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Luka Bloom - Miscellaneous
20 Years Luka Bloom
What is your favourite album?
Luka Bloom Portrait
by Kris Ralph
Irish Net Visionary Award 2003
De Laatste Show > Video Clips
August 2002: guest presenter on
RTÉ's Mystery Train
Soundtrack: The Busker

Luka Bloom on Dutch TV and magazines
RTÉ series Christy Moore Uncovered > Part 2
Voices and Poetry of Ireland
Book & 3 CD Set
From the Cradle to the Stage
A Complete History of Irish Music

songs featuring Luka Bloom
'Luka Bloom' by Merrilyn Simmons
'Letter to E' by the Nits & Luka Bloom
Luka Bloom
Photo: Giorgia Bertazzi

Cry and be still...
Cry the bitter tears for the stolen years
Let's learn love songs, sweet love songs
Songs that don't deny what has been and done
Songs that throw some light on each and everyone
Songs that reach across divides and barricades
Songs that civilize and promise brighter days
Open up your arms, let the healing begin
Luka Bloom

20 Years Luka Bloom - What is your favourite album?

In 1987 the Irish musician Barry Moore adopted the stage name Luka Bloom.
After 20 years of Luka Bloom music and 10 official released albums, the big question:

What is YOUR favourite LUKA BLOOM album?

Riverside (1990)
The Acoustic Motorbike (1992)
Turf (1994)
Salty Heaven (1998)
Keeper Of The Flame (2000)
Between The Mountain And The Moon (2001)
Amsterdam - Live Album (2003)
Before Sleep Comes (2004)
Innocence (2005)
Tribe (2007)

Vote your favourite album in the forum at his website:

Current Top 3
1. Turf (1994)
2. Amsterdam - Live Album (2003)
3. Between The Mountain And The Moon (2001)
3. Innocence (2005)

The Times They Are A Changin' an exhibition of oil Paintings & Pastels
Portraying Protest Singers from 20th - 21st Centuries by Kris Ralph
GIG Gallery, Sydney > 9th-21st August 2005
Cafe Beyond, 2 Wallaga St., Bermagui > 5th-30th April 2006

Luka Bloom Portrait
Luka Bloom - "I am Not At War With Anyone..."
Oil on Canvas - 102cm x 76cm

"I have chosen Protest Singers as a main theme of my exhibition... From the days of the Depression in the early 1900's Joe Hill rallied workers with his music with such success that he was shot six times in the chest... John Lennon was a huge success in the protest against the Vietnam War 'Give Peace a Chance' ... Victor Jara, the Chilean Poet/songwriter, had his hands crushed and then was assassinated in front of a huge crowd because he was deemed a threat to a dictatorship. They have, and continue to, represent hope for justice, human rights, hope for change, hope for peace, and the elimination of poverty through their music. Artists like Bono and Bob Geldoff have crossed the floor into the 21st century where singing and protest are only part of it, they are at the negotiating table and are making a huge difference to the elimination of third world debt..."
- Kris Ralph


Irish Internet Association Net Visionary Awards 2003

The awards are one of the most respected awards for the industry, honouring individuals for their contributions to the Irish Internet industry. Nominated by peers and voted for by the industry, the awards recognise excellence and achievement....

The 5th Annual Irish Internet Association Net Visionary Awards took place on the
26th of November 2003 in the Clontarf Castle.

Online Trader - Sponsored by Realex Payments
This award will be given to an individual who has demonstrated the potential of the Internet to trade effectively and efficiently online. The winner will show how online trading has opened new geographical or vertical markets or has successfully revolutionised a trading environment.

Winner: Joint award presented to Luka Bloom of Lukabloom.com
and Katriona O'Leary of Buy4now

"Luka uses the internet in the most effective way to promote and sell his music. He records
independently and then sells directly online - thus using the internet to reach his fans and
customers directly. An excellent example of the internet at work."

Net Visionary Awards 2003 - Photo:
Katriona O'Leary of Buy4now.ie joint winner of the Online Trader award with Colm Lyon of Realex Payments category sponsor with joint winner for Niall Rynne of Lukabloom.com.


Luka Bloom, Giorgia Bertazzi Luka Bloom - Guest in De Laatste Show

Luka Bloom & De Laatste Showband
Perfect Groove

Luka Bloom & De Laatste Showband
Sunny Sailor Boy

Luka Bloom Video Clips
[Windows Media Player]

 > LUKA BLOOM featured on Dutch TV

Sunday 6 November 2005 - 11:00-11:59 - Ned 3
Vrije Geluiden > Afleveringen
The music programme on Nederland 3

Watch audio stream
> Luka Bloom and the Darius Ensemble

Real Player [Smallband & Broadband]

Interview with Luka Bloom and live performance of 'Open Up Your Arms' (new song),
'Miracle Cure', 'City Of Chicago' and 'Primavera' (from the latest album 'Innocence').

