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Luka Bloom - Ireland 2005
3 Jan 2005   Dublin - Point Theatre - Special Guest of Planxty
4 Jan 2005   Dublin - Point Theatre - Special Guest of Planxty
5 Jan 2005   Dublin - Point Theatre - Special Guest of Planxty
19 Jan 2005   Belfast - Waterfront Hall - Special Guest of Planxty
20 Jan 2005   Belfast - Waterfront Hall - Special Guest of Planxty
21 Jan 2005   Belfast - Waterfront Hall - Special Guest of Planxty
5 Feb 2005   Kildare - Féile Bríde - Kildare and Leighlin Youth Day
16 Feb 2005   Clonakilty - De Barra's Folk Club
17 Feb 2005   Killarney - The Granary
18 Feb 2005   Limerick - Dolan's Warehouse - Upstairs
20 Feb 2005   Galway - Roisin Dubh
23 Feb 2005   Live on RTE 2FM - The Gerry Ryan Show
23 Feb 2005   Irish Rugby Team Pre-Match Celebration  with Christy Moore
24 Feb 2005   Dublin - Vicar Street
27 Feb 2005   Belfast - Waterfront Hall - Studio
8 Apr 2005   U.TV Friday Night Show - Kelly
22 Apr 2005   Interview on Health Web Radio
18 May 2005   Live on RTE Radio 1 - Today with Pat Kenny
26 May 2005   Carrick-on-Shannon - Moon River
28 May-12 Jun 2005   INNOCENCE TOUR
28 May 2005   Derry - The Playhouse
29 May 2005   Letterkenny - An Grianan Theatre
31 May 2005   Waterford - Stage 2 @ The Forum
1 Jun 2005   Athlone - Dean Crowe Theatre [cancelled]
3 Jun 2005   Castlebar - TF Royal Theatre - Guinness Blues Festival
4 Jun 2005   Ennis - Glor Irish Music Centre
5 Jun 2005   Galway - Roisin Dubh [changed to 22 June]
7 Jun 2005   Cork - An Cruiscin Lan
8 Jun 2005   Limerick - Dolan's Warehouse - Upstairs
10 Jun 2005   Dundalk - Spirit Store
11 Jun 2005   Portlaoise - Dunamaise Arts Centre
12 Jun 2005   Tullamore - Bridge House [cancelled]
18 Jun 2005   Live on RTE Radio 1 - Spectrum with Melanie Verwoerd
22 Jun 2005   Galway - Roisin Dubh - Galway Sessions 2005
13 Jul 2005   Doolin - McDermott's Pub
31 Jul 2005   Live on RTE - The Daniel O'Donnell Show
1 Aug 2005   Rathangan - Lughnasa Festival
2 Aug 2005   Belfast - Féile An Phobail West Belfast
9 Aug 2005   RTE Radio 1 - Brenda Power
13 Aug 2005   Doolin - Magnetic Music Café
16 Aug 2005  
Naul - Seamus Ennis Centre
19 Aug 2005   Boyle - Moving Stairs
20 Aug 2005   Grange - Barry's Public House
23 Aug 2005   Westport - Matt Molloy's
25 Aug 2005   Killarney - The Granary
26 Aug 2005   Ballycotton - The Blackbird
27 Aug 2005   Cobh - Sirius Arts Centre
29 Aug 2005   Ballyferriter - Siar Ó Thuaidh @ Tigh Uí Chatháin
31 Aug 2005   Kilkenny - Cleere's Pub
15 Sep 2005  
Ballybofey - Balor Theatre
17 Sep 2005   Parke's Castle - 'Rose Of Innisfree' Sunset Cruise - Green Festival
20 Sep 2005   Dublin - Vicar Street - Christy Moore & Friends > Gig for New Orleans
23 Sep 2005   Clonakilty - International Guitar Festival - Imperial Hotel
28 Sep 2005   Dublin, Glasnevin - The Space @ The Helix > DVD Live Recording
25 Oct 2005   Dublin - Whelan's
29 Oct 2005   Kenmare - Cinnamon Club @ Brook Lane Hotel
30 Oct 2005   Wexford - Wexford Festival Opera - Dun Mhuire Theatre
3 Nov 2005   Newbridge - Riverbank Arts Centre > Opening AKA Exhibition
9 Dec 2005   RTÉ One - One Faithful Harp - The Life and Music of Thomas Moore

Hot Press Magazine - 07 January 2005

Latest news from The Hot Press Newsdesk

Innocence latest studio outing from Luka Bloom, which was recorded in deepest, darkest Kildare with Bloom and Brian Masterson co-producing. Along with 12 originals, the collection includes a nifty cover of the trad standard 'Larry Redican's Bow'.

Leinster Leader - Entertainment - 10 February 2005

Luka Bloom returns with a new album
By David Thorpe

Newbridge born singer Luka Bloom will be releasing his first studio album for almost three years when 'Innocence' hits the shops later this month.

Luka Bloom Luka, who currently lives in Blacktrench, just outside Naas, is still celebrating the success of his album of lullabies, 'Before Sleep Comes', which was given a limited release in 2004. "I had a bout of tendonitis towards the end of last year, which meant that I could not play a regular guitar, so I recorded a few lullabies on a Spanish guitar, intending only to release it on the web, never looking for it to go into shops, so I am delighted with the reaction." Luka's forthcoming album, Innocence, was recorded at home in Blacktrench. "I built the house out here about three years ago, and decided to build a recording studio with it, I wrote all of the songs on the album in the music room here in the house, and then brought a sound engineer out."

"Each of the songs on the record tells it's own little story, each song is one I am very proud of. This album is the first time I have recorded 'City of Chicago', which I wrote many years ago. My brother Christy released a great version of it, he is so associated with the song that I have never recorded it, so I thought, Why not do it now?"

Since his last studio album, 'Between the Mountain and the Moon' was released almost three years ago, Luka has also released his first ever live album, 'Amsterdam', "a record that I am very proud of, a live album was a new experience and life is all about trying new things."

His new record, 'Innocence', the thirteenth album of his career, released on his own label, is available on the internet from the 1st of February and will be in the shops from the 18th of the month. Luka has had a busy start to the new year, playing support at the sold-out Planxty gigs, in Dublin, London and Belfast. "I am a fan of Planxty the same as anyone else, and loved hearing them play, to be able to play with them myself was magical."

Luka is not long back from a tour of Belgium, is shortly to play a series of promotional gigs around Ireland, and in March will depart on a lengthy tour of Australia. "There's always been a bit of the auld rambler in me, it's a great life I have really, and I hope to continue doing it for ever."

FEILE BRIDE 2005 - Kindling Flames of Hope
Programme of Events: Kildare Town - January 25 th - February 5th

Saturday, February 5th, 2005
3.30 p.m. Kildare and Leighlin Youth Day

The Kildare and Leighlin Dioceses welcomes the youth to Kildare.
Gathering outside the St. Brigid's Cathedral at 3.30p.m.
All events E10.00. Concessions available.
Enquires to: Solas Bhride Tel: 045 522890 Fax. 045 522212

Leinster Leader - Thursday, 10 February, 2005

Strong international flavour to best ever Feile Bride
By Paul O'Meara

Over dozen nationalities were represented at the 13th annual Feile Bride. "It was our best Feile ever and we estimate there were between 600 and 700 people at St. Brigid's Well," said Sr. Mary Minihan adding: "More local people than ever were involved this year and we were delighted to see this. Kildare town is the Christian centre for St. Brigid and we should always remember that."...

Among the unscheduled visits last week was that of singer Luka Bloom who entertained those taking part in the Kildare and Leighlin Youth Day which was held on Saturday and was the last official Feile Bride event.

The Feile provides a warm welcome for visitors from as far away as Japan, where a young woman is studying the life of St. Brigid, and as close as the town itself. It offers a variety of music as well as contemplation while at the same time remembering the life of St. Brigid. One of the more atmospheric events is the Brigid's Eve ritual during which light is provided by participants carrying candles or lamps...

IMC - Independent Media Centre - Friday, 11 Feb 2005

Bethlehem agrees to Newbridge twinning
by Newbridge IPSC

Newbridge looks set to twin with Occupied Town of Bethlehem. Kildare County Council has taken a giant step towards an historic twinning with Bethlehem after it was announced that the Middle Eastern town has accepted the offer to link up.

Bethlehem is under the jurisdiction of the Palestinian National Authority and moves to twin were initiated in 2003 by the Newbridge branch of the Ireland-Palestine Solidarity Campaign (IPSC)....... IPSC branch secretary Elaine Daly said a twinning arrangement between the towns would have several benefits, and that support among Newbridge people for the idea was considerable. "It is our understanding that this is the first twinning arrangement between an Irish town and a town in the Occupied Territories," she said...

Meanwhile well-known local people musicians Donal Lunny and Barry Moore (Luka Bloom), religious leaders Rev. John Marsden and Fr. Joe McDermott, and local TDs Sean O'Fearghail (Fianna Fail) and Jack Wall (Labour) have all agreed to become patrons of the campaign.

Ms. Daly said that if the twinning is sanctioned activities might include Arabic language classes, pen-pal campaigns among local school children, video link-ups, and cultural evenings and events, as well as possible visits. "We intend calling a public meeting in the near future to set up a committee of people interested in making this a success," she said.

