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Between The Mountain And The Moon
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Between The Mountain Amsterdam Before Sleep Comes Innocence
Even Better Than The Real Thing, Vol 3 Ceol 06 That's Proper Folk
The Sin E Sessions Eithne Christie Hennessy

Luka Bloom Live @ Port Fairy Folk Festival 2007
Port Fairy Folk Festival
Saturday, 10th March 2007
Port Fairy Folk Festival
Sunday, 11th March 2007
Download the live recorded shows from LiveBand.com.au

 > Luka Bloom - TRIBE
Tribe Track Listing
01. Tribe
02. Sound
03. I Am A River
04. Change
05. Early Morning (instrumental)
06. Out There
07. Dead Of Night
08. Star Of Doolin (instrumental)
09. Homeless
10. Lebanon
11. Peace Rains
12. Beara (instrumental)
TRIBE - a collaboration with Simon O'Reilly

album reviews >>

Luka Bloom interview

Interview with Luka Bloom on video
> FaceCulture Online Magazine - 15 May 2007

FaceCulture spoke to Luka Bloom about Groningen and Utrecht, growing up, his parents, the death of his father, playing guitar, writing songs, being alone and happy, moments of magic, his obsesson in finishing songs, the new album Tribe, Simon O'Reilly, Cafe del Mar, Air, his sound, making a record, songs on the album Tribe, comparing people, proud of other cultures, homeless people and lots more. Luka even plays the song Tribe!


22-06-2007 - Radio 1 :: Luka goes electric
Interview with Luka Bloom by Wouter Mattelin


It all starts with a pen, paper and a vision....
In late 2006, Richie Frieman put pen to paper and developed PensEyeView.com.
PensEyeView.com showcase a different and unique artist, musician, painter, visionary, etc.
every 48 hours. The featured person(s) will be interviewed using twenty questions
(aka - the "XXQs")
and have their work displayed for the world to see.

July 22-23, 2007: Luka Bloom
Read his XXQs to find out more >>

Beat 102 103 - Irish Beats (Waterford/Ireland)
Saturday, 15th September 2007

Interview with Luka Bloom by Rob O'Connor
Montag, 24. September 2007, 11:00:00 | beat102103
He may have been on tour in Germany, but Rob got Luka Bloom on the blower to chat about his fantastic new album "Tribe". A few jibes in there about rugby too...
(...and there is also some news about the next album!!)

The interview is available as a podcast and you can download it from their website

release dates in other territories:
Holland and Belgium on June 18 with V2 Records
Germany, Austria and Switzerland on June 22 with Skip Records
USA on July 31 with Cooking Vinyl USA
Ireland on September 7 with Big Sky Records
and UK on September 10 with Proper Music Distribution

24 Apr 2007 - latest news from Skip Records:
Irish singer/songwriter Luka Bloom will release his brandnew album 'Tribe', a collaboration with Simon O'Reilly, before the summer break. Of course the album will also be offered later this year in the limited 180 g vinyl series.


 > Innocence
Innocence Track Listing
01. Primavera
02. First Light Of Spring
03. Innocence
04. Venus
05. Miracle Cure
06. Peace On Earth (instrumental)
07. Gypsy Music
08. City Of Chicago
09. June
10. Salvador
11. No Matter Where You Go, There You Are
12. Thank You For Bringing Me Here
13. Larry Redican's Bow (instrumental)
14. Doing The Best I Can (Bonus Track: Cooking Vinyl)
15. I Am Not At War With Anyone (Bonus Track: Cooking Vinyl)

I hear the long grass shuffling in the June breeze
Smell the lavender and the catmint leaves
Everything comes and goes like the tides
Life is celebrations and goodbyes
Ah but June, I love the way you pull me in
June, I love your heat upon my skin
June, I love the way you pull me in
To your midsummer feeling

Luka Bloom

Hybrid Magazine - music reviews - May 2006

Luka Bloom - Innocence
Cooking Vinyl

When something happens that threatens to end your musical career, it leaves the soul questioning life's purpose. But when you struggle through that hard time, recording one of your finest and most tender records in the meantime, and then make a full recovery, there is only one thing to do: celebrate! Luka Bloom seems to be celebrating his re-emergence to full health on his newest record, Innocence. All the doubts and introspection on last year's Before Sleep Comes have come full circle to end in a brilliant commemoration of life and rebirth on Innocence.

'Primavera' begins the album with an eloquent foreshadowing of the themes to come, which rolls nicely into the lilting softness of 'First Light Of Spring'. These two songs set the tone for the entire album, building on the tender benevolence of the songs on Before Sleep Comes and fleshing out the ideas of a wondrous resurrection of the world from the sleep of winter.

By the time 'Innocence' begins, there is a low, mellow mood already built that makes the soul wholly receptive for the insidious splendor of Luka's lyrical genius. "I remember the taste / of the first kiss by the river / and the promises we'd keep / forever and ever... and I choose innocence / after my tears."

