywood
Wed 26 April Glendale, AZ - Glendale Community College
Fri 28 April Boulder - KBCO Studio C
Fri 28 April Boulder, CO - Trilogy Lounge
Sun 30 April Denver, CO - Lannie's Clocktower Cabaret
Wed 03 May Austin, TX - Cactus Cafe
Fri 05 May Atlanta, GA - The Five Spot
Sat 06 May Greenville, SC - The Handlebar
Sun 07 May Charlotte, NC - Duke Power Theatre
Tue 09 May Charlottesville, VA - Gravity Lounge
Wed 10 May Annapolis, MD - Rams Head Tavern & Onstage
Sat 13 May New York, NY - B.B. King Blues Club
Sun 14 May Staten Island, NY - House Concert
Tue 16 May Cambridge, MA - Regattabar @ The Charles Hotel
Wed 17 May Morristown, NJ - Bickford Theatre @ The Morris Museum
Fri 19 May Philadelphia, PA - World Cafe Live
Sat 20 May Piermont, NY - Turning Point Cafe
Sun 28 May WFUV - City Folk Sunday Breakfast
Wed 07 June WFUV - Take Five & Words and Music from Studio A
Mon 26 June XM Radio - The Loft Sessions

Special Guest » Sabrina Dinan

» gigs cancelled
Thu 31 Aug Boston, MA - McGann's Pub
Sat 02 Sep Kansas, MO - Kansas City Irish Festival
Mon 04 Sep Newport, RI - Newport Waterfront Irish Festival

US Release Date: 21 March 2006
Label: Cooking Vinyl Records, USA

Innocence Innocence seems like a strange title for Luka Bloom's tenth studio album. However, Innocence is an album that could easily be mistaken as an accomplished debut. Bloom's lyrics are so insightful and fresh that you'd be forgiven for mistaking him as a young and disillusioned twenty-something, instead of a 50 year old who has been making music for 36 years. Musically, Innocence is just as simple and static. There's an unrivalled tenderness to Luka Bloom's enchanting, earnest songwriting - his musical and lyrical delivery possesses that special charm. His deft, delicate touch on the six-string and distinguishable Irish lilt in his honeyed vocals draws you in immediately with the heartfelt opener 'Primavera', from which the ensuing mood is set. And of course, there's a gentle dose of mellow instrumentals on Innocence to round out the album.

The US version contains two exclusive bonus tracks that are not on the UK version - 'Doing The Best I Can' and 'I Am Not At War With Anyone'. Bloom seems to always manage a sense of freshness with anything he puts his mind, voice and hand to, and Innocence beautifully captures the emotions of these purposeful messages by a master of his game.

Hybrid Magazine - music reviews - May 2006

Luka Bloom - Innocence
Cooking Vinyl

When something happens that threatens to end your musical career, it leaves the soul questioning life's purpose. But when you struggle through that hard time, recording one of your finest and most tender records in the meantime, and then make a full recovery, there is only one thing to do: celebrate! Luka Bloom seems to be celebrating his re-emergence to full health on his newest record, Innocence. All the doubts and introspection on last year's Before Sleep Comes have come full circle to end in a brilliant commemoration of life and rebirth on Innocence.

'Primavera' begins the album with an eloquent foreshadowing of the themes to come, which rolls nicely into the lilting softness of 'First Light Of Spring'. These two songs set the tone for the entire album, building on the tender benevolence of the songs on Before Sleep Comes and fleshing out the ideas of a wondrous resurrection of the world from the sleep of winter.

By the time 'Innocence' begins, there is a low, mellow mood already built that makes the soul wholly receptive for the insidious splendor of Luka's lyrical genius. "I remember the taste / of the first kiss by the river / and the promises we'd keep / forever and ever... and I choose innocence / after my tears."

'June' is another fine example of the rebirth theme that weaves its way throughout this album with such a delicate and deliberate feel, bringing to light the true feeling of joy that Luka seems to have found in his ability to once more play music as he'd like. And dig the groovy Van Morrison-esque feel that the song gives off - an instant classic.

Alternately, Innocence is interspersed with some darker and more pressing themes, as well. 'No Matter Where You Go, There You Are' deals with the story of a man outcast from his own land and how he finally comes to find some happiness in the sorrow of a foreign land and its music. 'Miracle Cure' finds the songwriter entreating the world to step back and realize the most direct path to happiness and peace is simply forgiving those that trespass against us. Luka has finally found time to record his classic 'City Of Chicago' on Innocence. After many years of hearing Christy Moore playing the song, it is a simple joy to hear it from the mouth of the man who wrote it. And the highly personally political 'I Am Not At War' makes a strong statement that the world's leaders would be well advised to stop and think about themselves.

But ultimately, everything comes back to the simple happiness that Luka obviously finds in music and the world around him. And nowhere is this displayed more prominently than on the amazingly complex 'Gypsy Music'. There is a wondrous amount of joy that inexplicably fills the yearning of Luka's voice and his rhythmic guitar strumming. But the apex of Innocence's beauty lies in the amazing depth of the wonderful 'Thank You For Bringing Me Here'. This song, possibly more than any other of his career, accurately captures Luka's ability to flesh out a simple observation into one of his most heartrending and magnificent songs. The lyrics have an almost sing-songy feel, but a depth and power that belie their simple pronouncement.

Innocence is far more than simply a ray of hope and celebratory joy in the life of Luka Bloom. This brilliant collection of songs transcends all of his earlier works, and simply lays out for the world why Luka is truly one of the world's finest songwriters, now or ever.

Album Review by David DeVoe

Special Guest > Sabrina Dinan

Luka Bloom:
"...Sabrina Dinan from Ennis in County Clare will join me on the tour. She will be opening every show for me. Sabrina did the shows in Holland and Belgium before Christmas, and was a great hit. I think the US audiences will love her. We will be doing our utmost to ensure that every single gig is a special evening for us all. I can't wait, and look forward to lots of happy nights throughout America." newsletter - 9 March 2006

Sabrina Dinan launches her debut EP at the Roisin Dubh

For fans of the acoustic scene in Galway, the name Sabrina Dinan will not be unfamiliar. The County Clare-born songstress has been wowing audiences here in the city for almost five years. Now the Ennis girl releases her debut EP The Bondi Hotel on Tuesday January 3 in the Róisín Dúbh... Over the past four years Sabrina has regularly supported Mundy, Roesy, Paddy Casey, Damien Dempsey, Luka Bloom, and Aussie legend Paul Kelly...

Encouragement for Sabrina has not only come from members of her family but also from some well respected musicians. People such as Luka Bloom, Liam O'Maonlai of The Hothouse Flowers, Albert Niland, and Myles O'Reilly of Juno Falls have been singing her praises. "It keeps me thinking that I'm on the right road," Sabrina says of the endorsements. "Sometimes I get moments where I wonder whether I'm doing the right thing. When people say nice things it makes you believe in yourself a lot more. It's really cool that all those people believe in me."

Sabrina Dinan @ CC Belgica Luka Bloom believes in Sabrina so much that he recently invited her to tour with him in Holland as support act. She jumped at the chance and it has proved to be an important learning curve. "It was great because it gave me a little glimpse of what life is like as a full-time musician," she says. "It sort of motivated me to keep sticking at what I'm doing. Luka taught me so much and he gave me some good advice as to where to go from here. He's a great live performer and I learned a lot of things about that too."

...For more info on Sabrina Dinan log on to

Galway Advertiser - Thursday, 29 December 2005

Live review by Jon Gorey: Sabrina Dinan at the Roisin Dubh, Galway, Ireland - 08.03.05
Download an audio clip of her song 'Another Drink, Another Smoke'
at [MP3; 40 sec]

Wednesday, April 5, 2006 - The Barns @ Wolf Trap, Vienna, VA

Returning to The Barns for the first time in six years, Dubliner Luka Bloom will rock you with old favorites, and songs off his new record Innocence.

Vienna, VA - As the D.C. area rockets into spring, The Barns at Wolf Trap remains alive with everything from funk to singer/songwriters. Ireland's Luka Bloom kicks off the month...

Luka Bloom at The Barns at Wolf Trap
on Wednesday, April 5, 2006 at 8 p.m. Tickets are $25.

Born Barry Moore in Newbridge, Ireland, in 1955, Bloom comes from a tight-knit-family with a deep fondness in music. Only one year old when his father passed away, Bloom was raised by his mother and siblings in an industrial town known for its rope and cutlery manufacturing. He is the younger brother of popular Irish singer-songwriter Christy Moore and was hired to play with Moore's groups Planxty and Moving Hearts beginning in 1969. After receiving encouragement from his older brother, Bloom embarked on his own musical career in the 1970s. By the mid '80s, with three solo albums to his name, Bloom relocated to the United States. To further establish his independence from his already famous older brother, he changed his name to Luka Bloom in 1987.