© Independent Media Centre Ireland

Leinster Leader - Thursday, 17 Feb 2005

Bethlehem agrees to twinning plan
By Jane Mullins

Bethlehem has agreed it will twin with Newbridge and politicians have welcomed this crucial development in plans by a local group to link the town with Palestine...... Newbridge now joins Florence, The Hague and many American cities in having formal links with the Palestinian town. Newbridge is also the first town in Ireland to create such a bond....... In the coming weeks the Newbridge branch of the Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign will call a public meeting an establish a group of people interested in becoming involved with the campaign. Already local TDs, Sean O Fearghail and Jack Wall have added their names to the patrons list as has Newbridge singer Luka Bloom (Barry Moore)...

De Barras De Barra's Folk Club, Clonakilty

Luka Bloom
Wednesday, February 16th

Autumnal shades pervade Luka Bloom's 10th album, 'Innocence'. All the road miles, pedal rotations and late night concerts have wrought a burnished tint to the man who's given us classics as diverse as the languid 'Sunny Sailor Boy', the lonesome and harrowing 'The City Of Chicago' and the unapologetically defiant 'You'.

And now, 10 albums on, Luka Bloom's musical journey has brought him to a place where songs seep from every pore, and melodies celebrate the ordinariness of life. Some musicians grow wizened by the road; Luka Bloom has thrived on it. He and his acoustic motorbike are one, their molecules intertwined, and an echo of Flann O'Brien's 'At Swim Two Birds'.

Luka's travels have stretched his tendons, his muscles and his imagination in ways none of us could have anticipated, and 'Innocence' captures that journey - not so much with surgical precision, as with a magical ear for life's hidden details. Tickets are on sale at the bar priced €20, doors are @ 9pm.

Gig guide:

The Kingdom - Thursday, February 17, 2005

Luka keeps a place in his heart for Kerry
By Eve Kelliher

No matter where he wanders, Kerry will always hold a special place in the heart of acclaimed singer-songwriter Luka Bloom, who is headed to Killarney this week, where he plays The Granary on Thursday, February 17.

Indeed, the county is responsible for providing the inspiration for one of his most well-known songs, Acoustic Motorbike. "It must be about 12 years now since that day I went out for a cycle in Kerry. I don't know what possessed me but I decided to do the Ring of Kerry. It was January and it took me two or three days but it was a fantastic experience. Although it was cold, it was during a freak little sunny spell and was absolutely fantastic. It inspired this little song, which later became the title to an album so I'll be eternally grateful to Kerry," Luka told The Kingdom.

The Granary is a venue he is familiar with, since he was among the artists to play there when it originally opened. "I've always had great gigs in Kerry. I've been playing in Killarney on a regular basis for 30 years now, everywhere from the INEC to The Laurels and the Danny Mann, so I've a long track record in the town. I've also done performances in Ballyferriter and took part in the Songs From A Room series recorded there. There's just something about gigs in Kerry."

The performer, who was brought up in Newbridge, Co Kildare, has been travelling the globe with his ever-growing repertoire for decades. And Luka finds himself equally at home playing gigantic festival arenas to the smallest pub venues; while the former can pulsate with huge energy, intimate gigs are often more challenging, he says. "I love the varied tapestry of my musical life. I can find myself going from a big open-air festival in Australia to a club in Kerry," says the artist.

It was when he headed to the United States in 1987, after working in the music business in Ireland, that Luka, christened Barry Moore, decided to change his name, with "Luka" coming from the Suzanne Vega song My Name Is Luka and James Joyce's Ulysses provided the inspiration for the surname.

Luka Bloom Luka's 10th album, Innocence, will be released the day after the Killarney gig. This recording, which features classics such as City of Chicago, celebrates the ordinariness of life. Spirituality is a theme that runs through Innocence, with the title track striking a chord with anyone who harbours memories of incense and a fascination with such rituals as benediction.

"I'm always looking for the spiritual. I'm a lapsed, or recovering Irish Catholic and I don't know what it is about us, but we're always searching. I'm not a political songwriter, I don't write on events of the day, but matters that are spiritual, matters that are ordinary. I feel my brief is to make the ordinary extraordinary," says Luka. Innocence also evokes a real sense of place, which it not surprising considering his life has taken him on something of an odyssey both the literal and metaphorical sense of the word.

"I was born and raised in County Kildare and spent years in Dublin, New York, Washington various other cities. For the past two years I've been living in County Kildare - writing and recording in my living room," he says. The rural setting of his present abode his something he relishes, adds Luka. "I grew up in Newbridge, on the main street of the town. Now, although I am within a short drive of Dublin, my neighbours are cattle, sheep, badgers and foxes. It would probably shock people coming from Kerry that somewhere so close to Dublin can be so rural."

Luka's travels have stretched his imagination and Innocence captures that journey with aplomb, displaying the artist's ear for life's hidden details. The opener, Primavera, displays Bloom's wonderful vocal flexibility as well as giving the listener as glimpse of the contradictions of the ageing process.

It's probably not surprising that a household that supplied the world with two musicians (Luka's brother is singer-songwriter Christy Moore) should have been an intensely musical one. "Growing up there was a lot of music in the family. People always point to Christy but our mother was a wonderful musician. Because our father died when we were very young she consoled herself and us with music." James Taylor and Neil Young were early influences on Luka, who rapidly discovered he had a flair for songwriting himself. "From the moment I started playing the guitar I sort of connected with myself. I was writing songs from about the age of 15," he says.

Influences on his work change with the passing of time, adds Luka who has made no less than three albums in the last two years. "There was a time when I fancied myself as a one-man U2, with this big guitar sound, and me flailing away and screaming at people to listen." But, as he says himself, life has taught him to constantly reappraise his work. "The challenge is never to go into the comfort zone so I don't fall into traps being bored with myself," says Luka.

Innocence is a recording he is eager to bring on tour, as he tunes up and gets ready to leave the inspirational songwriting eyrie that is his living room to go on the road.

"It's just mindblowing to write a song and take it out into the world," says Luka.

Galway Independent - Entertainment - Wed February 16 · Vol 5 · Issue 7

My name is Luka

Luka Bloom, who famously escaped the shadow of his famous older brother Christy with a nifty name change, is set to bring his atmospheric acoustic talents to the Roisin Dubh on Sunday 20 February.

Luka will be playing material from his 2005 release 'Innocence', which he wrote and recorded in his home county of Kildare. Extensively well-travelled and politically clued-in, Luka has been gigging since 1969 when he was the tender age of fourteen, and when he became involved in the Carnsore Point Anti-Nuclear festival in 1979, he was a seasoned pro of twenty-four. Luka has rarely shirked from throwing his weight behind worthwhile campaigns; 'The Fertile Rock' was his contribution to saving Mullaghmore in the Burren from developers - Luka has drawn no small inspiration from the Burren and that was his way of giving something back...

Tickets for the 8.30 show are available at Redlight Records and the Roisin Dubh and are priced at €22.50.

upcoming gig

Luka Bloom Roisin Dubh, Galway

Luka Bloom
Sunday 20 Feb 2005

20:30 - Adm: €22.50

Located in the West of Galway city, which anyone will tell you is the heart and soul of the town, the Roisin Dubh has been firmly established over the years as one of the finest music venues in the world. ..... the Roisin played host almost every musician worth their salt, from home grown heroes like Christy Moore, The Frames, Damien Dempsey, Luka Bloom, Andy Irvine, to people like Warren Zevon, Townes Van Zandt, Eric Bibb, Doves, Snow Patrol, Ray Manzarek, John Paul Jones.....the list is endless.

Live on RTE Radio 1 - The Gerry Ryan Show
Wednesday, 23 February 2005

Interview with Luka Bloom and live performances of
'June', 'Thank You For Bringing Me Here' and 'City Of Chicago'.

The Gerry Ryan Show is broadcast each week-day morning on RTE 2FM, from 9am to 12 mid-day.
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The Irish Times - 26 February 2005

Important not to forget what's at stake
Six Nations Diary - Ireland v England

26/02/05: This is a big game alright, but it's important that we don't treat it differently from any other game. The levels of professionalism within the squad are such that the same preparation goes into every Test match, and that's the way I'm viewing this one...

We reassembled on Sunday night, trained on Monday morning in Naas - the pitch was covered in snow - followed by a gym session in the afternoon. On Tuesday morning we trained in Terenure, and had another gym session in the afternoon. We trained in snow again at Terenure on Wednesday, had a rest in the afternoon and Christy Moore came in later to play for the squad. His brother Luka Bloom played along with him and they wrote a brilliant song about The Bull (John) Hayes. It was a fantastic night.

Ronan O'Gara

The Sunday Times - February 27, 2005

Our defence must be solid

We've got the balance right between work, rest and play, the spirit is good and there's no reason it shouldn't be.

What to do when the snow is falling and you're stuck in a hotel on the outskirts of Dublin? Well, if you're not studying England's lineout patterns on video, you might be having a private audience with Christy Moore - and Paul McGrath. They were here on Wednesday night. Christy's a mate of Rala, our bag-man (sorry, our kit technician) and he's a big fan of Irish rugby. He was actually very humble about not taking up too much of our time. We had to scream for more.