'June' is another fine example of the rebirth theme that weaves its way throughout this album with such a delicate and deliberate feel, bringing to light the true feeling of joy that Luka seems to have found in his ability to once more play music as he'd like. And dig the groovy Van Morrison-esque feel that the song gives off - an instant classic.

Alternately, Innocence is interspersed with some darker and more pressing themes, as well. 'No Matter Where You Go, There You Are' deals with the story of a man outcast from his own land and how he finally comes to find some happiness in the sorrow of a foreign land and its music. 'Miracle Cure' finds the songwriter entreating the world to step back and realize the most direct path to happiness and peace is simply forgiving those that trespass against us. Luka has finally found time to record his classic 'City Of Chicago' on Innocence. After many years of hearing Christy Moore playing the song, it is a simple joy to hear it from the mouth of the man who wrote it. And the highly personally political 'I Am Not At War' makes a strong statement that the world's leaders would be well advised to stop and think about themselves.

But ultimately, everything comes back to the simple happiness that Luka obviously finds in music and the world around him. And nowhere is this displayed more prominently than on the amazingly complex 'Gypsy Music'. There is a wondrous amount of joy that inexplicably fills the yearning of Luka's voice and his rhythmic guitar strumming. But the apex of Innocence's beauty lies in the amazing depth of the wonderful 'Thank You For Bringing Me Here'. This song, possibly more than any other of his career, accurately captures Luka's ability to flesh out a simple observation into one of his most heartrending and magnificent songs. The lyrics have an almost sing-songy feel, but a depth and power that belie their simple pronouncement.

Innocence is far more than simply a ray of hope and celebratory joy in the life of Luka Bloom. This brilliant collection of songs transcends all of his earlier works, and simply lays out for the world why Luka is truly one of the world's finest songwriters, now or ever.

David DeVoe

Luka Bloom still manages to keep the best of company too. Kenneth Edge's soprano saxophone and clarinet conjure a mood reminiscent of Van Morrison's Astral Weeks. Ray Fean lends the subtlest of percussion; Joe Csibi adds double bass and Pat Collins' fiddle roams free and wide. Mohamed Bouhanna's derbouka adds the final essential ingredient that defines Bloom's delight in Ireland's growing multiculturalism. And enmeshed in all the songs, as well as in the two instrumental interludes of Innocence, 'Peace On Earth' and 'Larry Redican's Bow' is the spirit of a musician who's long let go of the cocky defiance of youth, who bears the scars and celebrations of daily life with a comfort born of the same regrets, delights and minor triumphs that we all share. 'No Matter Where You Go, There You Are' sums it up sweetly, on the back of Bloom's trademark uncompromising guitar lines: "No matter where you go, there are you / So don't let go of what you know to be true".

Innocence Press Release

latest news

05-05-2006 - Info from Koch Entertainment, USA


Three tracks from Luka Bloom's latest album 'Innocence' have been picked to be a part of Starbucks' in-store play beginning this month! > www.starbucks.com

13-10-2005 - Info from Skip Records, Germany

LUKA BLOOM - INNOCENCE - 180 g Vinyl Limited Edition
In time for the German and Swiss tour dates in November SKIP RECORDS will continue its collection of 180 g vinyl limited editions of Luka Bloom, this time his latest album "Innocence". Collectors have to hurry up, as the edition is strictly limited to 1000 pieces. The vinyls are available in good record shops, on tour in Germany and Switzerland and of course directly at our website: > www.skiprecords.com

04-10-2005 - Info from Lukabloom.com

INNOCENCE will be released in America on Cooking Vinyl Records March 21st 2006 with 2 bonus tracks!

Product information:
Innocence seems like a strange title for Luka Bloom's tenth studio album. However, Innocence is an album that could easily be mistaken as an accomplished debut. Bloom's lyrics are so insightful and fresh that you'd be forgiven for mistaking him as a young and disillusioned twenty-something, instead of a 50 year old who has been making music for 36 years. Musically, Innocence is just as simple and static. There's an unrivalled tenderness to Luka Bloom's enchanting, earnest songwriting - his musical and lyrical delivery possesses that special charm. His deft, delicate touch on the six-string and distinguishable Irish lilt in his honeyed vocals draws you in immediately with the heartfelt opener 'Primavera', from which the ensuing mood is set. And of course, there's a gentle dose of mellow instrumentals on Innocence to round out the album.

The US version contains two exclusive bonus tracks that are not on the UK version - 'Doing The Best I Can' and 'I Am Not At War With Anyone'. Bloom seems to always manage a sense of freshness with anything he puts his mind, voice and hand to, and Innocence beautifully captures the emotions of these purposeful messages by a master of his game.


Galway Advertiser - Entertainment - Thursday 26 May 2005

Changing houses works wonders for Luka Bloom

Moving to America gave Luka Bloom the confidence to find his own musical voice. Moving to a new house in Kildare has helped him write the best albums of his career. The reason? "I'm allergic to nostalgia," he says.