Upon moving to the United States, Bloom settled in Washington D.C. After one performance in a Georgetown pub, Bloom was so well received that he began playing regular shows in the area and developed a loyal fan base.

While still living and performing in Washington D.C., Bloom accepted an invitation to appear regularly at the Red Lion in New York's Greenwich Village in 1989. He traveled back and forth between D.C. and New York to perform; however, by the end of 1989, he had decided to make New York his permanent home. It was in New York that Bloom's talent was recognized, and he was subsequently signed to Warner Brothers Records. His first U.S. album for Warner Brothers, 'Riverside', was released a year later in 1990 and was followed by 'Acoustic Motorbike' in 1992 and 'Turf' in 1994.

In 1995, Bloom separated from Warner Brothers and returned home to Ireland. He began work on a new record in 1997 in a cottage in Birr. 'Salty Heaven' was completed at Abbey Road Studios and released in the fall of 1998.

Inspired by Ani DiFranco's independent way of working and producing music, Bloom decided to do the same. In 2000, without the backing of a major record label, Bloom made 'Keeper of the Flame', an album comprised entirely of covers. 'Keeper of the Flame' was hailed by the San Francisco Chronicle as "an absolutely gorgeous outing". Bloom's next record 'Between the Mountain and the Moon', released in 2001, is characterized by Bloom himself as "a very special CD in my life". Bloom followed these albums up with 'Amsterdam' in 2003 and 'Before Sleep Comes' in 2004.

Bloom's music has been characterized by the Melbourne Sunday Herald Sun as getting "more moving with every album he makes". In 2005, Bloom released his latest record, 'Innocence', and continues to perform around the world promoting his unique and melodic music.

Music Monthly - Baltimore/Washington - May 2006

Luka Bloom
The Barns at Wolf Trap
April 5, 2006

Luka Bloom is one of the most talented and underappreciated singer/songwriters in music today. For almost 30 years Bloom has been playing music professionally, both as a solo artist and a member of various groups. And while this native of Newbridge in County Kildare, Ireland, has earned quite a following of dedicated fans over the years for his solo work, he has never gained the mainstream attention a man of his considerable abilities deserves. None of this mattered to the throng of fans that packed the charming confines of Vienna, VAís The Barns at Wolf Trap for the opening show of Bloomís first U.S. tour in years.

The evening started with an all-too-brief set from Irish newcomer Sabrina Dinan. This show marked her first American performance and she wowed the audience from the first few notes on. Dinan had a controlled and sultry voice that revealed a maturity that far exceeded her age, but she was also very likeable because she wasnít afraid to show her own vulnerability as a solo artist standing alone on the stage. I expect to hear a lot more from this performer in the years to come.

Following Dinanís brilliant opening set would be a tough undertaking for most artists, but Bloom was more than up to the task. He began his performance with the politically poignant 'I Am Not At War With Anyone', an extra track on the U.S. release of his new album, Innocence, and followed it with 'Open Up Your Arms', another political song influenced by the disarmament of Irelandís IRA in September of 2005. But this evening was not all about politics and the state of the world, but rather it was about the beautiful music Bloom has created throughout his career.

Blooms new album, Innocence, is a nice collection of the acoustic folk pop sound he has employed on most of his past albums. Songs like 'City of Chicago', 'Thank You for Bringing Me Here' and 'Primavera' sound just as good live as they do in the studio.

Though songs from Innocence were definitely the focus of the evening, Bloom delighted his fans with classic song after classic song pulled from his older albums. Though he has never had "hits" in the popular definition of the word, songs like 'Diamond Mountain', 'Exploring the Blue' and 'Sunny Sailor Boy' were welcomed like long lost friends by the audience. The evening was brought to a somber conclusion with Bloomís elegant take on the traditional folk ballad 'Black is the Colour'.

Bloom was in fine form throughout the course of his performance and the crowd was right there with him. If every gig on his American tour is as well received as the one at Wolf Trap, it should be a memorable trip through the states for Bloom.

Live Review by Greg Yost

The Connection Newspapers - Mount Vernon Gazette - March 30, 2006

In Search of Innocence
Irish musician, Luka Bloom explains the inspiration behind his 10th album release, 'Innocence'.

When Irish singer-songwriter Luka Bloom was 9 years old, he picked up the guitar for the first time and was shocked by a sense of deja-vu. The youngest of six children growing up in Newbridge County, Ireland, perhaps the familiarity with the guitar was a product of being the sibling of notable folk-musician Christy Moore, or maybe it stemmed from a spiritual connection to music that he would later discover and incorporate into his music. With his 10th album, 'Innocence', out on the shelves, Luka Bloom is beginning his first major U.S. tour in nearly a decade at the Barns at Wolf Trap on Wednesday, April 5.

Bloom took some time to discuss his life, music, and tour in a phone interview >>

Interview by Christopher M. Staten

Times Community Newspapers - Entertainment - April 05, 2006

'Innocence' in Bloom

Irish-born musician Luka Bloom talks about his new release 'Innocence' with the nervous anticipation of a first-time father in a hospital waiting room.

"I have no idea who likes my stuff in the States anymore," he said. "I think they only play my music on nighttime radio, and the only people who hear me are truck drivers and lonely housewives who can't sleep."

Bloom conducted this interview by phone from his countryside home in Dublin. He was reacquainting himself with all things American by watching and strumming the guitar to music from his favorite western, "Big Country", the 1958 Oscar-winning classic starring Gregory Peck, Charlton Heston, Carol Baker and Jean Simmons.

"This album is creatively different from what I've done before," Bloom said. "My whole approach to the guitar and style of playing is different from when I was a one-man rock band playing venues in D.C. After playing that way for 10 to 15 years, I grew tired of it and felt a need for change and redirected my energies considerably. I still love the guitar, but I play it in a different way."

This tour marks the 20th anniversary of Bloom's first tour in America. Bloom said he was prompted to perform in the States years ago when a honeymooning Michael Jaworek of The Birchmere in Alexandria approached him at a venue in Ireland and asked him about playing in America. It was not long before Bloom headlined at Murphy's Irish Pub in Washington, D.C.

Interview by Michael Wilson

Friday, April 7, 2006 - Outpost in the Burbs, Montclair, NJ

Luka Bloom with special guest Sabrina Dinan - In the Guild Room
doors open 8PM | show starts 8:30PM | $30 (one price) > SOLD OUT

Sabrina Dinan Luka Bloom Luka Bloom
Sabrina Dinan & Luka Bloom @ Outpost in the Burbs
Photos by Warren Churgin

The Montclair Times - Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Singer-songwriter Luka Bloom makes a tour stop at The Outpost

A respected musician entering his 37th year of touring, Irish singer-songwriter Luka Bloom will be performing live in concert on Friday, April 7, at 8:30 p.m., at the Outpost in the Burbs, located in the First Congregational Church, 40 South Fullerton Ave. Sabrina Dinan opens.

Bloom's brand-new CD, 'Innocence', was released earlier this month on Cooking Vinyl, and he will be singing and playing selections from this disc and many popular favorites from earlier in his career. A prolific artist, Bloom has recorded 10 albums since 1990, and his newest CD is being well received by critics and loyal fans of his songwriting style.

For Bloom, the whole story of this album is interesting and different. "Life is an endless stream of challenges, and for this singer, the most important ingredient to hang on to is our innocence and wonder at the world," he stated in an e-mail to The Times.

Saturday, April 8, 2006 - Tin Angel, Philadelphia, PA

Luka Bloom, with Sabrina Dinan
7:30 p.m. Saturday, April 8
Tin Angel, 20 S. Second St., Philadelphia
215-928-0770. Tickets: $28

The Morning Call, Allentown, PA - April 6, 2006

Irish singer-songwriter Luka Bloom returns with newfound innocence
By Len Righi

In the early 1990s, when Irish folk singer-songwriter Luka Bloom released the albums "Riverside", "The Acoustic Motorbike" and "Turf" during a five-year stay in America, he became famous for his aggressive acoustic guitar strumming; striking, uplifting originals and unusual covers, particularly hip-hop star L.L. Cool J's "I Need Love". Nowadays, the 50-year-old Bloom, who earlier in the decade was sidelined by recurring tendonitis, plays guitar softly. But his pristine instrumental technique, along with his meditative singing and spiritual songwriting, are so carefully nuanced, he still carries a big stick.