Christy's brother Luka Bloom was there, too. He even pulled out a song about John Hayes scoring that try out on the wing against Scotland - The Creature of Mass Destruction, he called it. We all joined in on the chorus...

Malcolm O'Kelly

Mayo News - Wednesday, 02 March 2005

Gavin Duffy - The exclusive diary of Mayo's Irish Rugby international.

Now that wasn't a bad weekend. Having experienced the highs of Murrayfield two weeks ago - and possibly the lowest point of Harlequins season last week when we lost 15-9 to a fellow league strugglers Worcester at the Stoop - the weekend just passed was exactly what was needed. I spent all of last week in Dublin with the Irish Squad, staying on an extra couple of days after the team was announced the Wednesday in case Brian O'Driscoll's hamstring would act up again and prevent him from taking his place in the centre...

But it wasn't all just rugby. On Wednesday evening Christy Moore and his brother Barry, aka Luka Bloom, came to the team's base at the City West to meet the squad and perform a few songs. Christy had played for the squad before on two occasions over the last four years and was in great form, telling us a few stories in between songs. He also introduced us to a friend of his who he said wanted to meet the squad. We all turned around to see who was at the back of the room. Who was standing there but Paul McGrath who immediately became highly embarrassed when the whole squad broke out into a chorus of: "Ooh Ah Paul McGrath".

The Moores then got a bit of extra help from Donnacha O'Callaghan in a rendition of Joxer's Dream before Barry Moore gave us an "exclusive" performance of a song he wrote especially for the occasion and about John Haye's try in Scotland... One of the lines was "So England come here with a game plan under construction but we've got our very own weapon of mass destruction" so as you could imagine the whole place was in stitches and even more so because of John's red complexion!

Gavin Duffy

Leinster Leader - Thursday, 10 March 2005

Moore Brothers join the Irish Rugby Team!

Last week two of Ireland's greatest musicians, Newbridge natives Luka Bloom and Christy Moore, played for Ireland's newest hero's, our national Rugby Team in The City West Hotel. Christy had been invited to play for the team for a pre-match celebration and in turn invited his brother Luka to join him.

Both Christy and Luka are huge Rugby fans and were pleased with the invite. Luka Bloom, who released his latest album last Friday entitled Innocence, was truly delighted with the night and even wrote a specific song for one of the players called 'Weapon of Mass Destruction!' Luka wrote the song after watching Bull score an amazing and hilarious try against Scotland. "When Christy asked me to join him for a blast with the squad before the English match, I sang the song and we had a blast, all of us. It was such a huge treat to meet these guys, sing for them, and share this little ditty with them," said Luka Bloom.

Evening Herald - Thursday 24 February 2005

A lone, late Bloom rooted in the bog

Ten albums. That's how may collections of songs Luka Bloom has recorded. And while his new album, 'Innocence', features some fine playing by guest musicians, Luka insists on performing solo on his current tour. "My gig is very personal," he explains. "I'm used to expressing myself on my own and developing a rapport with the audience. I haven't done a Vicar Street-type gig in Dublin for about two years so I want to do this one on my own. That said, I'd love to do a gig later in the year with the lads who play on the record because I think they're great."

Given the number of young singer-songwriters who've captured the public imagination in recent years, Luka Bloom can be seen as something of a prophet in his own land. "The scene is very different to what it was," he says. "I grew up in the '70s when there were people like myself, Freddie White, Sonny Condell, Leo O'Kelly, Mick Hanley and John Spillane soldierung away. The one thing that was very different in those days was that there wasn't an audience for guys who wrote songs. Every single one of us struggled to earn a crust. The only one who did well in Ireland in those days was Freddie White because he did brilliant versions of Randy Newman songs."

"Credit is due to lads like the two Damiens [Rice and Dempsey], Paddy [Casey], Glen [Hansard] and Mundy - they are the first generation of Irish songwriters to emerge into an Ireland that actually wants to hear their songs," adds Luka.

Writing songs since the early '70s, when he was known as Barry Moore, Luka moved to the States where he reinvented himself as a writer and performer. While he's excited by the current vogue, he doesn't see himself as part of the new wave of Irish songwriter. The meditative qualities of his new songs suggest, rather, a mature artist at work. "I'm going to be 50 this year," reveals Luka. "And I've been writing songs since I was 14. For the most part I work alone with the guitar and it's so easy to fall into a trap of making the same record over and over. I always try and challenge myself to say something a bit different. And I always listen to different music. If I can't keep this exciting for me, how am I supposed to bring an audience along?"

Bloom's songs on 'Innocence' display what might be considered a strong pagan undertow. "Maybe that has something to do with moving back down to the bog, going back to the roots, literally," he suggests. "When you live in the city you don't notice the seasons changing because of light pollution," he adds. "This might sound like a small thing, but to me the details of songs are what life's all about."

Luka Bloom plays Dublin's Vicar Street tonight.

- in conversation with EAMON CARR

Aiken Promotions presents

Luka Bloom Live @ Vicar Street

Luka Bloom Luka Bloom plays live @
Vicar Street on Thursday, February 24th.

Tickets are €22.50 and are available through
Ticketmaster and other usual outlets nationwide.

Luka's performance is summed in his own words -
"Every gig is precious. Whether the Spa in Lisdoonvarna,
Carre in Amsterdam, or the Melbourne Concert Hall,
the privilege is the same, as is the commitment to the gig."

Vicar Street - Dublin
Thursday, 24 February 2005
Sunny Sailor Boy
She Moved Through The Fair
First Light Of Spring
Doing The Best I Can
Gypsy Music
I Am Not At War With Anyone
Miracle Cure
Peace On Earth
Make You Feel My Love
In Between Days
Diamond Mountain
Thank You For Bringing Me Here
City Of Chicago
No Matter Where You Go, There You Are

Here And Now
The Acoustic Motorbike
I'm A Bogman

Don't Be Afraid Of The Light That Shines Within You
Luka Bloom
concert photos >>

BBC - Music - Gigs/Concerts

Luka Bloom

Brother of Christy Moore but a wonderfully talented and individual performer in his own right, with a host of acclaimed albums behind him, Luka Bloom has gigged and lived all over the world, yet always returns to native soil.

Waterfront Hall, 2 Lanyon Place, Belfast
dates: Sunday 27th February
times: 8pm. tickets: £15.00

Wednesday 23rd February 2005
News Letter - Musical Clash Set To Be A Battle Of Rival Attractions
Your Guide Folk, Jazz & World By Geoff Harden

Yet more songwriting skills will be on show on Sunday with two more terrific performers peddling their wares. Luka Bloom, who went down a storm when he supported Planxty in the Waterfront Hall last month, is back for his own show in the Waterfront Studio...

U.TV - This Week
Friday 08 April 2005 - KELLY

Luka Bloom
Following the release of his stunning 10th album Innocence, Luka Bloom returned to Kelly to perform his moving song City of Chicago. After treading the boards of stages all over the globe, Luka is getting ready to embark on another 12 date tour of Ireland this May and June and judging by the warm welcome our audience gave him his fans will not be disappointed.

GERRY KELLY is one of Ireland's most popular tv presenters. Kelly first came on air in September 1989 and has become Ireland's favourite chat show. Broadcast live every Friday night from UTV's Studio One in Belfast it is hosted by award-winning presenter Gerry Kelly. During the past 15 years, Gerry has interviewed hundreds of the biggest names in showbusiness, film and television, music, sport and politics, as well as giving many local people a chance to experience their fifteen minutes of fame. In broadcasting terms Kelly has become an institution in Northern Ireland, and is the most popular programme of its kind on the ITV network.


Interview on Health Web Radio

Friday, 22 April 2005

Irish singer and songwriter Luka Bloom talks to Rory Hafford about his struggles
to maintain a healthy outlook while 'on the road'. He also reveals the torment he went
through on discovering 'nodules' on his vocal cords and faced up to the terrible reality
that he may not be able to do the only thing in the world he loved... sing.
Real One Player [15 mins]

Live on RTE Radio 1 - Today with Pat Kenny
Wednesday, 18 May 2005

Interview with Luka Bloom and live performances of 'June' and 'Thank You For Bringing Me Here'.

Today With Pat Kenny is a slice of Irish life, with guest interviews, music and much much more. Pat brings you a very individual blend of talk-show topics, serious issues as well as the brighter side of life and a great dose of classic tunes.
When: Monday - Friday, 10.00am >
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Welcome to Riversessions website.
Most intimate gigs in Ireland on Moon River
Luka Bloom
Our next gig is 'Luka Bloom' on Moon River, Carrick-On-Shannon, May 26th.
Phone 071-9621777 for info and bookings, tickets only €20...

Hot Press Magazine - 09 May 2005

Bloom! Shake The Room

Kildare's favourite son and godfather of the singer-songwriter scene, Luka Bloom, talks to Jackie Hayden about his most intimate album to date, Innocence, gigging with The Frames in Australia and hanging backstage with Gabriel Byrne.

Aiken Promotions presents...

LUKA BLOOM - Live Irish Tour 2005

Luka Bloom plays live around Ireland from 28th May - 12th June 2005.