..."I think I have been a late developer," Luka says modestly, though he admits his most recent work is among his strongest. "Something has shaken in me in the last two years. I decided to simplify the guitar and focus on the lyrics and get across what it is that really motivates me and moves me. I'm going to attribute some of that to the house I live in now in Co Kildare on the outskirts of the Bog of Allen."

How did moving house affect his work? "It's a practical thing of being able to write something without disturbing other people," he says. "I lived for 27 years in city centres and in an apartment there would be people on the other side of every wall and it was difficult to do your work without upsetting someone. When I lived in Dublin I would rent a cottage in the Burren and work there for four weeks on the songs but I don't have to do that anymore. Now I can go to the Burren and visit friends and relax. I can now do my work where I live and that has made a big impact and I feel there is a freshness to my work."

It is appropriate perhaps that the intimate surroundings of home and the familiarity of the Kildare countryside is where Innocence was recorded. It's an album that celebrates the joy of simple pleasures - a celebration of how the ordinary in life has a special quality that can be more meaningful than the seemingly 'important' events.

"I would regard that as a perfect analysis of what drives me and motivates me," Luka replies. "Writing songs for me is about making the ordinary extraordinary. People live such fast, materialistic lives that we lose touch with the essential magic of the ordinary..... I don't believe music can change the world in a global sense," says Luka, "but I absolutely believe it can transform an individual life and can articulate our experiences, sorrows, joys and I think that is the challenge of this particular songwriter."

The most challenging song on Innocence, and perhaps the finest Luka has ever written, is the north African flavoured 'No Matter Where You Go, There You Are' - recounting the tale of a Muslim who, exiled from Algeria, makes his home in Galway. What led Luka to write this song?

"On the album that song is beside 'City Of Chicago' and that's deliberate," Luka replies. "'City Of Chicago' articulates some of the hurt and isolation people who left Ireland and emigrated to Boston, Chicago, and London felt. Now we've gone from that situation to the reverse where people are coming to Ireland in search of the same life we sought.

I wanted to write a personal song, a positive song, not an anti-Conor Lenihan song. I wanted to highlight the talent and resources emigrants bring and I used as an example a friend of mine from Algeria called Mohamed. He now lives in northern Holland. He doesn't live in Galway but he has been to Galway. I used his experience for coming to Europe as background for the story I wanted to tell of him making his way from Algeria to Galway and it's a song I like to sing in Galway."



 > Before Sleep Comes
Before Sleep Comes Track Listing
01. My Singing Bird
02. Before Sleep Comes
03. She Moved Through The Fair
04. I'll Walk Beside You
05. Camomile
06. Be Still Now
07. Nora
08. The Water Is Wide
09. She Sings Her Songs With Open Eyes
10. Salt Water (Bonus Track: Shock Records)

album reviews >>

Before Sleep Comes is available at www.lukabloom.com (Big Sky Records)
IrishMusicMail.com and Claddagh Records in Ireland
Fnac in Belgium & France
Plato and Bertus Distribution in the Netherlands
record companies - release dates
Skip Records, Germany, Austria & Switzerland - 19 July 2004
Shock Records, Australia - 2 August 2004
Bar/None Records, USA - 21 September 2004

Before Sleep Comes is a special CD, designed to give people something calm to listen to before going to bed at night. It is 28 minutes long, 9 tracks, two of which are instrumental. I got the idea for the CD in the Summer, when my tendonitis was bad, and I was playing soothing little things on my Spanish guitar. I grew to love this time each day; wrote some soft songs; decided to record it in The Old Mill nearby. It's a special project, and I hope you like the result.

Luka Bloom

There is a moment of surrender
Just before sleep comes
I turn over my life's business
To the God of the Setting Sun
Sweet, sweet dreams...
Luka Bloom

9 Songs For Insomniacs
'Necessity is the mother of invention!'

Originally recorded by Luka as a unique release to sell on his website and at concerts, 'Before Sleep Comes' might not exactly be his fully-blown new studio album, but it is new Luka material nonetheless... The album features 9 new tracks, together with an Australia-only bonus track called 'Salt Water', specifically written for his Australian fans and inspired by his love of our country.

Salt Water Sound Sample - Windows Media Player [30 sec]

Hybrid Magazine - music reviews - April 2005

Luka Bloom
Before Sleep Comes

Bar None Records

Adversity can sometimes lead to great changes and personal growth. Before Sleep Comes is definitely such a case. Luka Bloom was having a bout of severe tendonitis and couldn't play his normal steel string acoustics. So, being the ingenious Irishman that he is, he picked up his nylon string and started playing away, delving into the soft sounds that are inherent to that instrument. Upon realizing how much fun he was having exploring this tender, quieter style of songs, he decided he would gift the public with a record of the songs. Over the course of a few cold and windy nights, Luka sat at Old Mill Studios and set the tunes to tape, just him and his nylon string guitar. Thus was born Before Sleep Comes.