Sunday 30 April 2006 - 11:00 - Ned 3
Vrije Geluiden > Afleveringen > The VG-Compilation 2005-2006
with Willem van Ekeren, Dayna Kurtz, Gé Reinders, Alexandre Tharaud,
Amstel Saxofoon Quartet, Le mystère des voix Bulgares, De Campbell Brothers,
Jörgen van Rijen, Birthe Blom, Toumani Diabate, the Darius Ensemble and
Luka Bloom - 'Open Up Your Arms'
RealPlayer [approx. 59 minutes]

 > LUKA BLOOM featured in Dutch magazines

Folk Roots - July 1990 - No. 85
Ken Hunt hears why Barry made a change

Luka Bloom Luka Bloom as a name may have more of a literary ring to it than most, certainly more so than those tough, American sounding names in the '50s or the present day heavy metal acts whose stage names too often sound like bodily functions. Allegedly, "Luka Bloom" is the quasi-Joycean product of the marriage between a Suzanne Vega song and the character in Ulysses.

His earlier folk incarnation - Barry Moore - made a couple of albums, Treaty Stone in 1978 and No Heroes in 1982 and played and sang on Christy Moore's The Iron Behind The Velvet in 1978. Furthermore, Christy Moore recorded several of his songs, most notably his Section 31 and City Of Chicago, while Moving Hearts covered Remember The Brave Ones....

Luka Bloom Oor Magazine - 25 January 1992
I never heard the melody, till I needed the song.
By Geert Henderickx

Like no other singer-songwriter does Luka Bloom know how to win over an unknown audience, as he proved at various rock-festivals. His new album is finally in the shops and next week he is back on our national stages.
Talking to a lonely cyclist. >>
HEAVEN - Popmagazine Jan / Feb 2001
Luka Bloom: Hoeder Van Het Heilig Vuur
Keeper of the Holy Flame

Trouw.nl - 5 March 2001
Muziekjunkie Luka Bloom gelooft in zijn magie
Music Junkie Luka Bloom believes in his own magic

Amsterdams Stadsblad - 6 February 2002
Luka Bloom: Troubadour of the bog
Article by Reinout Koperdraat
Leeuwarder Courant - 19 April 2003
Luka Bloom records a live album in Carre
By Jacob Haagsma

KKunst.com - Internet Magazine - 16 May 2003
Interview: Luka Bloom - Amsterdam
Live @ Ancienne Belgique, Brussels

Interview, CD & Live Review by Guido Van Pevenage

Folkforum.nl - 19 April 2004
Luka Bloom @ Burgerweeshuis, Deventer
Live Review by John Beumer
Articles translated by Jolande Hibels

Washington, March 2000
There is a hungry ghost waiting for me
Should I take for granted, I am free now...
To smell the amarillo, dream beneath some tree
Wait for the daffodil, I am free now...
Luka Bloom

The Busker
Movie World Premiere on Sat, December 2, 2006

The screening will take place at the Cyrus W. Irish Auditorium,
50 French Street, Lowell, MA 01852. General Admission $10.00.

The movie plot: A white cop is acquitted of shooting an unarmed black man. Violence erupts and the city is overcome with riots. Sirens echo through the streets. Fires rip through businesses and homes. One man is killed. Seamus O'Mallie, a 13 year-old white boy, watches as his father is shot to death outside his home.

Months later, it's the Christmas season. While busking (street performing for money) with his violin on Boston streets, Seamus meets two strangers who will change his life. Ruby is a precocious and sympathetic black girl with whom he falls in love. Oliver, an older music instructor, becomes a father figure who presents him with an opportunity to get off the streets and pursue a dream in London. Now, Seamus must choose between his present feelings and a promise for his future.

more info :: www.thebuskerthemovie.com

'The Busker' Soundtrack
01. Katie McD - The Stranger
02. Marina Bousa - Days go By
03. Echo - Twisted Glen
04. Nicky Sanders - Journey Through Ireland
05. Ms. Pigeon - Give a kiss to Ruby
06. Cormac Breatnach - Sporting Paddy and Adele
07. Aine Minogue - Merry xmas jig
08. Hothouse Flowers - Feel like Living
09. The Walls - To the Bright and Shining Sun
10. Kila - Andy's Bar
11. Aine Minogue - Greensleeves
12. Kila - The hour before dawn
13. Pushstars - Small town geek
14. Luka Bloom - Innocence
15. Electric City - Distant shores
16. Paddy Saul - Undone
17. Marina Bousa - Where are we now

Listen to sound samples > www.thebuskerthemovie.com/soundtrack.htm

29 & 30 Dec 2001 - Tara Television
29 December at 6.25 pm, repeat on 30 December at 10.30 am

Bringing It All Back Home
Bringing It All Back Home features many of Ireland's most influential and renowned traditional and folk musicians and takes a look at the development of Ireland's music traditions.

Luka Bloom & Eileen Ivers
You Couldn't Have Come At A Better Time

Christy Moore & Luka Bloom
play a very special concert together in the intimacy of
The Shelter @ Vicar St on Dec. 19th., 2001
Christy &  Luka @ The Shelter
Christy Moore & Luka Bloom at The Shelter
Photo by Gerry Ryan

Christy Moore's TV series CHRISTY MOORE UNCOVERED on R.T.E.

