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Luka Bloom 13-03-2007  ABC Queensland - Conversations
12-03-2007  ABC South West Vic - Ballarat and South West Vic
12-03-2007  Planet Radio - Music & Interviews
08-03-2007  774 ABC Melbourne - The Conversation Hour
06-03-2007  John Laws Morning Show
22-03-2005  ABC Queensland - Conversations
11-03-2005  ABC Perth - Drive

12-05-2006  WFUV - City Folk Sunday Breakfast
05-06-2006  WFUV - City Folk Sunday Breakfast
00-06-2004 - Interview

21-10-2008  RTE Radio 1 - Roots Freeway
14-10-2008  RTE Radio 1 - The Arts Show
09-08-2005  RTE Radio 1 - Brenda Power
18-06-2005  RTE Radio 1 - Spectrum
26-05-2004  RTE Radio 1 - Rattlebag
19-06-2003  RTE Radio 1 - Rattlebag

06-04-2003 - MP3 Interview
00-04-2000 - MP3 Interview
30-09-1998  Nederland 3 - 2 Meter Sessies

ABC Queensland

with Richard Fidler
Tuesday, 13 March 2007
Sally Henderson and Luka Bloom

Luka Bloom - who was born into a famous Irish musical family as Barry Moore - is now in his 50s, but still has the power to reinvent himself. He's just spent a year creating his new album, Tribe, with fellow Irishman Simon O'Reilly, and in it Luka's edginess and tension have dissolved into a much more spacious and atmospheric landscape.

While Tribe features all original songs, Luka isn't adverse to performing his own versions of other songwriter's material. "I've just taken on a Kylie Minogue song - Can't Get You Out of My Head. When you are a solo singer-songwriter with drums and guitar, it's very easy for people to put you into a neat little box, hidden away under 'Irish folk' in the back of the record store, and I've always loved the idea of taking on songs that people wouldn't expect. Just to try and shake the perception that people might have of where you belong - break down the borders. I just love the idea of going into different areas of music and stripping away all of the glitz, and stripping away all of the effects and stripping a song down to it's bare essentials and seeing can it hold up? If the song is any good, it will."

While Luka may not like being filed under 'Irish folk', he's still very proud of his Irish heritage. "I live in Ireland and I'm quite happy, very happy that I'm an Irish man. I think there's a lot of Irishness in my songs, but I never wanted to travel the world as somebody whose primary profession was the fact that they were Irish. I always felt that somehow that phenomenon can often take away from the work and take away from the songs and for me, my working life rises and falls on the strength of the songs. I'd like to think that my songs can be heard and enjoyed by people of many different nationalities."

He might be a proud Irishman, but Luka draws the line at over-the-top Irishness. "I think the Australian-Irish handle the whole thing much more graciously than is done in America. I mean I don't think you paint rivers green in Australia, which they do in Chicago on St Patrick's Day and serve up green spaghetti. I find it all a bit nauseous, to be honest with you."

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ABC South West Victoria

Ballarat and South West Vic mornings

By Stephen Martin and Megan Connellan
Part 1 :: March 12-16, 2007

Bloom in Port Fairy
After a huge turnout to his performances in Port Fairy reknowned Irish folk musician Luka Bloom speaks with Megan Connellan about his music and his first trip to the Port Fairy Folk Festival.

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Planet Radio
World’s First Environmental Radio
Planet Radio 88fm is the world’s first environmental radio service based in Brisbane Queensland, Australia.

Music & Interviews

12th March 2007 - Jan Nary interviews and music with Luka Bloom

The doyen of Folk Music in Australia speaks with the incredibly talented Luka Bloom.
Listen to the whole interview and there’s some performance from Luka in there too.
Songs: City in Chicago and Gypsy Music (from Innocence)

MP3 >

774 ABC Melbourne > The Conversation Hour

The Conversation Hour by Jon Faine and Terry Lane
Thursday, 08 March 2007 - 11:00-12:00am

with Luka Bloom and June Oscar and Wayne Bergmann

When touring Australian in 2005 Luka said: "I really love coming to Australia. I think there’s a deep empathy between Australians and the Irish, something hard to define, but probably evident within our similar, self-effacing sense of humour. I do always feel at home there."

Luka Bloom is playing at the National Theatre tonight, and next Wednesday (14th March)
and at the Port Fairy Folk Festival this weekend

His new album Tribe is distributed by Shock.