Celtic Connection - CD Reviews - April 2004

Big Sky Records


As a child, who didn't love being snuggled in bed with a loved one to sing you to sleep? The delicious feeling of hanging on the cusp of sleep until the music carried you over. As adults, we now have a champion of insomniacs everywhere in Luka Bloom and his latest release, 'Before Sleep Comes'. While most performers would be offended if someone fell asleep listening to their music, Bloom expects you to!

Frets Magazine - The complete acoustic guitar package - Fall 2004

Luka Bloom On Recording Before Sleep Comes
By Michael Molenda

Although the very thought tends to piss off studio engineers in a major way, the most transcendent and evocative recordings often have nothing to do with high - class microphones, expensive preamps and compressors, vintage mixing consoles, digital-audio manipulations, or other technological hoo-ha. Nope. The performances that shoot through your eardrums and into your heart and soul are usually documents of pure emotion - imperfect little moments in time where an artist was touched by angels and the result was captured in a form that could be shared with others.

Life intervenes in the process, as well, because an artist can't unleash an emotionally stirring performance if he or she is a blank slate (or in a blank state). In this creative stew of existential circumstance, Luka Bloom was truly blessed with misfortune and inspiration as he recorded Before Sleep Comes...

The sessions were completed in two evenings - with a total of approximately eight hours of recording - and the tracking phase cost Bloom around $200. For mixing, Bloom took the Pro Tools files to his old friend, Brian Masterson - the brains behind the very famous Windmill Lane Studios in Dublin.

"Brian has been involved in my last four or five records, so there was a certain comfort zone in bringing him into the project," says Bloom. "I told him, 'I want the room, I want the wind, and I want the floorboards. I want this recording to be very imperfect, but I want it to sound lovely. I want it to sound like people are present in the room, and they can feel the atmosphere of the room, and the night, and the lateness of the thing.' He was a bit shocked at first, but he totally got into it. I just told him to put on his 1960s ears and things would be fine [laughs]. And he gave me back something beautiful."

Never planning to seriously release the project-as he felt it would appeal to "only 200 or so insomniacs" - Bloom stuck a few audio files on his Web site and offered the sessions for sale. The cosmic joke was that he immediately sold 9,000 copies of this "fragile, raw, and delicate work"...

"This record is the most painless thing I've ever done, and there's something about the simplicity of it that's really connecting with people," he says. "And it has taught me something, as well. You see, I'm a very organic kind of guy in the sense that I recognize a tune, I write a song, I tell a story, I sit on a stage, and I deliver a performance. And, somehow, when I'd come to make a record, I'd feel the need to dress everything up and 'produce' it. But now, I have this imperfect little jewel telling me that the best thing I can be in the world is myself - no matter how simple and intuitive my work may be."



 > Amsterdam - Live Album
Live in Carré, Amsterdam
11 Feb 2002

album reviews >>
Track Listing
01. Exploring The Blue
02. Sunny Sailor Boy
03. Gone To Pablo
04. Natural Mystic
05. You
06. Don't Be So Hard On Yourself
07. Make You Feel My Love
08. Diamond Mountain
09. Perfect Groove
10. Monsoon
11. The Fertile Rock
12. Delirious
13. Gabriel

Bonus Tracks
[not recorded in Amsterdam]
Double Vinyl Limited Edition
14. If I Were A Carpenter
15. Ciara
16. Lily In The Garden
19 March 2003
Skip Records
There are those "Magic Nights" where everything fits perfectly... Amsterdam

12 April 2003
Shock Records
... This is just Luka and his guitar on stage, just as many thousands of Australian fans know and love him best...

22 April 2003
Instict Records - Evolver Entertainment
Luka Bloom's first ever live release!
... Known for his explosive and heart-felt live shows, his fire is finally captured in this amazing live recording...

Luka Bloom Luka Bloom:
"For perhaps 12 years now, people have been asking me to do a live CD. I never felt any enthusiasm for the idea... Until last February.
On February 11th 2002, we arrived in Amsterdam to perform in Carré. It was a cold Monday... But that night, Carré was full of amazing people who wanted to celebrate with me, the magic of songs. All shows have magical moments. But this night in Carré, from the very first chord, there was pure magic in the house. Oh, and by the way, the tape was running... I now find myself totally excited by, and proud of, a CD I didn't want to make two years ago! I love to make records, and I love to play shows. This CD is both; a recording of one unforgettable night in Amsterdam. I hope all who hear it, enjoy it."

Leinster Leader - Thursday, 10 April 2003

Luka Bloom's Amsterdam...

Luka Bloom is one of Ireland's worst kept secrets..... His is the sort of music you either adore with a passion, or ignore with an uneasy indifference. And this album Amsterdam reveals him at his best. Luka Bloom live. And so very alive.