Welcome To The Cabaret
21 October 2001 - Part 2

Christy is joined by Jimmy Faulkner, Johnny Duhan, his son Andy and his nephews Conor Byrne and Gavin Moore and he listens as his brother Luka Bloom sings Gabriel, one of his own songs.


CHRISTY MOORE UNCOVERED brings us an artist in top form,
performing his best work, and giving us insights into his music and his character.

IrishMusicMail.com > The Complete RTE TV Series (Video & DVD)
Pal Video - European PAL Format Only
DVD - Region 2 DVD - Japan, Europe, South Africa, Middle East (inc. Egypt)

25 September 2001 - LUKA BLOOM - Live from Dublin
(video & audio only)

Luka's song Colourblind is available for downloading.
"...as a mark of sympathy and support to the people of Washington and New York;
and as a tribute to the great people worldwide, whose love and courage sustains us..."

Earthbound 'Luka Bloom' by Merrilyn Simmons

...We've just come from the concert hall
and seen my very favourite bard,
a man of such rare spirit yeah,
Luka Bloom, Luka Bloom...
Merrilyn Simmons is a singer/songwriter from Melbourne, Australia. 'Earthbound' is her debut album and the thirteen songs are all originals. Merrilyn picked up the Australian Songwriters Award (1998/99) for the album.

"I'm a Luka Bloom fan and this was written straight after his 1998 concert at the Melbourne Concert Hall. Being the obsessive fan I am, I was totally excited and on a high. The song reflects on this concert and an earlier concert in 1996 in St Kilda where I actually managed to catch his flowers. You can imagine the state I was in. My partner had to lead me gently by the hand in the right direction.

It's all a bit of fun really this song, but definitely a tribute.

I think Luka Bloom is fantastic. Love his voice, guitar, songs, spirtituality, banter, and his live shows are always loaded with feeling. He connects with people."

Merrilyn Simmons
March 2002

The Nits - Alankomaat Tour (1998)
by Dennis Versteeg

'Letter To E' - This quiet song was written for the wedding of Henk's Swiss friend Eric Facon...
The performance at Dutch radio program 'Twee Meter Sessies' was in first not very special, but after some talking with another guest of the program, Luka Bloom, they decided to play the song again, this time together with Bloom. The version that was the result was excellent, with the Nits playing the song they always do, but with Luka Bloom adding some moody guitar sounds and whispered girl's names (that ended with an A!). Very cool to hear.

'Letter To E' by the Nits with Luka Bloom
Twee Meter Sessie - 28.06.1998 - [5:24 mins]
A unique collaboration between Nits and Luka Bloom.
Both were present to record a Twee Meter Sessie for the radio
and they decided to do one song together.
Luka Bloom added backing vocals and some atmospheric guitar to this song.

NITS-Files download page > nits-files.dieperink.ch/index.php

I stood before the mountain waiting for sorrow
but the waves kept time and I let go
go.... go.... to where the cool breeze sighs
Luka Bloom
Mount Errigal
Mount Errigal, Co. Donegal

19 April 2001 - Leinster Leader

Luka Bloom is back for Bealtaine Festival gig
Newbridge - Festival Programme 2001
Headline Bealtaine Concert - Luka Bloom
Supported by Kildare Singer/Songwriters
Red House - adm £12

Luka Bloom - Keeper of the Flame
makes a very welcome return to Bealtaine.

He will be supported by new singer/songwriters.

Beltaine, also known as May Day, is celebrated on or around May 1. Beltaine is a festival of Rebirth, a celebration of the re- awakening of the earth, the opening of the flowers, the rebirth of all that had 'died' throughout the Winter's cold rule. It is traditionally a fertility festival, an encouragement for the crops to begin growing and the cattle to give birth to the next generation. Beltaine is a time of community and opening ourselves to those around us, for the good of the Craft and the community in general.

The High Holy Days Bealtaine
Celebrated during the first week of May. Some traditions celebrate on May 1st, some Celtic traditions celebrate on May 6th.

Bealtaine / May Day History
Bealtaine (pron. BYELL-ten-uh) is a fire festival that celebrates the coming of spring and the arrival of the sun. It is celebrated on May first in Europe

Brighid's Fire - The Shape Of Love To Come

...and we who are Keepers of the Flame...
Brighid is the ancient Celtic Goddess of fire.
She is a warrioress and protectress, a healer, a guardian
of children, a patroness of poets, craftsmen, and priests.

Who is Brigid?
She is goddess of Poetry, Creativity, Inspiration, Prophey,
Healing, Midwifery, Smithcraft, Arts and Crafts, and
Keeper of the Hearth - Fire-keeper.
...Her influence blanketed over miles, warmed thousands,
and her spirited flame still lives in people today...


I want a simple life, try to be a good man
Never want to hurt nobody, tread lightly on the land
I forget about the future, squeeze the juice out of the day
And when I feel unsure, that's when I like to pray
If I find love along the way, if I find love, it's a rainbow day
Luka Bloom

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