Following the release of his stunning new album Innocence, Luka Bloom takes to the road for a 12 date tour of Ireland this May and June. Luka's tour will take him to Derry, Letterkenny, Waterford, Athlone, Castlebar, Ennis, Galway, Cork, Limerick, Dundalk, Portlaoise and Tullamore.

Autumnal shades pervade Luka Bloom's 10th album, Innocence. All the road miles, pedal rotations and late night concerts have wrought a burnished tint to the man who's given us classics as diverse as the languid 'Sunny Sailor Boy', the lonesome and harrowing 'The City Of Chicago' and the unapologetically defiant 'You'. And now, 10 albums on, Luka Bloom's musical journey has brought him to a place where songs seep from every pore, and melodies celebrate the ordinariness of life.

Tickets for Luka's tour are now on sale from the venue box offices
and other usual ticket outlets and are priced from €20.

SAT 28 May  Derry, The Playhouse - 048 71 268027
SUN 29 May  Letterkenny, An Grianan - 07491 20777
TUE 31 May  Waterford, Forum - 051 871111
WED 01 Jun   Athlone, Dean Crowe Theatre - 09064 912129
FRI 03 Jun  Castlebar, TF Royal Theatre - 0818 300000
SAT 04 Jun  Ennis, Glor - 065 6843103
SUN 05 Jun  Galway, Roisin Dubh - 091 533888 / 564961
TUE 07 Jun  Cork, An Cruiscin Lan - 021 4847776
WED 08 Jun  Limerick, Dolan's - 061 314483
FRI 10 Jun  Dundalk, Town Hall Theatre - 042 9329649
SAT 11 Jun  Portlaoise, Dunamaise Arts Centre - 0502 63355
SUN 12 Jun  Tullamore, Bridge House - 0505 25550

Playhouse Cover The Playhouse, Derry City
LUKA BLOOM - Saturday 28 May

8pm - tickets: £15

On tour to coincide with the release of his new album 'Innocence', the celebrated singer-songwriter makes a welcome return to the Playhouse.

An electrifying live performer, Luka Bloom's music is lyrically astute and vocally soulful, rooted in the folk tradition but calling on a wide range of influences. Rich and reflective, his concert repertoire includes both tender and dynamic original material and a surprisingly eclectic selection of other people's material.
Audiences are guaranteed an uplifting and outstanding night from a performer who's trademark is his exhilarating guitar playing, his fine voice and his warm and passionate delivery.

Derry News - May 2005

Luka Bloom @ The Playhouse, Derry

"Melbourne, Sydney, Brussels, Hamburg, Amsterdam - all those gigs were just a warm up for Derry". Flattery, as you know, gets you everywhere and right from the start Luka Bloom intoned flattery upon his responsive and respectful Derry audience Saturday night past in the Playhouse.

Presenting a performer in the most suitable venue can prove crucial to the success of a gig, and nowhere in the city can do casual intimacy quite like the Playhouse. Seated centre-stage and lit by a single spotlight that threw silhouettes and spidery shadows against the black drapes and walls, Luka Bloom is not a figure to wilt before an expectant crowd.

Comfortable with his audience, Bloom is a performer that heeds the contract of give and take. With easy humorous between song banter, he brings his listeners along with gentle self- mockery and delicate touches of social, political and personal awareness. This set, taken primarily from his current album, 'Innocence' displayed Bloom's strengths as a songwriter that marvels at the wonders of the world.

The beauty of the natural world came across in the opener 'First Light of Spring' and 'Primavera' a song saturated with Spanish like rhythm, whilst 'June' was a leap into summer sunshine. Immigration/emigration feature heavily in the Bloom songbook, chronicled here by 'Gypsy Music' and 'No Matter Where You Go, There You Are'. A Bloom song made famous by his more famous brother Christy Moore, 'The City of Chicago' has not in the past been a standard of his set, but it received an airing here.

Live Review by MARK BURNS

May Listings

Luka Bloom An Grianan Theatre
Letterkenny, Co. Donegal
Sun 29 May - Luka Bloom

8pm - Tickets: €20

In 1987, Barry Moore flew out to America and Luka Bloom came back. Singing his songs around the US, gigging with The Pogues, the Violent Femmes, The Dixie Chicks, Hothouse Flowers, The Cowboy Junkies. He signed with Warner Music in Los Angeles, and made 'Riverside', 'The Acoustic Motorbike', and 'Turf'. 2001 was a busy year for Luka, he created Big Sky Records and and released 'The Barry Moore Years', an album of early songs written before 1987. In the same year Luka made 'Between the Mountain and the Moon', an album of new original songs. 2003, 'Amsterdam' was released - a live performance from a great night in the Carre Theatre in Amsterdam. In 2004 'Before Sleep Comes' was recorded, nine soft songs for insomniacs.

Fans of Luka will tell you, a live gig with Luka Bloom is not to be missed, and will not be easily forgotten!

Forum Waterford
The Glen, Waterford, Co. Waterford, Ireland
Tuesday 31 May - Luka Bloom

Seated Unreserved - €22.50

Luka started out as Barry Moore of Newbridge, County Kildare. In the early years of his career he wrote songs for Christy Moore, Moving Hearts and many more before moving to America. Now based in Ireland, Luka plays acoustic guitars and sings mainly self written songs and a handful of cover versions. -

Waterford Today Online - Issue 250 - 11 May 2005

LUKA BLOOM Live on Tour

Following the release of his stunning new album Innocence, Luka Bloom takes to the road for a 12 date tour of Ireland this May and June which includes a stop off in The Forum Waterford on Tuesday May 31st.... Tickets for Luka's Forum Waterford date are now on sale from 'NEXT-DOOR, THE FORUM', open daily 11am - 11pm, phone (051) 87 11 11 and from Tickets are priced at €22.50.

The Clare Champion, Ennis - Friday, 27 May 2005

The visit of a rare talent in full Bloom

Luka Bloom, who plays Glór as part of his tour. Ennis has been confirmed as a stop on the upcoming Luka Bloom tour which sees him travel to a dozen locations throughout the country in May and June. Itís appropriate that Luka has chosen a Clare date, considering his appreciation for the county and the inspirational role it has had on his music and writing. The tour follows the release of his latest album, Innocence, and he says his performances will see him maintain his commitment to the live performance...

The Clare Champion, Ennis - Friday, 3 June 2005

Luka offers glimpse of a talent in full bloom

Luka Bloom Luka Bloom's latest album 'Innocence' is in the shops and the Kildare-born troubadour plays Glór this Saturday, June 4.

Luka Bloom's new album sparkles like a thousand diamonds in golden sunbeams. 'Innocence', playing softly in the CD player, requires you to relax as it envelops you, like the warm shadows of an open fire, in its unique ambience. Bloomís songs have the beautiful ability to instil in the listenerís mind a wealth of imaginative thoughts. Be it dining alfresco underneath the cover of a star-studded sky, or maybe kayaking around a coral-fringed lagoon... once you close those eyes, Luka's album will transport you anywhere you wish.

The newly released 'Innocence' is his tenth album, so what is it exactly that keeps this entertainer musically inspired? "Every piece of absolute crap inspires me!" he laughs. "People go through things in their lives and they have all these stories to tell. So I listen and I then try to transform ordinary things into extraordinary things. That's my mission." Most singer-songwriters have a song that is special to them; a song they created with a passion that is revived each and every time they listen to the notes recorded. Does Luka have a personal favourite on the album list? "No, I donít have a favourite," he responds, with a serious tone suddenly underpinning his every word, "I love them all. I just wouldn't put a song on the album if I didn't love it."....

Interview by Tara King

Glor Irish Music Centre - Ennis
LUKA BLOOM - Saturday 4 June 2005

Time: 8pm - Tickets: €20

Hear Luka play old favourites and songs from his new album, 'Innocence'.

The younger brother of Christy Moore, Barry Moore relocated to the US in 1987 and rechristened himself Luka Bloom. A master interpreter, Bloom has continued to balance original songs with reinvention of tunes by a diverse range of songwriters. Fans of Luka will tell you, a live gig with Luka Bloom is not to be missed, and will not be easily forgotten!

Dolan's Warehouse - Limerick
LUKA BLOOM - Wednesday 8 June 2005

Upstairs - Time: 8pm - Tickets: €20

A passionate and dynamic performer, and following the release of his stunning new album Innocence, Luka Bloom takes to the road for a 12 date tour of Ireland this May and June. In his own words "Every gig is precious".

"In short: More moving with every album he makes... There's an unrivalled tenderness to Luka Bloom's enchanting, earnest songwriting - his musical and lyrical delivery possesses that special charm. Deft, delicate touch on the six-string and distinguishable Irish lilt in his honeyed vocals draws you in immediately".
Melbourne Sunday Herald

June Listings

The Spirit Store - Dundalk
Fri 10th - Luka Bloom - Tickets 15 euro

Luka parks his acoustic motorbike outside and will be playing tracks from his brilliant new album 'Innocence'.