It starts with the slow, measured Exploring The Blue and on to Sunny Sailor Boy which sends 'ooh ahh ohh ahh ohh' round in your head for weeks after one of his shows. On to the poignant but dignified Gone To Pablo which commands you to sway along with the crowd, and the staccato Bob Marley number Natural Mystic, then You which seems to tremble with emotion and the caressing Don't Be So Hard On Yourself, and on to the upbeat Bob Dylan cover Make You Feel My Love. Then to Diamond Mountain's Celtic melancholy, and the feel-good Perfect Groove and passionate Monsoon. The album seems to move up through the gears and by the time he hits Fertile Rock and the climatic Delirious you're sky high with him. Then he sweeps you back to earth with the heavenly Gabriel.

Theresa Murray


 > Between The Mountain And The Moon
Between The Mountain And The Moon Track Listing
01. Monsoon
02. Here And Now
03. Perfect Groove
04. Love Is A Place I Dream Of
05. Gabriel
06. Soshin
07. Moonslide
08. As I Waved Goodbye
09. I'm A Bogman
10. Rainbow Day
11. Hands Of A Farmer
with Bonus Video: Live at Montreux
Recorded live at the
Montreux Jazz Festival - 18 July 2000
Live at Montreux
1. Diamond Mountain
2. Make You Feel My Love
3. Keeper Of The Flame
4. No Suprises
5. In Between Days
6. I Need Love
7. Ciara
8. The Fertile Rock

Release date: 18-02-2002
Shock Records, Australia
Video: 35 min. (PAL format)
Only available in Australia.
album reviews >>

Between The Mountain And The Moon
The title of the album was taken from the song As I Waved Goodbye - also known as 'Leaving Lhasa' -
featuring the story of Heinrich Harrer, an Austrian explorer and mountaineer, who had to leave Lhasa after
the Chinese invasion in 1950. The song Soshin is dedicated to Maura O'Halloran, an Irish woman who
became a Buddhist nun, Love Is A Place I Dream Of to the Irish aid worker Christina Noble, founder of the
Christina Noble Children's Foundation, and Hands Of A Farmer to the legendary Doolin whistle player
Micho Russell.

The Barry Moore Years The Barry Moore Years
... a compilation of songs written between 1975-1986
Only available on www.lukabloom.com

more cd info >>
KOTF Keeper Of The Flame
Luka Bloom covers songs of Bob Dylan, Bob Marley,
U2, Radiohead, and many more

more cd info >>

Acoustic Guitar Magazine - No. 88 - April 2000

Luka Bloom Luka Bloom

"Some people are in love with electric guitars, some people are in love with acoustic guitars," says Luka Bloom. "Me, I adore electro-acoustic guitars - but there are very few that work for me."

Bloom performs all of his gigs solo and travels with a pair of matching acoustic-electric Alvarez-Yairi DY88s (named Rudy and Judy) and a single amp: the Fender Bass Chorus. At home, he also plays an acoustic Lowden 32, an acoustic-electric Takamine cutaway classical, and an acoustic 1963 Gibson B-25. He strings all of his guitars with Martin Marquis lights and uses gray Jim Dunlop .60 mm flatpicks."

On the road, Bloom likes to collect percussion instruments, especially rattles, drums, and bowls from Morocco and Algeria. But the most important musical purchase Bloom has made this year is a metronome, which he uses to steady himself before recording his rhythm tracks. "It's all very well to have your timing all over the place when you're on your own," he says. "But if you want to play with other musicians, it's not much help if youíre playing in six different tempos over the course of one song."

Kenny Berkowitz
www.alvarezgtr.com | www.fender.com


 > songs & albums
Other Appearances
Guest Artist
Various Artists
Covered by Others
New Releases
The Girls Won't Leave The Boys Alone Luka Bloom & Cherish The Ladies
I'll Walk Beside You

Cherish The Ladies
The Girls Won't Leave The Boys Alone
Songs From A Small Room

Other Voices Vol 2

Even Better Than The Real Thing, Vol 3

Ceol 06

Out Of The West

That's Proper Folk

Various Artists
An Irishman In Chinatown
Shamrocks and Shenanigans
Even Better Than The Real Thing, Volume 3
Can't Help Falling In Love
Bluesfest - The Album
East Coast Blues & Roots Festival 2004

Exploring The Blue
Songs From A Small Room
I'm A Bogman (live)
Let Loose in Letterfrack
I Need Love
Files: The Best Covers Of All Time
East Coast Blues & Roots Festival 2003
Donal Lunny's Definitive Lisdoonvarna
Alternative Moments 2
Make You Feel My Love
ABC Airplay - Volume 5
Mary Watches Everything
Blues & Roots Music Festival 2005
East Coast Blues & Roots Music Festival 2002
Rescue Mission
Other Voices - Songs From A Room 2

Various Artists 2006
Cathair Mhór Chicago (City of Chicago)
Ceol '06 - Irish Language Album
Love Is A Place I Dream Of
Out Of The West
City Of Chicago (live on radio)
The Sin É Sessions

Various Artists 2008
Innocence (live from DVD/CD THE MAN IS ALIVE)
That's Proper Folk