Live music played this morning by Luka Bloom:
City of Chicago and No Matter Where You Go, There You Are

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John Laws : Vox

John Laws Morning Show
Monday, 05 March 2007

Luka Bloom joined John in the studio to play some acoustic songs from his new album, Tribe.
Live music: Make You Feel My Love, Tribe and Lebanon

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ABC Queensland > Conversations

Presenter: Steve Austin

>> Luka Bloom: a conversation > Thursday, 24 March 2005

Listen to Part One of Luka Bloom Interview  [21:49]
Interview and Songs: Innocence (Innocence)

Listen to Part Two of Luka Bloom Interview  [23:33]
Interview and Songs: Sunny Sailor Boy (Amsterdam) - Miracle Cure (Innocence) -
Throw Your Arms Around Me (Keeper Of The Flame)
Audio in RealMedia format

ABC Perth > DIG Internet Radio > Drive

>> The Luka Bloom Interview > Friday, 11 March 2005

The gorgeous and sweet Irish musician Luka Bloom, is touring Australia right now. After a long break from playing live he started his antipodean trip in Perth where he caught up with ABC presenter Russell Woolf. - Originally heard on ABC Perth.
RealOne Player [7:18 mins]


RTE Radio 1 > Roots Freeway

Niall Toner presents the best of roots, country music, bluegrass, country rock,
western swing, cajun and hardcore mountain music.

>> Roots Freeway: Archive 2008

Click on a date to listen to the show:
Programme 40: 21st October 2008

Interview with Luka Bloom
Songs: I Love The World I'm In (live) - See You Soon (live) - I'm On Your Side (Eleven Songs)

RTE Radio 1 > The Arts Show

Presented by Vincent Woods
Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Singer/songwriter Luka Bloom has just released his 12th album - called 'Eleven Songs'.
He joins us in studio to talk about his life and 30 year career in music, and to play live.

>> Listen to the Luka Bloom interview and hear him play live in studio
(Track One: Everyman, Track Two: I'm On Your Side).

RTE Radio 1 > Brenda Power

A daily programme in which Brenda Power examines the human interest stories behind the headlines.

>> Brenda Power

Luka Bloom: 9th August 2005
Singer Songwriter Luka Bloom. His new album is called 'Innocence' but the song featured on the programme today was taken from his 'Riverside' album >> The Man Is Alive

>> Click on the date to listen to the show.
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RTE Radio 1 > Spectrum

Presented by Melanie Verwoerd

>> Spectrum > Saturday, 18 June 2005

'No Matter Where You Go, There You Are' (from 'Innocence')
Live in studio: Interview with Luka Bloom and live performance of 'City Of Chicago'

This series is presented by the South African Ambassador to Ireland Melanie Verwoerd whose term of office officially ends in July of this year. It is a celebration of all facets of Ireland's multicultural society in 2005. It looks at the people, the music, the stories, the poetry, the art, as well as the many festivals taking place throughout the summer all over Ireland The series introduces to the listeners the many and varied group which have emerged over the last number of years as Ireland has become a truly multicultural society.
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RTE Radio 1 > Rattlebag

>> Rattlebag > Wednesday, 26 May 2004

Presented by Myles Dungan

Luka Bloom plays live in studio and talks about his new album, Before Sleep Comes.
Songs: Salvador - Nora - Camomile
RealOne Player [12:39 mins]

RTE Radio 1 > Rattlebag

>> Rattlebag > Thursday, 19 June 2003

Eigse Arts Festival in Carlow
Today's Rattlebag comes live from the Eigse Arts Festival with is currently taking place in Carlow.

Luka Bloom plays 'Sunny Sailor Boy'.
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WFUV > City Folk Sunday Breakfast

Host: John Platt

>> WFUV - Interviews with Luka Bloom

Words and Music from Studio A - 12 May 2006
Luka Blooms latest CD, 'Innocence,' stands out as one of the best of his career, and he performs a few of the songs during a conversation with City Folk Sunday Breakfast host, John Platt.

Take Five - 05 June 2006
A master of covers tunes, Luka Bloom talks with WFUV's John Platt about a new record of his own songs, called 'Innocence'.

Check out the WFUV Audio Archives -
Windows Media Player > Audio Interview

>> Alice Farrell's Audio Interview with Luka Bloom > June 2004

"I had the opportunity to interview him on the phone shortly before the show (Knitting Factory, NYC, 26 June 2004) and he gave some great insights into the new songs, his new style of playing and what lies on the road ahead..."

Read Alice Farrell's Live Review >>

top > MP3 Interview

>> Interview with Luka Bloom > 6 April 2003

Audio in MP3-format [18:23 mins] > MP3 Interview

Luka Bloom interview (audio, mp3) about the album 'Keeper Of The Flame'.

Everyone says that Luka Bloom is down to earth and we asked him why. Download Luka Bloom's interview to hear his answer and great explanation of what it is to be Irish.

>> Luka Bloom and the Irish Spirit > April 2000

"It's very healthy to live in Dublin if you're gonna play a lot of music because they have no respect for rock stars in Dublin and so you can't be a rock star in Dublin actually. It's an Irish spirit that brings you back to earth..."


Nederland 3 > 2 Meter Sessies

>> 2 Meter Sessies > 30 September 1998

Luka Bloom interview and songs recorded at the Old Mill, Naas, Co. Kildare, Ireland
Saturday, 22 Aug 1998 -

I'll Walk Beside You
Holy Ground
Gemma Hayes sings in the International Bar
Don't Be So Hard On Yourself
flute playing by Luka's nephew Conor Byrne
You Couldn't Have Come At A Better Time
I Need Love
Rescue Mission
[Real Audio Player]


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