The Spirit Store -
George's Quay, Dundalk, Co. Louth +353-42-9352697

Laois Nationalist - Thursday, May 19, 2005

Dunamaise welcomes summer with a sizzling programme of events

The Dunamaise Arts Centre, Portlaoise welcomes the summer with a sizzling programme of events.
Among the many highlights of the new programme is a brand new series of family shows on Sundays, Roddy Doyle's first children's play No Messin' with the Monkeys!, the inimitable Luka Bloom, the explosive Mexican trio Más Y Más, singer-songwriter Pierce Turner, an exhibition by Laois artist Gemma Guihan and many, many more...

As always, the Dunamaise Arts Centre has a spectacular line-up of musical treats in-store for the summer season. Following the release of his stunning new album, Luka Bloom performs at the Dunamaise for one night only as part of his Irish tour on Saturday, June 11.

The Box Office at the Dunamaise Arts Centre opened for bookings for its summer 2005 programme on Monday, May 16 (0502-63355).

RTE Radio 1 > Spectrum > Luka Bloom
Saturday, 18 June 2005, 2.01pm

No Matter Where You Go, There You Are (from 'Innocence')
Live in studio: Interview with Luka Bloom and live performance of City Of Chicago

Listen to the series >

This series is presented by the South African Ambassador to Ireland Melanie Verwoerd
whose term of office officially ends in July of this year. It is a celebration of all facets of Ireland's
multicultural society in 2005. It looks at the people, the music, the stories, the poetry, the art,
as well as the many festivals taking place throughout the summer all over Ireland.
The series introduces to the listeners the many and varied group which have emerged
over the last number of years as Ireland has become a truly multicultural society.

Info: -
Listen to the series:
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Galway Advertiser - Entertainment - Thursday 26 May 2005

Changing houses works wonders for Luka Bloom

Moving to America gave Luka Bloom the confidence to find his own musical voice. Moving to a new house in Kildare has helped him write the best albums of his career. The reason? "I'm allergic to nostalgia," he says.

Luka Bloom will play the Róisín Dúbh on Sunday June 5 as part of The Galway Sessions 2005. It's fitting he should play a trad festival because when he started off in the 1970s it was as a folk singer called Barry Moore.

Back then he often played support to his brother Christy's band Planxty. When Planxty reformed for some gigs last year, Luka was again providing the support. Did he get a sense of deja vu doing those gigs?

"The deja vu was when I saw them in Vicar Street," Luka tells me over the phone from his house in Kildare. "It was a shock seeing them together after all these years. As for playing support I just presented myself and did my gig. I'm allergic to nostalgia."

That's not suprising. Luka's never been afraid to change or move forward. After his time as a folk singer, he led a new wave band called Red Square, then in the late 1980s, he moved to the USA, changed his name to Luka Bloom, and got what he tells me were "a few positive kicks up the arse" in New York. He had finally found his identity and a highly distinctive songwriting approach.

Watching Luka on stage supporting Planxty in Galway last December, it was hard not to conclude that he's never been better. Indeed Between The Mountains And The Moon (2001), live album Amsterdam (2003), Before Sleep Comes (2004), and this year's Innocence, represent his strongest ever run of albums, and some of the best by any Irish singer-songwriter in recent times.

Luka Bloom "I think I have been a late developer," Luka says modestly, though he admits his most recent work is among his strongest. "Something has shaken in me in the last two years. I decided to simplify the guitar and focus on the lyrics and get across what it is that really motivates me and moves me. I'm going to attribute some of that to the house I live in now in Co Kildare on the outskirts of the Bog of Allen."

How did moving house affect his work? "It's a practical thing of being able to write something without disturbing other people," he says. "I lived for 27 years in city centres and in an apartment there would be people on the other side of every wall and it was difficult to do your work without upsetting someone. When I lived in Dublin I would rent a cottage in the Burren and work there for four weeks on the songs but I don't have to do that anymore. Now I can go to the Burren and visit friends and relax. I can now do my work where I live and that has made a big impact and I feel there is a freshness to my work."

It is appropriate perhaps that the intimate surroundings of home and the familiarity of the Kildare countryside is where Innocence was recorded. It's an album that celebrates the joy of simple pleasures - a celebration of how the ordinary in life has a special quality that can be more meaningful than the seemingly 'important' events.

"I would regard that as a perfect analysis of what drives me and motivates me," Luka replies. "Writing songs for me is about making the ordinary extraordinary. People live such fast, materialistic lives that we lose touch with the essential magic of the ordinary."

True to his "I'm allergic to nostalgia" stance the album is in no way sentimental or self-satisfied. There is a boldness to it, a determination to make the listener look at things from a different point of view - whether it is to simply appreciate the moment or the increasingly changing face of Irish society.

"I don't believe music can change the world in a global sense," says Luka, "but I absolutely believe it can transform an individual life and can articulate our experiences, sorrows, joys and I think that is the challenge of this particular songwriter."

The most challenging song on Innocence, and perhaps the finest Luka has ever written, is the north African flavoured 'No Matter Where You Go, There You Are' - recounting the tale of a Muslim who, exiled from Algeria, makes his home in Galway. What led Luka to write this song?

"On the album that song is beside 'City Of Chicago' and that's deliberate," Luka replies. "'City Of Chicago' articulates some of the hurt and isolation people who left Ireland and emigrated to Boston, Chicago, and London felt. Now we've gone from that situation to the reverse where people are coming to Ireland in search of the same life we sought.

I wanted to write a personal song, a positive song, not an anti-Conor Lenihan song. I wanted to highlight the talent and resources emigrants bring and I used as an example a friend of mine from Algeria called Mohamed. He now lives in northern Holland. He doesn't live in Galway but he has been to Galway. I used his experience for coming to Europe as background for the story I wanted to tell of him making his way from Algeria to Galway and it's a song I like to sing in Galway."

Luka Bloom plays the Róisín Dúbh on Sunday June 5.
Tickets are available from the Róisín Dúbh, Mulligans, and Redlight Records.

Roisin Dubh > Change of date for Luka Bloom

The date for the Luka Bloom show has been changed to Wednesday June 22 to coincide with the Galway Sessions (19-26 June). All tickets for the show on June 5 are valid for this show, or full refunds are available from point of purchase. We apologise for any inconvenience.

LUKA BLOOM - 22 June 2005 - 8.00pm €20 - Roisin Dubh, Galway

McDermott's Pub - Doolin, Co. Clare
Session with Luka Bloom - Wednesday, 13 July 2005

Doolin is world renowned for Traditional Irish Music and it's beautiful surroundings. With the Cliffs of Moher and the Burren just 'up the road', it's the ideal place to stay and explore the area. There are three Pubs in Doolin and McDermott's may be just the one for you. Starting off with a good meal, accompanied by a smooth Pint of Guinness and rounded off with a great Irish Music Session - what more can you ask for..... Many famous musicians have played here over the years, including Seamus Creagh, Josephine Marsh, Mary Custy, Sharon Shannon and Luka Bloom, to name just a few.

Luka Bloom on RTÉ's 'Daniel O'Donnell Show'

Daniel's back on RTÉ ONE for a new series beginning on Sunday 17 July.
Recorded before a live studio audience the series will run for ten weeks and
features interviews and performances from national and international guests.

> Sunday, 31 July - 20:30 - The Daniel O'Donnell Show
Music and chat show hosted by Daniel O'Donnell with a line-up of celebrity guests.
Daniel is joined by singer-songwriter Luka Bloom and American R & B/soul legends the Drifters.

Daniel plays host & performer for the series and is accompanied throughout by his house band. Guests who will feature in the series include: Paul Young, Luka Bloom, Lucie Silvas, Elkie Brooks, Diarumid Gavin, Steve Brookstein, Pat Boone and The Drifters.


Leinster Leader - Thursday, August 4, 2005

Singing and Dancing at Lughnasa a huge hit in Rathangan

Rathangan was transformed into the music capital of Leinster at the recent Lughnasa Festival. Buskers turned out in force for the second annual competition which turned out to be one of the biggest crowd pullers of the August Bank Holiday celebrations...

"The standard of entries was superb. It's great to see so much local talent on display," said committee chairman Paddy O'Loughlin. "The Sunday night concert (31 July 2005) was fantastic with The Walls, The Blizzards and Fred. We had some great bands playing including our own Chasing Faith and Lemon.

"Unfortunately the weather let us down on Friday night but Toss the Feather kept the show going in the community centre after the official opening. Seamus Kelly's book launch and the Church of Ireland concert was a great success. Luka Bloom was sold out on Monday night..." He added: "I would like to thank everybody for turning out over the weekend. Thanks to all our sponsors including our main sponsor Rathangan and District Credit Union."

Lughnasa is one of the four Celtic Fire Festivals which are celebrated at points midway between the solstices and equinoxes.
Samhain, on November 1st, begins the Celtic new year. This is followed by Imbolc (February 1st), Bealtaine (May 1st),
and Lughnasa (August 1st). The name is derived from the Celtic deity Lugh, god of all arts and crafts.

Féile An Phobail - West Belfast 2005

Damien Dempsey, Luka Bloom and Gráda
Music at the Giant's Foot

Tuesday 2nd August, 8pm

Damien Dempsey's unique sound reflects the influence of traditional Irish Sean Nós and his musical heroes: Bob Marley and Elvis Presley. An award winning fearless and confrontational songwriter who has played with Christy Moore, Bob Dylan and Morrissey.

Supported by Luka Bloom and Gráda in an unmissable night of unique and dynamic sounds.