The Magic Irish Voices Barry Moore
Lonesome Robin
Various Artists
Magic Irish Voices
Christy Moore Christy Moore
Wave Up To The Shore
by Luka Bloom (Barry Moore)
Whatever Tickles Your Fancy / Christy Moore
2 CD Set
The Hungry Voice Frank Harte
City Of Chicago
by Luka Bloom (Barry Moore)
Frank Harte & Donal Lunny
The Hungry Voice

 > information & reviews
Eithne Eithne Ní Chatháin - Eithne

LUKA BLOOM: "I am happy to announce the availability on lukabloom.com of a debut cd by a great singer and friend from my home county of Kildare. Her name is Eithne Ní Chatháin. The cd is called EITHNE.

I heard Eithne sing in Kildare a few years ago and was blown away by her voice. Her background is as a singer of old Irish songs, both in the Irish language and in English. I was so taken by her singing I wrote a song for her. It's on 'Before Sleep Comes' and is called 'She Sings Her Songs With Open Eyes'.

Eithne is blessed with a very pure and true voice, which is very haunting and beautiful. She is also an accomplished musician, and has written some of the songs on her album. Eithne has done gigs with me, and I have played on her new album, on the wonderful Sandy Denny song 'Who Knows Where The Time Goes'.

I am happy to launch her debut on the website, and wish Eithne all the success she deserves."

Info :: www.lukabloom.com

Bang Bangs and Bewley's Café Theatre present
Eithne Ní Chatháin : 16th February 2007

Eithne Ní Chatháin is a performing artist whose singing, playing and song-writing comes from the heart and speaks to the heart. A native of Kilcock, Co. Kildare, Eithne is currently living in Dublin. This 26-year old is blessed with a pure and true voice, haunting and very beautiful. In the past four years, Eithne has taken to performing a wide range of material as a solo performer and has been exploring and developing her song-writing talent both in English and in Irish. Eithne's gig is a wonderfully intimate, fresh and varied experience. Her repertoire includes her own songs accompanied with piano and guitar, beautiful sean-nós songs, fiddle playing, contemporary folk and other music that inspires her.
Eithne has sung with fellow-Kildare singer/songwriter and friend Luka Bloom in various venues around the country including a double bill with Luka in Bewleys last year. This time she will be playing a gig to celebrate the release of her debut album - an occasion not to be missed! Two years in the making, Eithne's stunning debut album, entitled simply 'Eithne' is a reflection of her varied musical journey to date. It was recorded in Dublin and Lahinch, Co. Clare and produced by Eithne independently.

Info :: www.bewleyscafetheatre.com

Who Knows Where The Time Goes?
(Sandy Denny)

Across the evening sky, all the birds are leaving
But how can they know it's time for them to go?
Before the winter fire, I will still be dreaming
I have no thought of time

For who knows where the time goes?
Who knows where the time goes?

Sad, deserted shore, your fickle friends are leaving
Ah, but then you know it's time for them to go
But I will still be here, I have no thought of leaving
I do not count the time

For who knows where the time goes?
Who knows where the time goes?

And I am not alone while my love is near me
I know it will be so until it's time to go
So come the storms of winter and then the birds in spring again
I have no fear of time

For who knows how my love grows?
And who knows where the time goes?

Luka Bloom - guitar and backing vocals

Luka Bloom
Luka Bloom and Eithne Ni Chathain singing 'I Am Not At War With Anyone'
1 Feb 2003 - St. Brigid's Day Walk for Peace

Eva De Roovere - De Jager
OUT: 16 August 2006

Eva De Roovere - former lead singer with folk groups Kadril and Oblomow - just released her first solo album 'De Jager' ['The Hunter'] in Belgium. In addition to own songs and contributions from other songwriters [Tom Van Laere, Joost Zwegers, Frank Vanderlinden, Wim Punk] the album also includes the Dutch version of a song written by Luka Bloom: 'De Jordaan' - [Strange Old Place].

More information and sound samples from the CD on her website >> www.evaderoovere.be

Feeling the World
Sat 23 Aug 2003 - Eva De Roovere & Luka Bloom
@ Feeling the World Festival, Mortsel/Antwerp, Belgium

Ceol '06 - Various Artists
OUT: March 3rd 2006

The album is organised by Seachtain na Gaeilge: "Some of the best-known singers and bands have provided superb songs for this compilation in Irish. All profits will be donated to Concern to help with their educational work in Mozambique. Last year we reached number four in the compilation album charts and raised over €20,000 for Concern."

Some of the artists who contributed tracks this year are Luka Bloom (Cathair Mhór Chicago), The Frames (Pian agus Ciúnas), Kíla (Tóg É Go Bog É), The Waterboys (Síocháin Iona), Mundy (Meicsiceo), The Saw Doctors (An Cailín Sin) and John Spillane (Éist do Bhéal).