His just-released CD, 'Innocence', which Bloom will showcase Saturday night at Philadelphia's Tin Angel and Sunday night at the Sellersville Theater, extends the soothing vibe of 2004's "Before Sleep Comes", a nine-song EP of originals and traditional Irish melodies. On the new disc, Bloom, who now lives about 40 miles south of Dublin, sings in a voice that alludes to Van Morrison, Al Stewart and Gordon Lightfoot. He captures with great delicacy the beauty of simplicity and the simplicity of beauty ("Primavera"); the preciousness and uncommonness of true love ("Venus"); the healing power of forgiveness ("Miracle Cure"), and the purity of first experiences ("Innocence"). His songs about Irish heritage and music connecting various places around the globe are not as compelling. However, "No Matter Where You Go, There You Are", about an expatriate Algerian carpenter and fiddler who finds peace in Galway, comes close.

Bloom has spent much of his life on the road. He began his career as Barry Moore, playing in England in 1969 with his older brother, Christy, the [now-retired] Irish music legend. (Moore became Luka Bloom in 1987.) Still, Bloom hasn't lost his zest for live performance and strives to make every show special. As he told the Brisbane News last year: "The very least the people who have gone to the trouble of buying tickets deserve is that the artist wants to be there."

Sabrina Dinan Luka Bloom Luka Bloom Luka Bloom Sabrina Dinan & Luka Bloom @ The Tin Angel, Philadelphia
Photos by Marc Pujol

Sunday, April 9, 2006 - Sellersville Theater 1894, Sellersville, PA

Luka Bloom - Modern Folk Icon
Sunday, April 9, 2006
7:30pm - $22.50

An..."intelligent and passionate songsmith with uncanny ability
to see the power and meaning in the atoms of daily life."

~Jackie Hayden, Hot Press

The Morning Call, Allentown, PA - April 15, 2006

The Week In Reviews

The grinding national debate about immigration served as an unintentionally perfect backdrop to Luka Bloom's sublime performance Sunday at the Sellersville Theater. "I like Irish music," said the 50-year-old singer-songwriter, "but I've heard enough of it."

With those words, Bloom launched into 'Gypsy Music', a song from his latest disc, 'Innocence', that's more Budapest than Belfast. Later in the 100-minute set came 'Primavera', that grew out of his experiences hearing a Portuguese singer. The auld sod, Bloom noted, also is getting a needed jolt from auslanders. "There are places in Ireland where 'Deliverance' could very easily have been filmed," he quipped, leading into the Middle Eastern-influenced 'No Matter Where You Go, There You Are'.

Bloom jumped over the pond, too, with his Celtic rap (on LL Cool Jay's 'I Need Love') and 'Make You Feel My Love' by Dylan.

Dressed not unlike his 100-strong WXPN-ish following in a black golf shirt and slacks, Bloom clearly relished the humble small-town setting. He is joking about aging, his rainy homeland and his better-known brother, Christy Moore. Showing no signs of the tendinitis that forced him to alter his percussive guitar playing on recent recordings, Bloom aggressively strummed and plucked enough for two, providing his own bass lines. Just as satisfying were the moments of shattering heartbreak ('Diamond Mountain') and wonder ('June') - he is an Irish singer, after all.

After bringing the audience in on the gentle 'Sunny Sailor Boy', Bloom savored the "lovely sort of Sunday evening feel to that". But enjoying a bit of craic, Bloom lightened things up, saying how the song lifted him up to where he could imagine himself "on the set of an Enya video, with Celtic mist rising up over my arse."

He closed with 'You Couldn't Have Come At A Better Time' from his 1990 debut disc. How appropriate.

Live Review by Tim Darragh

Tuesday, April 11, 2006 - Club Café, Pittsburgh, PA

Luka Bloom - EARLY SHOW
Tuesday, April 11, 2006 at 7PM
Doors Open At 6PM
Tickets $20 in Advance | $22 Day of Show
Call Club Cafe at 412-431-4950 for more details.

The Pitt News - Celebration of cultures and youth - A & E - April 7, 2006
One of America's Great Student Newspapers

Innocence - Luka Bloom
Cooking Vinyl Records

It's difficult for a musician who sings about political or social issues to avoid the stereotype of the star using the limelight as a pulpit. But Luka Bloom manages this deft act on his newest release, Innocence. Bloom - who takes his name from Suzanne Vega's song "Luka" and the hero of James Joyce's "Ulysses", Leopold Bloom - sports a tranquil voice as his strumming guitar recalls a heritage of Irish musicians singing in an intimate home or pub atmosphere. The lyrics are contemplative rather than antagonistic, and most are infused with Bloom's Irish spirit.

The album's title track is an introspective look back to a time of innocence when the young Catholic Bloom was awed at the sight of the candles and incense in church, waited expectantly on Christmas morn for gifts - a time when everything made perfect sense. The song sets the atmosphere for many of the other tracks as he continually returns to a theme of simplicity and insight through innocence..... read more >>

Armed with a guitar and simple messages of truth, Bloom's songs resonate with two voices - that of a man looking back with all the wisdom he has gained through knowledge of life's problems and that of a child, innocent of cruelty and malice, just born into that world. Then again, perhaps the wisdom of old age and the innocence of a child are not that different, it's just during the time in between that we lose our way and make the mistakes. Luka Bloom would likely agree.

Luka Bloom appears at Club Cafe on April 11 at 7 p.m... For more information contact Club Cafe at (412) 431-4950 or visit

MICHAEL BOYLES - Senior Staff Writer

Pittsburgh Post Gazette - Entertainment news briefs - Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Bloom's 'Innocence'

Irish singer-songwriter Luka Bloom looks inward for inspiration and outward for instrumentation on his newly released 10th studio CD. 'Innocence' begins with a familiar acoustic folk sound but adds traditional influences from Spain and the Middle East and a few jazzy fills on soprano saxophone and clarinet. Disciplined, controlled arrangements never monopolize songs that stretch from worldly stories of adventure to introspective contemplation. And, as usual, Bloom isn't afraid to take on hot political issues or share intimate revelations.

He returns to the South Side's Club Cafe tonight for a 7 p.m. early show ($22).

JOHN HAYES - Post-Gazette staff writer

Thursday, April 13, 2006 - The Ark, Ann Arbor, MI

Luka Bloom - Contemporary Folk
Show starts at 8 pm - Doors open at 7:30 pm

"Acoustic guitar-led balladry infused with warmth and wisdom."
--Sunday Telegraph, Sydney

Luka Bloom Irish singer-songwriter Luka Bloom started life as Barry Moore of Newbridge, County Kildare. In 1976 he began playing the clubs in and around Dublin, and he's been refining his songwriting craft ever since. He made up the name Luka Bloom on the plane to the U.S., where he moved in 1987. The songs on his new album, Innocence, deal with spring, summer, immigrants both from and to Ireland, the effects of war and disaster on children, and the transit of Venus across the sun, among other topics. A contemporary master of the art of songwriting, Luka Bloom is on the road in the U.S. for the first time in many years. "It's been a long time since I've committed to a tour like this in America, but I really want to sing these songs there, and meet lots of people on the way," he says. "Simply can't wait for it."

ann arbor's 107one - concert calendar

It's a safe bet to say most of Luka's American fans first heard his music via a cover of LL Cool J's "I Need Love" back in 1992. If you haven't been listening since, Luka's put out several very very good folk records since. His 10th release, Innocence, comes out in the USA a couple of weeks before his show at the Ark. He's coming a long way to play for us, the least you could do is find out what audiences around the world already know - Luka's best when he's on stage!

Friday, April 14, 2006 - Gunther Murphy's, Chicago, IL

Gunther Murphy's is excited to welcome...

Luka Bloom - Sabrina Dinan - Friday, April 14th
Doors 7pm | 8pm Show | Tickets $30

Chicago Reader Guide to Music: treatment
Listings for Friday, April 14, through Thursday, April 20, 2006

LUKA BLOOM Irish singer-songwriter Barry Moore, born in County Kildare, took his stage name from a Suzanne Vega song and a character in Ulysses, and he's put out ten albums since his 1990 debut, Riverside. Last year's 'Innocence' (Big Sky) might be his most beautiful yet -- though I could've said that about every one when it came out. Bloom's approach is so sparse and direct, leaning heavily on his lyrics and his delicate guitar playing, that each song makes its mark individually: "City of Chicago" is a great-famine weeper, "June" sounds like an Astral Weeks homage, "Salvador" celebrates Brazil's most interesting city, and "No Matter Where You Go, There You Are" is a heart-wrenching story about a Muslim immigrant finding himself through music. His peace anthems aren't very subtle, but anthems don't have to be.
Sabrina Dinan opens. 8 PM, Gunther Murphy's, 1638 W. Belmont, 773-472-5139, $30.