Tickets £8 from all Féile outlets.
Sponsored by Foras na Gaeilge.

RTE Radio 1 > Brenda Power

A daily programme in which Brenda Power examines the human interest stories behind the headlines.

Brenda Power > Luka Bloom: 9th August 2005
Singer Songwriter Luka Bloom. His new album is called 'Innocence' but the song featured on the programme today was taken from his 'Riverside' album >> The Man Is Alive

>> Click on the date to listen to the show.
[RealOne Player]

Luka Bloom Magnetic Music Café
Doolin, Co Clare

Luka Bloom
Ireland's legendary songwriter

Saturday 13th of August 2005
Doors 21:30
advance sales €18.00
Phone (+353) 065 707 4988

Events > "Best for the West" Concerts
Once again we have organised our "Best for the West" concert series commencing in mid-July until early September, doors opening at 9.30pm. Our non-smoking venue offers a wonderful opportunity to hear some of Ireland's best-known artists in a listening atmosphere. To avoid disappointment, please book your tickets in advance as The Magnetic Music Café is a small, intimate venue.


THE TICKET - ROOTS - Friday, 12 August 2005

Tuesday 16 August 2005

Luka Bloom
- One of the best singer-songwriters in Ireland performs in one of the most intimate venues in Dublin county. Seamus Ennis Cultural Centre, The Naul, Fingal - 8.30pm - €18.95 - 01-8020898

Seamus Ennis Centre - Naul, County Dublin
Tuesday 16th August - Luka Bloom

Doors open: 8.30 pm - Adm: €18.95

From a very early age Luka was writing songs and honing his skills as a serious guitar player.
He first went on tour as the support act to his eledest brother, Christy Moore, in 1969 at the tender
age of 14. Since then he has gained international recognition and has released a number of
very successful albums. Don't miss this opportunity to see Luka in an intimate setting.
For more information visit: Booking recommended.

The Séamus Ennis Cultural Centre is a traditional Irish Musical Centre dedicated to the memory of
Séamus Ennis and is situated in Naul, Fingal, North County Dublin. The Centre has a year round
programme of live traditional music, Irish language and Irish Dancing classes.
Phone: 01 8020898 - E-Mail for Enquiries and General Information:

Barry's Public House - Grange, County Sligo
Sat 20th August - Luka Bloom
9.30PM - Tickets: €15
Luka Bloom

Sligo Weekender - Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Luka makes his return to his favourite Sligo venue
By Fergal Gallagher

Luka Bloom returns to Sligo for the first time this year with his new album in tow and a wealth of new songs at his fingertips. Luka plays one of his favourite Irish venues. Barry's Public House in Grange on Saturday, August 20. Tickets cost €15 and are available in advance. The doors open at 9.30pm.

The Irish musician and songwriter launched 'Innocence' in March of this year to massive critical acclaim. Reviewers from Australia to Austria to right here in Ireland have been praising this latest collection of songs from Luka, brother of Christy Moore.

Melbourne's Sunday Herald Sun said "More moving with every album he makes. There's an unrivalled tenderness to Luka Bloom's enchanting earnest songwriting, his musical and lyrical delivery possesses t hat special charm."

The Irish Times was full of praise too " Evidently personally content, Luka's music bespeaks of matters spiritual rather than material. His belly is fired by personal reflection rather than political objection and it makes for a satisfying gathering."

Jackie Hayden of Hot Press gave it eight stars out of ten and commented "With this more reflective and introspective album, he restores himself to his rightful place in the pantheon of intelligent and passionate songsmiths with his uncanny ability to see the power and meaning in the atoms of daily life."

But we'll leave the last word to the man himself. One of his songs "No Matter Where You Go, There You Are" sums up Bloom's trademark lyrical signature. As he says "No matter where you go, there you are / so don't let go of what you know to be true."

The Granary - Killarney, County Kerry
Thursday 25 August - Luka Bloom

10:30pm - Tickets: €15
Having tread the boards of stages all over the globe, 36 years of craft honing has given
Luka Bloom from Newbridge a place on the music map...

Whazon - Cork
Your Online Guide to Cork, Waterford and Kilkenny

Luka Bloom
Friday 26 August, 9pm @ The Blackbird, Ballycotton.
Saturday 27 August, 8pm @ Sirius Arts Centre, Cobh.

Sirius Arts Centre - Cobh, County Cork
Saturday 27 August - Luka Bloom

8pm - Tickets: €17
An evening with Luka Bloom plus support

Whazon - Kilkenny
Your Online Guide to Cork, Waterford and Kilkenny

Luka Bloom
Wednesday 31 August, 9pm @ Cleere's, Kilkenny.

THE TICKET - ROOTS - Friday, 09 September 2005
Thursday 15 > DONEGAL

Luka Bloom
- Irish singer-songwriter; low maintenance, high quality.
Balor Theatre, Ballybofey - 8.30pm - €15/€12 - 074-9131840

Balor Theatre - Ballybofey, Co Donegal
Entertainment Listings for 2005 - Upcoming Events
Thurs Sep 15th - LUKA BLOOM
8.30pm - Adm €15 - Full Bar

A few years back, Black Arthur's Folk Club was a thriving music night in Ballybofey with singer/songwriters from round the country coming to share their music. You'd pay a pound in every thursday, there'd always be good music and, more often than not, a party afterwards. One of the most popular artists was a young man who'd hitch to and from Ballybofey to play there called Barry Moore.

Well, in 1987 Barry Moore flew out to America and Luka Bloom came back. He's sang his songs around America with the likes of The Pogues, The Violent Femmes, The Dixie Chicks, The Hothouse Flowers. He's released album after album of quality music while all the time remaining true to his roots. Even now after all this time you can still here the same timeless emotion in his songs that captivated everyone at Black Arthurs all those years ago.

Luka returns to The Balor Theatre on Thursday 15th September and we've decided to make it a Black Arthur's Folk Club reunion night! We're encouraging all those who used frequent the famous folk club to dust down their '80's clothes and come down to make a special night of it. There will be special spot prizes on the night for those wearing the best 80's dress. It'll be a special night of nostalgia to catch up with old friends, relive old memories and, of course, listen to the stunning music of Luka Bloom.

Sunday Business Post - Sunday, August 28, 2005

Under pressure
By Niamh Connolly

A pot full of tea, mugs and a packet of iced teacakes are laid out on the kitchen table in Mary Corduff 's house, ready for whoever comes through the back door. And there has been no shortage of callers to her Rossport home since her husband, Willie, went into Cloverhill prison along with four neighbours for obstructing exploration giant Shell's building of a high-pressure gas pipeline alongside their land. The Corduff house is the nerve centre of the campaign to 'Free the Rossport Five'.

The men's wives, Caitlin Ni Sheighin, Aggie Philbin, Mary Corduff and the 'two Maureens' - wives of Vincent and Philip McGrath - are resolute: the pipeline pumping untreated gas will not be going through the bogland next to their homes.

Local teacher Maura Harrington is the latest visitor. "Luka Bloom is in Rossport. He's down visiting the camp to show his support for the campaign," she tells the women. Harrington, who is the principal in Inver national school, and Irish Times columnist Fintan O'Toole addressed a packed meeting on the Shell controversy in Dublin last week. "Who is Luka Bloom?" says one of the women to Maura. "He's Christy Moore's brother," comes a chorus.

..."It was the local people on the ground that brought the issue of the unauthorised work to the Minister, because the Department was ignoring it. It was only because a photograph was finally presented to them of the welded pipeline that they accepted it," says Mary Corduff. The women express bewilderment at the postcards they are getting from far-flung destinations in support of their campaign - from Australia, the United States, and Africa as well as Europe...

Wednesday 07/09/2005
Message from Luka Bloom


First of all, my sincere sympathies to all the people of the Gulf Coast in the US. These are heartbreaking times there. I had one great night in Tipitina's in New Orleans in a sweltering July in 1988 with The Pogues. God bless you all; you are in my thoughts and prayers.

I'm sending out this note to speak briefly about something which has nothing to do with my work. It concerns a matter in Ireland which I find very heavy right now.

There are 5 men from a little village in County Mayo called Rossport in prison for nearly 70 days now. They are not criminals. For 5 years they have been trying to protect their village from a project involving The Corrib Gas field; a huge gas resource off the Mayo coast. The project involves Shell Oil, Statoil, and I think Enterprise. The Irish government has granted permission to the oil companies to build a refinery about nine kilometres inland. This means that the untreated gas will come ashore, and a pipe will carry it the nine kilometres; passing on its route, through the village of Rossport, 70 metres from the houses of the men imprisoned. These men, and many other men and women, have been campaigning for 5 years to have the gas refined at sea, and piped safely inland. They have protested Shells' activity and as a result, Shell had an injunction placed upon them. They were brought to court, and told unless they agreed to apologise to Shell and also guarantee they would not interfere with work, they would be in contempt of court and imprisoned. And there they are, in prison for trying to protect their community. They will remain in prison until they 'purge their contempt', or Shell agrees to lift the injunction. Shell won't move. The men will not 'purge' unless Shell lifts the injunction.