Seachtain na Gaeilge 2006 (Irish Language Week : 4-17 March 2006)
is the biggest Irish language and cultural festival to take place in Ireland each year. The aim of Seachtain na Gaeilge is to promote the Irish language and culture, and to encourage people to experience it. 'Croí na Teanga - It's You!' is the motto for the week. Details of the events being held are available on the Seachtain na Gaeilge website: www.snag.ie.

CEOL '06 contains 26 breathtaking songs in Irish
put together by some of the best singers and bands in the music industry.
These artists include: The Corrs, The Saw Doctors, Mundy, The Frames,
Luka Bloom, The Waterboys, and many more.

CEOL '06 is available from Concern www.concerngifts.org and from music shops.

Sin É - The Ballad Show - Pesenter: Mick O'Brien
Tuesday evenings at 9pm - 103.2 FM - Dublin City Anna Livia FM

Press Release > The Sin É Sessions

Sin É presented by Mick O' Brien is Dublin's only 2 hour Folk and Ballad Radio Programme. It is live on Dublin City Anna Livia 103.2 fm each Tuesday 9-11pm. O' Briens Tuesday night Sin É Show mixes local legends like Luke Kelly with such new kids on the block as Danu and Dervish. One of Anna Livia's biggest ratings-grabbers, it's also spawned its own Sin É Sessions Album, which includes songs performed live on air by John Spillane, Luka Bloom, Cathal Holland and Major coup.

The Sin É Sessions recordings are taken from the past six years of live broadcasting, Over 300 programmes at this point. The songs are live with very little post production work done the idea was to keep them as near to the version that went out on the air as possible. Some of the artist on this Cd are not house hold name but are very well known within the folk music scene.

Info :: www.geocities.com/mickobrienradio

The Sin E Sessions
...Features the Sin É Sessions cd with an exclusive recording of Luka Bloom's
first live performance of 'City of Chicago' on radio
. Very rare...
9 Nov 2006 - Lukabloom.com News

Mick O'Brien presents The Sin É Sessions

This CD is a celebration of live music and song writing talents that the Irish folk music scene is widely known for. The idea for this cd came from the listeners to Sin É which is an Irish Folk Music radio programme that I have presented for the past 5 years on Dublin City Anna Livia 103.2FM. It is our policy to have as much live music on Sin É as possible. Over the past 5 years we have had some of Ireland's finest singer/songwriters from Christy Moore to Jimmy McCarthy, from Luka Bloom to Johnny Duhan. Some of our regular listeners would ring up and ask me to play the versions of a particular song that an artist had performed on the show live. So we decided to put some of these songs on a cd and let a bit of air at these particular versions. I have had the pleasure of sitting in the hot seat while some of Ireland's finest artists perform these great songs...

On this cd you will hear songs that are not just live they are alive, the songs are issues based they deal will issues such as child sex abuse, emigration, depression, drug use, love, relationship break up, alcoholism, war and the environment. I believe that this is exactly what folk music is here for to detail, protest and to record in history the events of the day.

The making of this cd has been a great experience for me, none of the artist said no donít put me on that. People came out of the wood work in terms of help and support. Pol Mac Adaim mixed and mastered I am very grateful to him as it was not an easy job. We tried to keep the live feel of the songs as much as possible. There is only two tracks with over dubs. The rest is as live as we could keep it.

This cd would not have been possible without the kindness of Kieran Kelly, Cathal Holland, Christy Moore, Luka Bloom, Steve Reeves, Joe Dunne, Robbie Dunn, Alyanya, John Spillane, Ger Wolfe, Pol Mac Adaim, John O'Dreams, Ed Veltorp, Jason Donohue.

Sleeve Notes :: www.mickobrien.ie/cdSleeveNotes.html

Even Better Than The Real Thing, Volume 3
released 14 March 2005

Songs of U2 for tsunami aid record

A new benefit album featuring cover versions of U2 classics by many of Ireland's biggest artists has gone on sale. 'Even Better Than the Real Thing Vol 3' features tracks recorded on Ray D'Arcy's Today FM show and in various studios...
All profits from the sale of the double album will go to the UNICEF Tsunami Relief Fund.

Info www.rte.ie/arts/2005/0314/tsunami.html and www.todayfm.com

Review of 'Even Better Than The Real Thing, Volume 3' for U2log.com

U2 covered on Irish Fundraiser

Ever wished you could experience the songs of U2 again just like you were hearing them for the first time? That the assembled trademark package of history that has come to be unavoidably associated with the band was to fall away for an hour or so? Well here is such an opportunity.

Even Better Than The Real Thing is the title given to Ireland's latest fund raising initiative. Compiled and recorded for Unicef in aid of the ongoing Tsunami Relief Fund this double CD features 25 current Irish acts performing 23 U2 songs. It's a novel idea on many fronts. Obviously the fundraising potential in itself, followed by the chance to hear different takes on these familiar songs and perhaps most notable the fact that it comes from the current crop of Irish performers..... The Frames' 40 and both versions of Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses by Tom Baxter and Picturehouse disappoint somewhat while standout contributions come from the old reliables like Luka Bloom who is very good on Bad. Also recommended is Love Rescue Me on which Rosey goes for a straightforward country delivery....