--Monica Kendrick

Chicago Sun-Times - Club hopping - Friday, April 14, 2006

The Irish singer-songwriter writes thoughtful, evocative songs full of life's hidden details or what he calls the "phenomenon of the ordinary". A literary lyricist, his songs recall a time when thoughtful songwriters were expected to deliver a message. On his recent release, 'Innocence', Bloom continues his musical evolution, exploring traditional folk music as well as Middle Eastern and Spanish music. Sabrina Dinan opens at 8 tonight at Gunther Murphy's, 1638 W. Belmont. Tickets, $30. Call (773) 472-5139.


Saturday, April 15, 2006 - Irish Cultural & Heritage Center, Milwaukee, WI

Hallamór Concert # 3
Saturday, April 15 - Luka Bloom

8:00 p.m. | Doors open at 6:45 pm
Tickets: $19 in advance | $21 on concert day
Luka Bloom: vocals, guitar

Maximum Ink Music Magazine - 7 April 2006

Headlining Milwaukeeís Irish Cultural & Heritage Center on April 15th contemporary troubadour and masterful acoustic guitarist LUKA BLOOM performs from his poignant Innocence. Hushed, luscious seductions of intimate intricacies, Innocence flows with hope, wisdom and compassion.

John Noyd

Irish American Post - Vol. 6 Issue 4 - Spring 06

Out of Proverbial Music Box, Bloom Upbeat on Latest Road Tour

Singer songwriter Luka Bloom returned to Milwaukee for the first time since performing at Irish Fest 2004, for an evening concert at the Irish Cultural and Heritage Center (ICHC) on Tax Day, April 15. For those who were first introduced to him at the festival, this particular show promised a good night. Fans had a lot to look forward to, and hearing Bloomís voice fill the Hallamor, the main concert hall at the ICHC, was at the top of the list.

Bloom was perfectly at home milling around a kitchen at the ICHC a ew hours before he was scheduled to perform. Putting on a kettle of water for tea, he gladly chatted with a fellow who, like himself, was also from Co. Kildare.

"I donít operate according to a master plan. I like being free. I like being able to go where I want to go," he said later, sitting comfortably in a small room at the ICHC......

Local Celtic musician Jeff Ward laid the opening notes for the evening with a 45-minute set of his own, songs many in the audience happily knew. However, few in the audience knew that there would be a second opening act. On this night, it was Sabrina Dinan, a young Irish musician who had been touring with Bloom since February. In more recent years, he has made an effort to take along younger, aspiring musicians with him on the road.

While some may have been a little put off that they had to wait longer to see Bloom, Dinan quickly won over the crowd with her captivating command of the guitar. She only added to a great evening of music, leaving the stage to a rousing applause.

Bloom then happily took the spotlight to greet the eager crowd. With four amplifiers in front of him, his welcoming voice filled every corner of the ICHC, a former church. He played several tunes from Innocence, including "City of Chicago", a tune about Irish emigration. When it looked as though the evening was about to end, he obliged a wealthy smattering of applause with two encores. He sang the second minus his guitar and microphone, at the edge of the stage. Even without any amplification or microphone, he still projected his voice comfortably.

Bloom left a jubilant crowd behind at the ICHC, heading for shows on the West coast, before aiming for Arizona, Colorado, and Texas.

Interview & Live Review by Mario Raspanti

Tuesday, April 18, 2006 - The Triple Door, Seattle, WA

LUKA BLOOM, opener Sabrina Dinan
Tuesday 04/18/2006
Mainstage 7:30PM
$20 advance | $23 day of show

Wednesday, April 19, 2006 - Aladdin Theater, Portland, OR

Aladdin Theater - Upcoming Shows
Wednesday, April 19, 2006
Luka Bloom w/ Sabrina Dinan
Ticket Price: $18.50 adv | $20.00 dos
All Ages - Doors at 7:00 PM | Show at 8:00 PM

Friday, April 21, 2006 - Great American Music Hall, San Francisco, CA

Date: Friday, April 21, 2006
Luka plays GAMH with a new album in tow, 'Innocence'.
Doors: 8:00 PM | Show: 9:00 PM
Tickets: $21 General Admission - SEATED SHOW!

Saturday, April 22, 2006 - E3 Playhouse, Santa Cruz, CA

Saturday, April 22nd at 7:30pm
$15adv/$17door | Call 831.466.9033 for info

The newest performing venue in downtown Santa Cruz, E3 Playhouse at 435 Front St., in the old Cymbeline Records building, next to The Metro Center. Tickets are on sale, just across the street from the venue, at More Music, 512 Front St. For reservations, call Sheila at (831) 464-2128, Bob at (408) 847-6982 or e-mail

Luka Bloom The Celtic Society of the Monterey Bay will be presenting the brilliant Irish singer, songwriter & guitarist Luka Bloom.

The charismatic & captivating Luka Bloom comes to Santa Cruz celebrating the release of latest masterpiece, and 10th CD overall, Innocence,' on the Cooking Vinyl label. Luka began performing in 1969 under his real name Barry Moore, touring with his brother, the famed Irish singer Christy Moore. Since then his exhilerating, exuberant & electrifying concerts have thrilled audiences around the world. Luka's original compelling compositions, including 'The City of Chicago', 'Delirious' & 'You Couldn't Have Come At A Better Time', are poignant, poetical pieces full of the joy of living. Luka is also renowned for his cover versions, such as LL Cool J's 'I Need Love' and the Elvis Presley classic 'Can't Help Falling in Love', which he makes uniquely his own and for traditional ballads such as 'Black is the Color of My True Love's Hair'.

Touring in support of Luka will be the young Irish singer/songwriter Sabrina Dinan. To have the opportunity to see & hear this intense & incredible internationally renowned performer in an intimate 124 capacity venue will be indeed a rare experience. Bloom's Day comes early this year, giving us all reason to rejoyce. For more on Bloom aka Moore, visit - Music & Nightlife - Santa Cruz

Saturday, April 22
Luka Bloom

E3 Playhouse; $19; 7:30pm.

"D'yez not know nothin' by Christy Moore? / The next thing you'll be wantin' is Danny Boy." So sang Black 47, a band that initially endured much heckling for its twisted take on traditional Irish music. Luka Bloom - the artist formerly known as Barry Moore - must know something of which Black 47 speak, having himself begun performing with his brother Christy Moore back in 1969. Since then, he's changed both his name and his style, developing a more deeply personal sound that wouldn't feel out of place on a double-bill with his Cooking Vinyl labelmate Jackie Leven. Ten albums on, Bloom's latest CD, Innocence, finds the singer-songwriter in fine form, although I'm not keen on the smooth jazz horn accompaniment that occasionally slips in. E3 owner/sax player Wes Anthony would probably disagree with me on that last point, but we'd both agree this is a show worth catching. (BF)

Sunday, April 23, 2006 - Knitting Factory Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA

KCRW presents...
Sunday, April 23
LUKA BLOOM at The Knitting Factory
Front Space - 8:00 PM - U.S.$20.00

Wednesday, April 26, 2006 - Glendale Community College, Glendale, AZ

Luka Bloom At Glendale College
Wed Apr 26 - 7:00 P.M. - $15
Glendale Community College
Performance Arts Center
6000 W Olive Ave (59th Ave. and Vogel)
Glendale, AZ 85302

Glendale Community College - News Service - April 14, 2006

Renowned Irish Singer-Songwriter to Perform at GCC, April 26

Luka Bloom, one of Ireland's premier singer-songwriters, will perform at Glendale Community College (GCC) Wed., April 26, 8:00 p.m.; Tickets are $15, available in advance at or at the door of the GCC Performing Art Center (PAC) on April 26. GCC is located at 6000 W. Olive Avenue in Glendale; the PAC is best reached from the campus entrance at 59th Avenue and Vogel (first light north of Olive.) A talented guitar player and singer, Bloom is also a gifted storyteller whose original songs are simple and effective. According to a reviewer in Brisbane, Australia, "He takes delight in sharing intimate moments with his captivated audience and loves to take you on a journey with him."

The Arizona Republic - April 25, 2006

Songster blooms in a new land

His brother is Christy Moore, one of Ireland's most beloved singers, rivaling Bono and Van Morrison. Yet Luka Bloom needed to change his name and leave his homeland to find musical success. Born Barry Moore in 1955 in County Kildare, Bloom struggled as a folk singer for 10 years before moving to Washington, D.C., in 1987. Taking his name from the central character of Suzanne Vega's hit Luka and the young protagonist of James Joyce's Ulysses (Leopold Bloom), he released the acclaimed Riverside in 1988. With his ninth studio album, Innocence, in stores, Bloom makes his Arizona concert debut Wednesday at Glendale Community College. We spoke with him recently.