This is a complicated issue. I am not an engineer, and do not understand the complexities of the project itself. But I have visited Rossport recently, and seen the incredible beauty of the place. I have also seen the madness of this pipe passing so close to peoples' homes. And I have met the families of some of these men. It is easy to see their hurt, that their loved ones are imprisoned for their principles. And it is very impressive to see their determination and strength in incredibly difficult circumstances. I admire them greatly. And I support their call for the release of these men immediately. I believe these people have not been given a proper hearing, to voice their concerns to the Government. I believe their imprisonment to be a gross injustice. I urge Irish people to visit Rossport, and see for themselves the madness being visited on this community. For myself, until Shell lifts it's injunction, and allows these men to be freed and to debate/negotiate with them, I will not be buying any petrol from Shell or Statoil outlets.

For further information on this matter, please visit and

Peace and love, Luka

The Glens Centre > Saturday, 17 September 2005
Sunset Cruise of Innisfree with Luka Bloom & Dick Warner

A very special evening for the Green Festival on the Rose of Innisfree. Dick Warner will host a short lecture which will be followed by an intimate concert with Luka Bloom, one of Ireland's finest singer/songwriters. Luka's trademark is his thunderous and exhilarating acoustic guitar playing, his fine voice and his warm and passionate delivery.

The Rose Of Innisfree, Parke's Castle, Co. Leitrim
Boat leaves the quay at 7pm sharp!! Limited tickets so booking is essential.

The cruise on Lough Gill with Dick Warner and Luka Bloom is sold out.

Sunset Cruise of Innisfree with Luka Bloom and Dick Warner
The Rose Of Innisfree, Parke's Castle, Co. Leitrim
Saturday, 17th of September

Dick Warner, well known environmentalist, conservationist, broadcaster and presenter of Waterways, will host a short lecture. This will be followed by an intimate concert with Luka Bloom, one of Ireland's finest singer/songwriters who's trademark is his thunderous and exhilarating acoustic guitar playing, his fine voice and his warm and passionate delivery.

This is an unique opportunity not to be missed!
Limited tickets so booking is essential. Booking: 071 98 55833 - €22

The Scene - Issue 56 - Monday, 5 September 2005

Compost is the new wine

"Forget about wine, these days dinner party talk is about composting." says Hans Wieland, programme manager at the Organic Centre and one of the organisers of the Green Festival Northwest.... The Green Festival, which takes place in Leitrim and neighbouring counties from Friday September 16th - Sunday September 25th, aims to raise awareness about composting, waste prevention, alternative architecture and energy and to generally encourage people to leave a softer footprint on the earth and live life in a more sustainable way...

One of the highlights of the festival will be a boat tour of Lough Gill on The Rose of Innisfree on September 17th at 7pm. Luka Bloom will team up with well known environmentalist Dick Warner for an evening that promises to be as entertaining as it is informative.

The Irish Times - Weekend - September 10, 2005

Luka on the lough
The Third Green Festival North-West runs from September 16th to 25th. One of the highlights that is sure to be booked out quickly is a sunset cruise on Lough Gill with singer-songwriter Luka Bloom and environmentalist Dick Warner.... Programme details from the Organic Centre, Rossinver, Co Leitrim (tel: 071-9854338; e-mail:

Sylvia Thompson
Horizons - Environmental events from around the country

Aiken Promotions presents > GIG FOR NEW ORLEANS

Christy Moore & Friends @ Vicar Street
Tuesday, September 20th.

Doors will open at 7.30pm. Show starts at 8.30pm. This is a fully seated show.
Tickets are €40 from Vicar St. tel: 0818 719 390, Ticketmaster and usual
agents nationwide, and available on the web at
All proceeds from this show will go to The Red Cross to help fund
their effort to aid the people affected by Hurricane Katrina.

from Christy Moore chat:
"Today's gig for New Orleans is sold out. Apart from Declan and I it will feature Wally Page, Mary Coughlan, Lisa Hannigan with Damien Rice, Luka Bloom and Freddie White. It was a spontaneous gesture. I watched the carnage and, in my powerlessness, all I could think to do was make some phonecalls. Everyone said yes. In financial terms it is the slightest drop in an ocean of suffering but it allows a thousand Irish people to spend a night together in solidarity with our brothers and sisters who have lost everything."

20 September 2005 -

Vicar Street Dublin, Tuesday, September 20th 2005

reviewed by Christy Moore

...Declan Sinnott and I were joined by: Wally Page, Luka Bloom, Mary Coughlan, James Delaney, Damien Rice, Lisa Hannigan and Freddie White.

The music performed was: Burning Times - Louisiana 1927 - Motherland - Hattie Carroll - Sail Away - Biko Drum - 16 Fishermen Raving - Finglas Boys - North and South - City of Chicago - Wounded Knee - This Land is Your Land - Lakes of Pontchartrain - Still in Love - Barrel House - Ride On - Baby Sister - Volcano - Missing you - Black is the Colour - On Your Way Down - Black and Blue - Louisiana 1927

For us, it was a special night. The audience responded to the spirit of the occasion - so too did Vicar Street, Ticketmaster and everyone associated with the production of the music and we were all at one.

We give Thanks.

- Christy Moore
21 September 2005 -

Hot Press Magazine - 10 October 2005

Christy Moore Live at Vicar Street, Dublin

This show, a benefit concert for the victims of Hurricane Katrina, was the brain-child of Christy Moore. "I was looking at TV reports from New Orleans and I personally felt a need to respond," he said. "I started to make calls. The Red Cross gave me the nod, Vicar Street gave up their first available date."

At short notice, Moore recruited artists such as Damien Rice, Lisa Hannigan, Mary Coughlan and Declan Sinnott. Together they served up a feast of folk and blues. Highlights included Christy Moore and brother Luka Bloom performing 'City of Chicago' and 'Wounded Knee', Mary Coughlan singing 'Ride On' with Christy on guitar and Rice and Hannigan duetting on a fantastic version of 'Volcano'. As ever, Moore made the audience the focus of his attention, encouraging them to sing along wherever possible.

There was no proselytizing. Moore merely explained the gigís purpose: to send a message of solidarity to the dispossessed people of the delta. The money raised was, he said, "a tiny drop in an ocean of despair". During the famine of 1847, he continued, the Choctaw Nation (Native Americans inhabitants of Louisiana) sent $70 for the relief of hunger in Ireland - "this at a time when they themselves were suffering deprivation". Later, Freddie White's offered a moving rendition (and great impersonation of Louis Armstrong) on 'Black and Blue', a song about racism in the American south.

In total, the benefit raised some €35,000, the bulk going to the Red Cross. The penultimate song of the night was 'Louisana 1927', performed by all the artists on stage together. When it ended, cheers encouraged Moore to re-emerge. He ended a great night with the classic 'Nancy Spain'.

Rory Hearne

Cork Kerry > Things To Do

The Clonakilty International Guitar Festival hopes to swiftly establish itself as one of Ireland's most important guitar events. Its programme will embrace all styles of music; attract audiences, students and performers from all over Ireland, the UK and even America. From traditional to rock, blues to country - whatever your taste, it's all going to be catered for here over one weekend.

Building on Clonakilty's rich tradition in music and all things cultural, it is hoped that this new festival will further Clonakilty's long established reputation as the music capital of West Cork by presenting some of the best names in world guitar over a period of three days. Performances, workshops, concerts and exhibitions are included in the programme.

Artists Confirmed: Louis Stewart (Ireland), Eric Bell (Northern Ireland), Bill Shanley (Clonakilty), Roy Harper (UK), Frankie Lane (Ireland), Stephen Housden (Australia), Clive Barnes (Ireland), Steve Belton (Ireland), Arty McGlynn (Northern Ireland), Luka Bloom (Ireland) and Matt Churchill (UK). More to be confirmed.

Irish Examiner - Saturday, August 27, 2005

Clon's on song as agri-college marks centenary
By Sean O'Riordan and Ray Ryan

A Cork town kicked off a weekend of music last night ahead of separate events to mark its agricultural collegeís centenary. Clonakilty Vintners' Association is sponsoring the music festival which will feature a free open-air concert tomorrow night with The Walls. It will act as a prelude for the town's first international guitar festival next month.... The three-day Clonakilty International Guitar Festival hopes to establish itself as one of Irelandís most important guitar events when it kicks off on September 23. Top acts lined up include England's Roy Harper and Matt Churchill, Stephen Housden from Australia and Ireland's Luka Bloom and Steve Belton. Local and internationally recognised guitarist Bill Shanley has been crucial in helping to set up the festival, which is being organised by a committee chaired by Denis Noonan.

Clonakilty International Guitar Festival
Sept 23rd - 25th, 2005

This year Clonakilty is proud to host their first ever International Guitar Festival. With West Cork being steeped in musical history it seemed only fitting to bring together a group of musicians national and international to not only showcase their skills through concerts, performances and inpromtu sessions, but to pass on those skills to the new emerging talent found in the surrounding areas.

The festival is geared towards those interested in seeing a master display their skills, and share their knowledge.

The weekend will comprise of workshops held from one until six on Saturday and Sunday, live music on the streets, concerts and to top off every night, performances by Luka Bloom, The Frank and Walters and B.P. Fallon's famous Death Disco.