Overall, as a benefit CD of U2 covers this has a feel of a generation removed, of the hometown youngsters interpreting their ancestor's songs. And within that distance seemingly lies a great respect. A tipping of the hat from the new comers to the masters. And as with the buskers of Grafton Street before them, surely the greatest compliment these bands and performers can give U2 is to pay homage to their work. To sing these songs are to endorse them, to state loudly they are songs that deserve to be sung, breathed with new life and passed on to newer audiences.

CD review by Patrick Lynch

Irish Voice - 1 February 2006

Even Better Than the Real Thing

There are certain artists whose songs improve upon interpretation. Most realistic folks would not categorize Bob Dylan as a good singer, but he is unrivaled as a composer. When a singer like Joan Osborne or Aaron Neville takes the mike and reimagines his songs, the composition is lifted to a new level and you appreciate the intensity of the songwriting craft at play. U2 songs are a different kind of art. Their melodies are so gigantic that they are barely contained in the stadiums in which they are played, and Bono's preacher-like intensity that is delivered with operatic trills makes walking a mile in his shoes an almost impossible climb.

Today FM, one of the most popular radio stations in Ireland, was able to throw its weight around to get some of Ireland's top talents to come to their studios to record Even Better Than the Real Thing Volume 3, a collection of mostly acoustic and live U2 covers performed by the likes of the Frames, Damien Dempsey and Mark Geary. The proceeds of the two CD set will help UNICEF's tsunami relief campaign. Like many of the best MTV Unplugged specials that aired during the 1990s, the acoustic renditions of these songs allow for the emergence of melodic surprises and lyrical revelations that might have slid by you when you heard the hard rocking originals.

Dempsey forcefully strums his guitar and shouts the words to 'Sunday Bloody' Sunday with the urgency of a busker singing for his supper at a subway stop. Luka Bloom's 'Bad', which was first heard on his own Keeper of the Flame covers album, raises the same goose bumps when you hear it here. Mark Geary does a naked, powerful read of 'All I Want Is You'. Mundy haunts the joint of 'Seconds', and the acoustic tranquility actually works better than U2's goose-stepping original...

To purchase Even Better Than the Real Thing Volume 3, and I strongly suggest that you do, you can go on the shop page of the Today FM web site at www.todayfmstore.com. Any self-respecting fan of Bono and the boys should not be without this collection.

CD review by Mike Farragher

November 2004 release by Doolin based fidlle princess Yvonne Casey.
For years, she has been the quiet inspiration of the famed North Clare
band, The Céilí Bandits. Her solo album is a musical delight.

MUSICIANS: Yvonne Casey: fiddle - Kevin Griffin: banjo - Terry Bingham:
concertina - Eoin O'Neill: bouzouki - Quentin Cooper Grau: mandolin, guitar -
Luka Bloom: guitar - Ger Hoyne: bodhran - John O'Connell: double bass


City Of Chicago covered by Frank Harte & Donal Lunny

The Hungry Voice - The Song Legacy Of Ireland's Great Hunger
2004 Hummingbird Records

It was surely a daunting task to address The Song Legacy of The Great Hunger (1845-50).
Frank Harte has risen to the challenge producing a memorable, and most moving, work, where his integrity of purpose and total immersion in the emotional cores of the songs are transparent. This is a diamond collection of 17 songs and has many facets: Horror, Stoicism, Humour, Irony, Defiance and Hope..... Frank is in top form and such is the quality of expression he has conveyed a sense of hearing the narratives at first hand...

Frank observes that many good songs are written long after the event(s) this is well illustrated in the final song from the pen of Luka Bloom the short and poignant exile song City of Chicago.

The production comes with a substantial booklet containing full texts and meticulous notes prefaced by well-researched historical/contextual background. This CD is a treasure.

CD review by Geordie McIntyre

The Irish Music Review

Let Loose in Letterfrack
Music from the Connemara Bog & Sea Weeks

Conamara Environmental Education & Cultural Centre (46 min, 2003)

...Some of the musicians featured here, such as Seán Tyrrell, Luka Bloom, Máire Breathnach, Josephine Marsh and Jacqueline McCarthy will be well-known to most listeners, but all are in expected good form, especially Bloom on a fun-laden live rendition of his own song, I'm a Bogman, but the overriding delight evoked by these collections consists in the discovery of lesser-known musicians...

All proceeds from this album go back into music Conamara Environmental Education and Cultural Centre, Letterfrack,
Conamara, Co. Galway - Produced by PJ Curtis. (Available from Mulligan Records in Galway.)


Hold my hand a little longer
Take one last look out over the fields
To the reds and the browns of Diamond Mountain
Bring the smell and the sound to your station

Luka Bloom
Diamond Hill
Diamond Hill, Connemara National Park

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