Question: How is the tour going?

Answer: It is great. We've been on the road for about five days, starting in Washington, D.C., and I'm in Pittsburgh now. This is my longest tour of the U.S. in 10 years, 30 shows - and I'm playing many places for the first time, including Glendale.

Q: Didn't you write in one song "I'd love to see Arizona"?

A: (Laughs) Yes. That song (I'm a Bogman) was a love song to the part of Ireland I grew up in - a boggy place that isn't much to look at. But it is my home, and I love it. Actually, I was in Phoenix once for two hours about 10 years ago - part of a whirlwind promotional tour of Borders Books.

Q: Yet you first found your success in the United States.

A: Yes. I had struggled for about 10 years in Ireland before I moved to the States 20 years ago. In a way, this tour is my thank-you to the United States.

Interview by Michael Senft

Friday, April 28, 2006 - Trilogy Lounge, Boulder, CO

Friday April 28th
KBCO and Celtic Events Present LUKA BLOOM
Tickets on Sale at the Boulder Theater
or call 303.786.7030 | $25 | Time 8pm

The Celtic Connection - A Monthly Publication - April 2006

KBCO and Celtic Events & Entertainment Present
Luka Bloom with Special Guest Sabrina Dinan

Friday April 28 at The Trilogy in Boulder and
Sunday April 30 at Lannie's in Denver

It's been a few years since Irish Troubadour LUKA BLOOM has graced our U.S. shores and music venues. The international recording artist will return to the States for the better part of April and May with his two guitars, a box of effects, and his new album 'Innocence'. Released earlier in 2005 in Europe and Australia, 'Innocence' has just been released here, complete with two bonus tracks for the American market.

A master interpreter, Luka has continued to balance original songs with reinventions of tunes by a diverse range of songwriters. His reworking of LL Cool J's "I Need Love" transformed the song from its hip-hop origins to a brogue-inflected folk tune. His latest offering, Innocence, contains 11 new songs and one old gem. In 2005 Luka spoke about the CD, "The whole story of this album is interesting and different. Life is an endless stream of challenges, and for this singer, the most important ingredient to hang on to is our innocence and wonder at the world." Perhaps it is the use of these ingredients that led the Irish Times to say, "...Bloom seems to always manage a sense of freshness with anything he puts his mind, voice and hand to and 'Innocence' beautifully captures the emotions of these purposeful messages by a master of his game."

In concert Luka loves to take his audience on a magical journey with intimate songs and delightful stories interspersed with some brilliant guitar playing. Luka is taking a mid-tour vacation in Colorado, but he will give a couple of intimate performances in Denver and Boulder. On Friday April 28th Luka will perform at the popular Boulder night spot, Trilogy Wine Bar and Lounge. In addition to their music room, the Trilogy offers wonderful wining and dining in case you are interested in a pre-concert meal.

Luka will swing down to Denver on Sunday April 30th and entertain in the cozy confines of the newly opened Lannie's Clocktower Cabaret, located in the historic Clocktower building on Arapahoe and 16th Street Mall.

Sabrina Dinan, up-and-coming singer songwriter from the Galway music scene, will open for Luka for both Colorado dates.

Friday April 28, 8pm show (restaurant and bar open early for meals and happy hour)
The Trilogy Wine Bar and Lounge, 2017 13th St (just off Pear St. Mall)
Tickets available across the street at the Boulder Theater Box Office, 2032 14th or
Celtic Events at 303-777-0502.

Sunday April 30, Show 7pm, Doors 6pm. Lannie's Clocktower Cabaret,
Arapahoe St (at 16th Street Mall), Denver. Available at:,
303-293-0075 or Celtic Events 303-777-0502.

The Celtic Connection - April 2006

Big Sky Records
Child's Play

Luka Bloom seems to be a happy man in the world these days. Hit latest release, 'Innocence' is at it says. It explores some themes, times and places when one could lose oneself in the tall grass of summer, or the first flowers of spring, and the chaos of the world faded away. For a while. For reality does creep in on the footsteps of a few songs, but the overwhelming vibe is one of more ease, less angst. The title track is a good example.....

This album, 'Innocence' was just released in the U.S., but has been out in Ireland and Europe for about a year. I asked Luka if the songs stay fresh when he gets to bring them to new ears. "Totally", he replied. "I decided at the start to give this record all the time it deserves to find its way and am in absolutely no rush to let it go."................. Luka Bloom seems to be much more content with himself these days and even he will admit that he has come to an acceptance "life on life's terms" as he put it. As his longest tour in the U.S. in many years is set to begin, Luka is already anticipating his trip here. "I can't wait to sing these songs in Colorado!", stated Luka. Which is another subject near and dear to Bloom's heart. Since his first appearance in Boulder in 1990, Luka has made it a stop almost every time he has toured in the U.S. What about Boulder makes it special?

Bloom replied, "The sky, the mountains, the name Colorado which rolls off like a song title, the space, the quiet, the hippy trippy taxi drivers in Boulder who talk like they're still on their way home from Woodstock. I love it all!!"

Reward the inner child. Catch Luka Bloom's guitar and word magic now on 'Innocence'. You have been notified.

Interview & album review by Cindy Reich
Celtic Connection, Denver, Colorado, April 2006

Sunday, April 30, 2006 - Lannie's Clocktower Cabaret, Denver, CO

Luka Bloom - Irish Singer/Songwriter - SOLD OUT
Sunday, April 30, 2006 at 7:00 p.m.

The music of Luka Bloom is, as one critic wrote, "more moving with every album he makes..." There's an unrivalled tenderness to this Irish singer/songwriter's enchanting, earnest work - his musical and lyrical delivery possesses a special charm.

Luka's deft, delicate touch on the six-string guitar and the soft Irish lilt of his honeyed, sensual voice will draw you in immediately. Don't miss this international star in our intimate setting.

Westword - Music :: Now Hear This - April 27, 2006

Luka Bloom
Sunday, April 30, Lanny's Clocktower Cabaret

By Michael Roberts

Casual music listeners in the States probably know Irish singer-songwriter Luka Bloom for just one song: his 1992 cover of LL Cool J's "I Need Love". Bloom's rendition of this hip-hop seduction opus, which earned substantial airplay on a slew of radio formats, treated the tune with unexpected respect, resisting the temptation to turn it into a mere folk-music goof -- yet the novelty of the concept wound up making him seem gimmicky anyhow. He's been fighting the misperception ever since, and with Innocence, his tenth studio recording (and first for the Cooking Vinyl imprint), he goes a long way toward putting it to rest. Of the fifteen tracks here, all but one is a Bloom original -- and the sole exception, "Larry Redican's Bow", is a rearrangement of a traditional instrumental, not a new version of a Jay-Z throwdown. Moreover, tunes like "Primavera", "Miracle Cure" and the geopolitically dense "No Matter Where You Go, There You Are" exude gravity and thoughtfulness. Thanks to their quality, Bloom may finally beat the rap.

Wednesday, May 3, 2006 - Cactus Cafe, Austin, TX

Wednesday, May 3, 2006
Luka Bloom @ Cactus Cafe
Texas Union - UT Austin Campus
24th & Guadalupe, Austin, TX
(512) 475-6515
8:00pm | $20.00 | DOOR

Friday, May 5, 2006
Luka Bloom Message

Greetings from a warm, sticky Atlanta.

Sabrina (the supreme singing/songwriting sensation from Ennis, County Clare), Peter (the supreme tour manager from San Francisco), and I are past the halfway mark of our journey around the US. 17 shows, 10 flights, many many miles of travel; the blur sets in. What day of the week is it? Where are we next? Where were we yesterday? And that's without the drugs! There is an almost surreal momentum that sets in to a tour like this. There is this clear daily focus in the show. Everything revolves around the arrival on stage around 8pm each day. The travel, the hotel, the soundcheck, the food; everything is calculated to end in this moment of arrival at the beginning of the show. Everything else becomes a blur; there is a clockwork mundanity to the rest of the day, so that nothing gets in the way of the show.

Luka Bloom When I'm at home, I read a newspaper most days; watch news, listen to radio. On tour it all fades away, as we become immersed in this journey. It demands our total commitment and attention. It has to. If every show is important and unique, then we have to be completely present for every show; even if we've flown 1,000 miles that day, to get there.