Friday, Sept 23rd - Luka Bloom in concert
with special guest Clive Barnes
Live @ Imperial Hotel
Doors 8:30pm - Concert starts 9pm Sharp
Tickets €20, available from de Barra's and Hickey's Music Shop

more details can be found > newsletter
Friday, 12 August 2005

Luka Bloom to Record a Live DVD in Dublin

Luka Bloom and Union Station Productions are only delighted to invite 100 of you to join in and be part of a one off event, a recording, for a DVD to be released in 2006. This is an invited audience only and seats are limited. We have chosen a small venue in Dublin, to capture an intimate evening with Luka and his audience!

TICKETS: On sale only at > sold out in less than 4 hours!
on Monday 15th of August at 10am GMT, tickets are priced at €20.

VENUE: The Space @ The Helix, Glasnevin, Dublin, Ireland.
DATE: Wednesday September 28th 2005
read concert reviews > Live @ The Helix, Dublin
DVD Live Recording

Luka Bloom Luka Bloom
Luka Bloom during the Question and Answer Session after the concert


Luka Bloom - Whelan's
Tuesday, 25 October 2005

Time: 8pm - Tickets: €25

Luka Bloom, folk singer/songwriter, plays Whelan's on Tuesday, the 25th of October. Luka Bloom showcases new songs from his most recent album,'Innocence' with an intimate concert in Whelans.

Luka Bloom was born Barry Moore in Kildare in 1955, the youngest of six children. A dedicated guitar player, his first live gig was at 14 years of age, playing support for brother Christy on a tour of English folk clubs in 1969.... This concert in Whelans promises to be a musical treat.

Whelan's, 25 Wexford Street, Dublin 8
Tel: +353 1 4780766 -

Cinnamon Club opens @ the Brook Lane Hotel, Kenmare, County Kerry

Freddie White will perform this Saturday night (13/08) at the opening of Kenmare's chic nite venue - the Cinnamon Club at the Brook Lane Hotel

Even before the opening night, the Cinnamon Club has already begun to establish a reputation as an excellent live venue in music circles. Testament is the number of leading Irish artists who have committed to perform over the coming months. These include Freddie White (on the opening night), Mary Coughlan, Mary Doyle Kennedy, Mickey Harte, Isla Grant, Luka Bloom, Kieran Goss and many more. The Club will also feature new artists and comedy acts.

The Cinnamon Club will be open every Saturday night from 9:30pm. Tickets are limited to 100 and can be pre-purchased or bought at the door on the night. For more information telephone the Brook Lane Hotel, Kenmare, Co Kerry on 064 42077 or visit the hotel's website

Irish Examiner - Saturday, September 17, 2005

Go with the river's flow
By Barry Coughlan

Meanwhile, Kenmare in Kerry has a new venue, the Cinnamon Club, in the town's Brook Lane Hotel. There is a special offer of €185 per person sharing for two nights' accommodation, including breakfast, dinner on one evening, and entry into the Cinnamon Club, which features top acts such as Mickey Harte, Isla Grant, Luka Bloom and Kieran Goss.

The Cinnamon Club @ Brook Lane Hotel
Kenmare, Co. Kerry

Up-Coming Events:
October 29th Luka Bloom

Luka Bloom Wexford Festival Opera
20 October - 6 November 2005

Late Night Events
Luka Bloom - Dun Mhuire
Sunday 30 October, 23:30, €15

...His latest offering, Innocence, is that magical journey,
captured by a man with an ear for life's hidden details.

Wexford Festival Opera -
Dun Mhuire Theatre, South Main Street, Wexford - entertainment music - Friday May 27th 2005

Opera festival set to hit the high notes with heady mix of classics and modern

With everything from the classical notes of Ludwig van Beethoven to the more contemporary sounds of Luka Bloom, organisers are anticipating a veritable invasion of music-lovers when the 54th annual Wexford Festival Opera gets underway later this year..... All eyes will be on American-born composer David Agler in his first season as the festival's artistic director. Yesterday, Minister for Arts, Sports and Tourism John O'Donoghue welcomed his appointment at a launch in the Guinness Storehouse, Dublin..... Wexford Festival Opera runs for 18 days and kicks off with a fireworks display on Wexford Quayside, followed by a performance of Maria di Rohan on October 20. Tickets go on sale from next Wednesday, June 1.

James Byrne

AKA - Professional Group Exhibition > 3 Nov - 3 Dec 2005
At Riverbank Arts Centre, Newbridge

Riverbank Arts Centre is delighted to host an exhibition of work by members of the Association of Kildare Artists (AKA). The AKA is the representative body for professional artists living/working in County Kildare. The AKA's members are professional artists drawn from all parts of the county, who exhibit their work during the year nationally and internationally...

The annual exhibition for 2005 will be officially launched at the Riverbank Arts Centre on Thursday, 3rd November at 7.00 pm. Internationally known artist, Luka Bloom, will officially open the exhibition. The exhibition will be open to the public for one month, until Saturday, 3rd December. (Admission free). Participating artists work in a range of medium, including oils, watercolour, sculpture and print...

For more information contact:
Sinead Redmond, Riverbank Arts Centre
045 448314,

Leinster Leader - 10 November 2005

Artists keep us in the picture

Artists have a special role in contemplating and reflecting visually the Kildare landscape, singer Luka Bloom said last week as he launched the 2005 Association of Kildare Artists Exhibition.

That treasure was a feast for the eyes as the works by a collection of artists went on show in the Riverbank Arts Centre in Newbridge, it is open to the public from now until 3 December and does offer an insight into an artistic creativity.

The Association of Kildare Artists represents professional artists living or working in the county and each year the annual exhibition brings the talents of members to a wide audience. The wonderful classical sounds of The Heartstring Quartet provided soothing background music at the Riverbank Arts Centre on Thursday, 3 November, as artists and guests gathered for the official opening of the annual AKA exhibition.

The collection of works on show in the 2005 event was chosen by Marian O'Donnell who said the exhibition gives recognition to local artists in their own home place and celebrates the wealth and diversity of artistic activity in the county.

Artists exhibiting works include Brid Ni Rinn, who is Chairperson of AKA as well as Prosperous artists Brid Og Norrby and Pamela de Bri. Mother and daughter from Clane, Margaret Becker and Rebecca Peart also had works exhibited. Clane artist Fiona Marron and Deirdre Shanley also had works included in the Riverbank exhibition.

Luka Bloom Newbridge artist Rosemary Burns captured, in one of her paintings on exhibit, the Bluebell Walk near Rathangan and this ability by the artist to bring a place to life visually was emphasised by Luka Bloom. He praised the talent of the artist to contemplate and capture the world around them and highlighted how important this is for County Kildare.The AKA exhibition is taking place both in the McKenna Gallery in the Riverbank Arts Centre and also in the restaurant foyer. Admission is free of charge and all paintings are for sale at prices that range from €300 to €3,200.

Photo Leinster Leader: Brid Ni Rin and Luka Bloom

Thursday, 29 December 2005 - RTÉ One 10.30pm

One Faithful Harp:
The Life and Music of Thomas Moore

A documentary celebrating the life and work of Thomas Moore. Featuring original new settings by musicians and singers including Christy Moore, Luka Bloom, Eimear Quinn, Michael McGlynn, Steve Cooney, Laoise Kelly, and Iarla Ó Lionárd, and unexpected archive recordings by artists like Nina Simone and Joe Strummer of the Clash.

One Faithful Harp is a long overdue reassessment of Thomas Moore's life and work. With contributors like Seamus Heaney, Prof. Kevin Whelan, Fintan O'Toole, Nicholas Carolan, Dr. Gerry Lyne and others, this programme will present the Moore repertoire in exciting - even subversive interpretations, against a commentary which will address the controversial questions that surround Moore.

Galway Advertiser - Thursday, 29 December 2005

Sabrina Dinan launches her debut EP at the Roisin Dubh

For fans of the acoustic scene in Galway, the name Sabrina Dinan will not be unfamiliar. The County Clare-born songstress has been wowing audiences here in the city for almost five years. Now the Ennis girl releases her debut EP The Bondi Hotel on Tuesday January 3 in the Róisín Dúbh.... Over the past four years Sabrina has regularly supported Mundy, Roesy, Paddy Casey, Damien Dempsey, Luka Bloom, and Aussie legend Paul Kelly...

Encouragement for Sabrina has not only come from members of her family but also from some well respected musicians. People such as Luka Bloom, Liam O'Maonlai of The Hothouse Flowers, Albert Niland, and Myles O'Reilly of Juno Falls have been singing her praises. "It keeps me thinking that I'm on the right road," Sabrina says of the endorsements. "Sometimes I get moments where I wonder whether I'm doing the right thing. When people say nice things it makes you believe in yourself a lot more. It's really cool that all those people believe in me."

Sabrina Dinan Luka Bloom believes in Sabrina so much that he recently invited her to tour with him in Holland as support act. She jumped at the chance and it has proved to be an important learning curve. "It was great because it gave me a little glimpse of what life is like as a full-time musician," she says. "It sort of motivated me to keep sticking at what I'm doing. Luka taught me so much and he gave me some good advice as to where to go from here. He's a great live performer and I learned a lot of things about that too."

...For more info on Sabrina Dinan log on to


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