A tour such as this is a great privilege. We get to feel the momentum of the journey, to witness spring in different parts of America, and then we get to sing. There is so much to love about America. The nature here is simply breathtaking. And our week in Boulder Colorado was an opportunity to taste a little tiny piece of that. I try on a tour like this, to find a moment to get the breath back, to stop moving. There, we could go for a cycle, sit by a stream, and not be living to a schedule, just for 2 days. And it is a rewarding experience, if too short.... And it is simply a very exciting country to sing in. There is still an incredible love of music and song here; people are deeply committed to their music, and will travel great lengths to experience it. And, they are unbelievably open and gracious in expressing their appreciation of the work.

So many fun shows in such different places. A church in Montclair, New Jersey and in Milwaukee; a dinner club in Seattle; An old brothel in San Francisco; an old former porn cinema in Portland Oregon, an Irish rock dive in Chicago; hippy heaven in Santa Cruz and Boulder......... and we're only halfway there...... Everywhere we go, when I sing 'I am not at war with anyone', there is a very thoughtful hush in the crowd ending with a very strong reaction to the song. Obviously, in such a huge country, there are many who support the war, or at least support their soldiers; but I believe there are many many Americans who are horrified by this war, and who feel very misrepresented by their government in executing the war. It does the heart good to meet some of them.

We sing every day. We laugh a lot. We miss home, but it won't be long now.

Happy days. The Atlanta soundcheck is in an hour.

Over and out, Lukaxx

Friday, May 5, 2006 - The Five Spot, Atlanta, GA

At The Five Spot Cafe
Presented by Windstorm Productions
LUKA BLOOM with special guest Sabrina Dinan
Fri, May 5, 8:30pm | $17.50

Celtic Twilight - Upcoming Celtic Events in the Atlanta Area

Luka Bloom, the younger brother of Irish folk singer Christy Moore, will appear at the Five Spot (993 Euclid Ave in Little 5 Points) with special guest Sabrina Dinan, Friday, May 5, 8PM. Tickets are $17.50 and can be purchased at all Ticketmaster outlets including by phone at 404-249-6400, on line at and also at the Variety Playhouse Box Office and on line at

Saturday, May 6, 2006 - The Handlebar, Greenville, SC

Veteran Irish singer/songwriter brings Emerald Isle gems!
An unrivalled tenderness lives in Luka Bloom's enchanting, earnest songwriting. His deft, delicate touch on the six-string guitar and the distinguishable Irish lilt in his honeyed vocals draw you in to his fresh and insightful story-songs. Having tread stages all over the globe, 36 years honing his craft, Luka Bloom has created an indelible place on the music map. Like many Irish families then and now, Luka comes from a family of singers and writers, first going on tour with his older brother, Christy Moore, in 1969. Since then, he has brought his songs to clubs, theaters, festivals, bars and arenas the world over, playing alongside The Pogues, the Violent Femmes, Dixie Chicks, Hothouse Flowers and the Cowboy Junkies, to name a few. This is Luka's first Handlebar appearance. Our hardcore Celtic crowd, not to mention our Greg Brown/David Wilcox fans, won't want to miss this true giant of Emerald Isle folk music. 7:30 p.m. $15

Sunday, May 7, 2006 - Duke Power Theatre, Charlotte, NC

Luka Bloom Luka Bloom, with Sabrina Dinan
Duke Power Theatre at Spirit Square
**change of venue**
Sunday, May 7, 2006
Doors at 7:30 PM; Music at 8:00 PM
Ticket Price: $15.00 to $17.50 - Reserved Seating

Presented In Conjunction With Landshark Entertainment & NCBPAC
Tickets can be purchased in advance by phone at 704.372.1000,
at The Blumenthal Performing Arts Center Box Office (Founder's Hall)
or online at Carolina Tix.
Poster: Maxxmusic

Tuesday, May 9, 2006 - Gravity Lounge, Charlottesville, VA

Tuesday May 9, 2006
Luka Bloom @ Gravity Lounge
103 South 1st Street
Charlottesville, VA 22902
Tickets $20/$25 | 434/977-5590
Luka Bloom
Luka Bloom @ Gravity Lounge
Photos by Osmund Geier

Special Guest: Sabrina Dinan

C-Ville Weekly - Charlottesville's Newsweekly - Issue #18.20 :: 05/16/2006 - 05/23/2006

The Tale of Pearl and Edmond, Luka Bloom and Nextwave
Stage, music and comic reviews

Luka Bloom
Gravity Lounge - Tuesday, May 9

After having him described to me as an Irish acoustic-guitar troubadour, I was unsure of what to expect from singer/songwriter Luka Bloom at Gravity Lounge on Tuesday night. Hailing from Newbridge, Ireland, and with over 36 years of touring experience under his belt, Luka put on a remarkable show filled with genuine passion and glory. Before 1987, Luka was known as Barry Moore, and changed his name after a trip to the U.S.

Itís one of the simple, great life experiences to walk into a music hall having never heard the artist before, and to be completely blown away. Lukaís songs are filled with stories of war, love, solitude, soul shine and life. He captured the moment with each song, and without cue often got the audience singing the chorus. In one song about mermaids, the women in the audience did a sweat "ooo, aaah" that recalled Homerís sirens calling the men ashore.

His musical dexterity was not perfect, but he had impeccable timing of his chords, as well as an incredible range in his voice. The lower timbre sounded much like Lou Reed, while his high near-falsetto reminded me of David Gray. He switched guitars throughout the night, from a straight acoustic to semi-electric that had a sweet and mesmerizing delay. He was also constantly talking and engaging the audience, and performed three encores well past the bedtime of most of the folk-loving crowd at Gravity Lounge.

Having been truly inspired, I picked up his latest album, Innocence, which Luka graciously signed. (A nice perq for a Tuesday-night small town show.) The album doesnít quite capture his live sound or feeling, but it showcases his love for humanity, and his thirst for all of lifeís experiences and wonder.

Incidentally, I had the chance to ask Luka about the "Irish troubadour" moniker, and he replied "Iím happy with that." Well, I was equally happy with him and his performance - and it seems that the world is a bit happier, as well.

PQ: Itís one of the simple, great life experiences to walk into a music hall having never heard the artist before, and to be completely blown away.

Live Review by Bjorn Turnquist

Wednesday, May 10, 2006 - Rams Head Tavern & Onstage, Annapolis, MD

Rams Head Tavern Luka Bloom
w/ Sabrina Dinan
Wednesday, May 10th
8pm | $22.50

Having tread the boards of stages all over the globe, 36 years of craft honing has given Luka Bloom from Newbridge a place on the music map. Turning 50 in 2005, Luka has brought his songs to clubs, theatres, fesitivals, bars, arenas and dives all over the world. From McGanns in Boston to The Tivoli in Brisbane to Red Hot Club in Newbridge.

Saturday, May 13, 2006 - B.B. King Blues Club, New York, NY

Saturday, May 13, 2006
8:00PM | Doors @ 6PM | $25.00 Advance
GA Seated Show | First come, first seated
Standing room at bar

village voice > nycguide

Luka Bloom - B.B. King Blues Club & Grill
Irish-born singer-songwriter Bloom has been away for a while. He returns with an absolutely wonderful CD entitled Innocence - a great showcase for his ability to take thoughtful lyrics and make them sound spontaneous. Song after memorable song, itís hard to imagine letting him get away again for long.


New York Daily News - Entertainment - Friday, May 12, 2006

Maintaining 'Innocence'

When songwriter Luka Bloom turned 50 last year, he made a list of things he hoped to hold on to in his life. Teeth and hair topped the list. "And there was one other thing," Bloom said. "Innocence."

Small wonder Bloom titled his latest album after that starry word, and used the lyrics and music on it to argue the need for faith and wonder in the face of easy cynicism.

"There are two kinds of innocence," Bloom elaborates. "The kind we're born with, which we can't keep. Then there's the kind we choose."

Since his debut album in 1988, Bloom has chosen his words and ideas with care, and matched them to finely spun folk-rock tunes. Though born in Ireland (as brother to folk legend Christy Moore), Bloom first established his career in New York, living here and playing clubs in the late '80s. The singer returned to Ireland a decade ago, to be closer to his large family. But he continued to tour the U.S. sporadically. For his latest road show, Bloom decided to spend more time playing in America than he has in 12 years. (Tomorrow, he headlines B.B. King's.)

Bloom's latest album proposes a generous response to conflict, on both a personal and a global level. In "Miracle Cure", he argues that "forgiveness" is the most powerful source of security. "You only have to look at where rage takes us," he explains.

Bloom gave his music some fresh turns this time. There's more Mediterranean influence for one thing, evident in the guitars. "I don't listen to pop or rock anymore," he says. "The music I hear is North African or Gypsy music. I needed a new palette."

For all the beauty and peace of Bloom's music, he's hardly lost in bliss. In the song "Venus", he punctures the cliche that love comes to everyone who waits. "The knight in shining armor is not always there," he allows.

No wonder he terms himself "a realistic romantic".

"I know what's going on in the world," he says. "But I still refuse to stop offering hope."

Jim Farber

Irish Voice - Entertainment - Wednesday, 17 May 2006

An Upbeat Bloom Thrills Audience

The tone of Luka Bloomís show at BB Kingís last Saturday was a more upbeat affair. It was a warm performance peppered with Bloomís trademark sense of humor.

"I know Innocence is a bizarre title for a new album from a guy who is 50," he exclaimed in front of the sold-out crowd. "Iíve been reflecting on holding onto your innocence and everything else thatís important to hold onto at this age. Like hair and teeth."

He opened the set with 'I Am Not at War With Anyone', a controversial antiwar song from Innocence that was released around the time the Irish were protesting the use of Shannon Airport by the U.S. military at the start of the Iraq war. The song was met with warm applause. "I donít get many f***iní war mongers to my shows," he replied.

Bloom has been on one of the longest world tours of his career in support of Innocence, his most engaging work to date. He told a funny story about how a Swiss promoter billed him as the Irish Bob Dylan. "Some people will say anything to sell tickets," he joked as he launched into Dylanís 'To Make You Feel My Love' from Bloomís excellent covers album of a few years ago, Keeper of the Flame.

Bloom was unplugged and seated for the entire set, which was a bit of a departure from the more spirited live shows of his past. His toned down performance might have been the onset of middle age or the result of some throat problems and carpal tunnel syndrome that have plagued the performer in recent years.

The reinvention of style was something heavy on his mind when he sat down with the Irish Voice on the eve of this tour and told his fans to expect a different performer. Based on the enthusiastic crowd reaction, his new laid-back demeanor has not diminished his popularity.

He threw some surprises in the set, including a new tune, 'See You Soon'. He followed that with a rousing cover of the Cureís 'In Between Days'. Bloom described it as the perfect pop song that he sometimes sings "with my hair piled up, black clothes and makeup on in my hacienda in the bogs of Kildare," a reference to the Cureís goth persona.

He also turned in a stellar performance of 'City of Chicago', a song he wrote in 1984 that has been covered by half of the trad players in Ireland, "including my brother, Christy Bloom," he said of his brother Christy Mooreís chart topping success with the song.

Goose bumps spread throughout the room as he encouraged the crowd to sing along with him on 'Sunny Sailor Boy', a classic from his classic album Turf. "That was a beautiful, magic moment," he said. "I felt like I was in an Enya video, with the mist creeping up me arse."

While Bloom was somewhat critical of the movement of the Irish of singling themselves out in the battle of immigration as being special during a recent interview with the Irish Voice, he lent his support to immigrants as he introduced the Middle Eastern ditty 'No Matter Where You Go, There You Are', a song about a Moroccan friend who recently relocated to Galway.

"The Irish are really good about having people feel sorry about them, and we rely on people like you to buy this up," he joked. "Me, Iíd rather stand with the Mexicans instead. We have our own immigration going on in Ireland at the moment and it is a beautiful thing. There are parts of Ireland where the gene pool is way too small."

Bloom closed his set with LL Cool Jís 'I Need Love', before dipping into his back catalog for a spirited 'Love Is a Monsoon' and 'You Couldnít Have Come at a Better Time'.

If you missed this show, you can still catch Bloom if you donít mind a little ride. Trust me, the man is worth it! He will play Morristownís Bickford Theater on Wednesday, May 17 (973-971-3706) before heading to Philadelphiaís famed World Café Studios (

Columbus NewsCenter - May 20, 2006

Irish troubadour's surprised by warm reception to anti-war song

From the vantage point of largely anti-war Europe, the United States can seem like a pro-war country. So Irish singer-songwriter Luka Bloom said he expected some discomfort, maybe some walkouts over his song 'I Am Not at War With Anyone'. Bloom has opened each date with the song and been greeted warmly for it. He says it's not an angry song, but rather, "it's childlike".

Bloom is wrapping up eight weeks in the United States with a gig in Piermont, New York, -- a few miles north of New York City.

Sunday, May 14, 2006 - House Concert, Staten Island, NY

A very special house concert featuring Luka Bloom,
Mother's Day, Sunday May 14 at 7 pm.

Luka Bloom will be performing in our living room in his first ever house concert! The concert is on Mother's Day, Sunday, May 14. Also from Ireland is Sabrina Dinan and she will open the show at 7 pm. There will be a LIMITED amount of tickets sold!! Tickets are $40. Light refreshments will be provided.
For further information please email

Staten Island Advance - Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Luka Bloom plays a house party Saturday after his B.B. King's gig

Acoustic House

Luka Bloom, a singer/songwriter who has gigged with the Violent Femmes, the Dixie Chicks and the Cowboy Junkies, plays a house concert Sunday in New Brighton. Bloom has jammed in clubs, theaters, festivals and bars around the world, having gotten his start with his older brother, Christy Moore, in 1969 when the pair toured English folk clubs. Sometimes haunting and spare, his latest independently released album, 'Innocence' speaks to ideas like peace, immigration and forgiveness.

Bloom, aka Barry Moore, will play at 7:30 p.m. Sabrina Dinan opens the show at 6 p.m. Tickets are $40. Call 718-815-0815 or e-mail for the address of the concert. All of the proceeds will benefit Bloom.

The singer comes to New Brighton straight from a B.B. King's Blues Club & Grill date on Saturday. Tickets for that 8 p.m. show are $25 in advance. 212-307-7171.

JODI LEE REIFER - Advance Staff Writer

Tuesday, May 16, 2006 - Regattabar @ The Charles Hotel, Cambridge, MA

Regattabar Jazz Club @ The Charles Hotel
Luka Bloom
Tuesday May 16 - 7:30 pm
Tickets: $25.00 -> SOLD OUT

"There's an unrivalled tenderness to Luka Bloom's enchanting, earnest songwriting - his musical and lyrical delivery possesses that special charm. Deft, delicate touch on the six-string and distinguishable Irish lilt in his honeyed vocals draws you in immediately."
~Scott Podmre, Melbourne Sunday Herald Sun

Skope Magazine, Boston - News - May 08, 2006

Luka Bloomís Innocence Out On Cooking Vinyl US March 2006
Returns For First US Tour In Five Years

Some musicians grow wizened by the road; Luka Bloom has thrived on it. Innocence, Bloomís 10th studio album, to be released on Cooking Vinyl US in March 2006, captures that journey with a magical ear for lifeís hidden details or what he calls the "phenomenon of the ordinary".

"...A literary Lyricist. Bloomís singing is distinctive for itís clarity and conviction... Not one of folkís eccentric voices, heís a more tender deliverer." Rolling Stone

"When you have been singing as long as I have been, itís very easy to go into automatic pilot and just churn out songs," explains Bloom. "I think itís a bit of innocence and wonder at the world that makes my work interesting."

The Irish born singer and songwriter accomplishes this through weaving tales and tunes together in songs that seep from every pore and melodies that celebrate the ordinariness of life. Images of the first lights of Spring, white lilies blowing in the breeze, and children walking on a windswept beach vividly resound through Innocence, Luka Boomís heartfelt and intimate album.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006 - Bickford Theatre, Morristown, NJ

Luka Bloom Luka Bloom
Special guest: Sabrina Dinan
Wednesday May 17 - 7:30 pm

The Bickford Theatre @ The Morris Museum
6 Normandy Heights Rd.
Morristown, NJ
Tickets: $35
Box Office: 973-971-3706

Luka Bloom to Perform at Morristown's Bickford Theater

Ireland's esteemed singer/songwriter, Luka Bloom, brings his full-toned voice and splendid guitar to The Bickford Theater in the Morris Museum, 6 Normandy Heights Rd, Morristown, NJ on Wednesday May 17, 2006 at 7:30 pm. Tickets, $35, are available by calling the Bickford Theater Box Office, 973-971-3706.

Luka Bloom, on every occasion an exceptional performer, is wildly received by impassioned newcomers as well as devoted fans. With his spiritual and romantic magnetism and charismatic stage presence, Bloom affectionately creates a familiar intimacy enclosing himself and his audience.

A charming story-teller with a gorgeous voice and radiant soul, Bloom, with his expressive guitar style and reflective and eloquent lyrics, captivates his listeners to lead them on a cherished pilgrimage. Introducing songs from his latest CD, Innocence, as well as surprising long-time admirers with well-loved confections, Bloom began his 2006 US tour in early April to sold-out shows. Biography and tour dates may be found at

"Luka Bloom is the modern-day exemplar of the fetching Irish bard."  
~Beth and Jules Greenstein

HomeGrownRadioNJ - Northwest New Jersey's Internet Radio Station
"Free For All" with Beth and Jules Greenstein - Tuesdays from 9am to noon

Upcoming Special Events
Finally, on Tuesday, May 9 at 9am, Luka Bloom is back, touring behind his most recent CD, "Innocence". Listen to an interview Beth & Jules snagged with him on his last tour here, in which he reveals that his name is *really* Moore (he's the brother of the iconic Irish singer, Christy Moore), and how he chose his present name. He'll be appearing at the Bickford Theater in Morristown on May 17.

Friday, May 19, 2006 - World Cafe Live, Philadelphia, PA

Downstairs @ World Cafe Live
Luka Bloom
Friday, May 19, 2006
Doors 6pm | Show 7:00pm
Tickets: Advance: $20.00 | Day of Show: $25.00

Saturday, May 20, 2006 - Turning Point Cafe, Piermont, NY

The Turning Point - Home of Great Music
Luka Bloom
Saturday, May 20, 2006
New Start time for Luka Bloom 6:30, doors open at 5:30
Tickets $40.00  --> SOLD OUT

Luka Bloom
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Concert Photos
07 April 2006  Outpost in the Burbs, Montclair, NJ - Warren Churgin
08 April 2006  Tin Angel, Philadelphia, PA - Marc Pujol
09 May 2006  Gravity Lounge, Charlottesville, VA - Osmund Geier
17 May 2006  The Bickford Theatre, Morristown, NJ - Lewis Perlmutter
Luka Bloom on radio


Wednesday, April 19 @ 3pm
KINK Live Performance Lounge

Luka Bloom :: Radio interview & performance
Portland Oregan Radio Stations -

KBCO 97.3 FM

Friday, April 28, 2006
KBCO Studio C - Photo Gallery
Luka Bloom
:: Photos provided by Ryan Kingsbury
KBCO Studio, Boulder, Colorado -

WFUV & 90.7 FM

Sunday, May 28 - 8-11 AM
John Platt - City Folk Sunday Breakfast

Musical memorials to folk heroes, and an interview with Luka Bloom.
Songs played live in Studio A: She Moved Through The Fair - Miracle Cure - June - City of Chicago
from the album Innocence: No Matter Where You Go, There You Are

> Luka Bloom Interview with John Platt by Deborah Sandford

Wednesday, June 7 - 8:15 AM and 4:45 PM
Take Five
- Short interview/performance clips from visiting artists in WFUV's Studio A.
A master of covers tunes, Luka Bloom talks with WFUV's John Platt about
a new record of his own songs, called 'Innocence.'

Wednesday, June 7 - 9 PM
Words and Music from Studio A
:: Luka Bloom with John Platt

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Ditch your shoes, grab a bean bag and join us for the Loft Sessions... where we invite our favorite artists up to the Loft and ask them to create their ideal intimate musical session, especially for you. And as always at the Loft, the music is paramount, so you'll hear everything from hit gems to adventurous covers - even the occasional choice insight - all at each artist's discretion. The Loft Sessions. Meet the artists as they are.

The Loft Sessions
Listen on Mondays @ 12 Noon ET
June 26 :: #99 Luka Bloom

From songs off the new album Innocence to plenty of our favorite covers (Dylan, The Cure, and more!), Luka's sagacious songwriting and disarming Irish wit captured us completely. Please join us for this truly compelling session.

Encore Presentations:
Monday @ 9:00 PM ET | Thursday @ 3:00 PM ET | Thursday @ 9:00 PM ET | Saturday @ 6:00 PM ET
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Luka Bloom Wednesday, August 30, 2006
Luka Bloom Message


To those of you hoping to hear me in Boston, Kansas, and Newport this weekend in America, I must extend my apologies. I got a throat and chest infection earlier this summer which has lingered, and after some gigs and recording, Iíve been advised by my doctor that this weekend in the air and doing gigs in America would not be a great idea for my health.

As I am finally trying to listen to my body and to the advice of others, it is with reluctance that I withdraw from this weekends shows. No matter where it is, I hate to lose a show and I hate to let people down, but I intend to be singing and writing songs for many years; so I have to allow myself to stop, when it is absolutely necessary. In a hectic year, sadly this weekend is more than Iím able for right now. Having had such a great tour in the US in April and May, I hope people will forgive me, and know that I am determined to play the US as often as possible.

May you all have a great weekend, especially at the Irish festivals, with the many great artists performing there. And may I see ye soon.

Best wishes,

> cancelled
Thursday, August 31, 2006 - McGann's Pub, Boston, MA

Thursday August 31st
Luka Bloom in Concert (Music/Dance)

Irish singer Luka Bloom brings the American tour of his new CD, 'Innocence',
an album of 11 new songs and one old gem, to McGann's of Boston.
Tickets are $20.00. For more information call McGann's Pub at (617) 227-4059.
Organizer(s): McGann's of Boston

> cancelled
Saturday, September 2, 2006 - Kansas City Irish Fest, Kansas, MO

Luka Bloom withdraws from KC Irish Fest
August 30th, 2006

Luka Bloom has had to withdraw from Kansas Cityís Irish Festival this Labor Day Weekend due to a throat infection. The Festival website has The Hothouse Flowers replacing Lukaís slot on Saturdayís Festival Schedule to add to their Friday performance, which is a wonderful opportunity to see this great Irish band in a more intimate setting as they show off their multi-faceted versatility.

Kansas City Irish Fest at Crown Center
1st, 2nd & 3rd September 2006

Saturday, September 2nd
Boulevard Pub Stage:

     11:30 AM: Millish
     1:00 PM: Eddie Delahunt & Friends
     3:30 PM: Seamus Kennedy
     5:30 PM: John Spillane
     7:30 PM: Luka Bloom > Hothouse Flowers
     9:30 PM: Gráda

more info:

Kansas City Irish Festival Blog
by Dan Regan

Friday, May 26, 2006
Luka Bloom's Innocence

Luka Bloom's new CD Innocence has been getting a work out in my iTunes the past couple weeks. I'm listening to it right this minute, as a matter of fact. And the more I listen to it, the more I love it and the more I'm excited that we have such an amazing artist coming to the Kansas City Irish Fest this year. The new CD is understated, and quiet in places to the point where you might almost miss the power that is there in the lyrics, guitar and Bloom's rich voice. He says of the new record: "The whole story of this album is interesting and different. Life is an endless stream of challenges, and for this singer, the most important ingredient to hang on to is our innocence and wonder at the world." That sense of wonder is on display all over this album, with songs about such simple joys as the coming of Spring, a young girl's trip to the beach with her parents, and summer sunshine.

On Innocence, he moves effortlessly from songs that display the sense of humor that is often seen in a Luka Bloom penned lyric (Doing The Best I Can), to a simple, beautiful instrumental (Peace On Earth), to a really haunting version of his well known famine immigration ballad City Of Chicago. He tells a story of modern immigration into Ireland in No Matter Where You Go, There You Are. No stranger to political statements, he takes on The Iraq War in the beautiful I Am Not At War. No stranger to the music of the big world, he won't allow himself to be pigeoned-holed into an "Irish" sound. Listen to Gypsy Music and Venus and you'll see what I mean. And Bloom's song June reminds me of Van Morrison's classic Sweet Thing, and that can't be bad.

This is one of those too rare records, for me anyway, that doesn't have a weak spot on it. Luka Bloom is on the Boulevard Pub Stage at 7:30 on Saturday, September 2. We are lucky people.

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> cancelled
Monday, September 4, 2006 - Newport Waterfront Irish Festival, Newport, RI

9th Newport Waterfront Irish Festival
Labor Day Weekend: September 2 - September 4, 2006

Monday, September 4, 2006 - 11 am to 6 pm
Center Stage

     11:00 The Shananagans (2 sets)
     1:00 Pogey
     2:00 Hunt Family Fiddlers
     3:00 Luka Bloom > Glengarry Bhoys
     4:30 Tommy Makem

LATEST NEWS: August 29, 2006
Due to a lingering chest infection and on the advise of his doctors in Ireland, Luka Bloom has been forced to cancel all of his upcoming US Tour dates, including the 9th Annual Newport Waterfront Irish Festival. He will be replaced by the fabulous Glengarry Bhoys on Sunday, September 4, at 3:00pm on Center Stage

more info:


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