Luka Bloom - List Survey 2002
The LUKALIST is the Luka Bloom mailing list run by Bert Wylin:
"The LUKALIST is intended for discussion of Luka's music, albums and tours and ... (whatever)."

Whatever - the idea of doing a survey on the list came up because we wanted to know how many listers we currently have on the list and where the listers are located throughout the world. In addition we asked for our favourites: the favourite album, the favourite song (song of all time - live song - studio song - cover song) and our favourite lyrics. We wanted to know about the first gig, and if there was a favourite gig and a favourite venue for a Luka Bloom concert, and we asked for our introduction to Luka Bloom: the first song, album or gig, and if there were any highlights or disappointments in our fan lives.

Altogether 116 listers replied to the survey - 83 for answering most of the questions and in addition 33 people for the country list. Many of them posted to the list for the first time, and we could read some very personal introductions and a lot of wonderful little stories about many highlights and also several disappointments. The original contributions to the survey are re-readable in the LukaList archives of January and February 2002; the final results are collected and posted here.
Luka Bloom Country List
Favourite Album
Favourite Songs
Favourite Lyrics
First Gig, Favourite Gig & Venue
Introduction: First Song / Album / Gig
Highlights & Disappointments

The Country List

No.   Country Members
1   USA 44  
2   Australia 22  
3   The Netherlands 14  
4   Belgium 12  
5   Germany 7  
6   Ireland 4  
7   UK (England 3 / Wales 1) 4  
8   Austria 2  
9   Canada (Quebec) 2  
10   Sweden 2  
11   Finland 1  
12   Japan 1  
13   New Zealand 1  
  Total 116  

Favourite Album

No.   Album Votes
1   Turf 32  
2   Riverside 20  
3   Between The Mountain And The Moon 11  
4   Salty Heaven 7  
5   The Acoustic Motorbike 6  
6   Keeper Of The Flame 1  
  Total 77  

Favourite Songs

No.   Song of All Time Votes
1   Exploring The Blue
You Couldn't Have Come At A Better Time
2   Diamond Mountain
I Believe In You
The Man Is Alive
3   Don't Be So Hard On Yourself
No.   Live Song Votes
1   Sunny Sailor Boy 8
2   I'm A Bogman 7
3   Black Is The Colour / Te Adoro
No.   Studio Song Votes
1   Exploring The Blue
2   Forgiveness
Love Is A Place I Dream Of
3   As I Waved Goodbye
Blackberry Time
Diamond Mountain
Don't Be So Hard On Yourself
I'm A Bogman
You Couldn't Have Come At A Better Time
No.   Cover Song Votes
1   I Need Love 19
2   When Doves Cry 8
3   Bad
Keeper Of The Flame
The Complete List of Favourite Songs

No.   Favourite Lyrics Votes
1   Forgiveness
Let all the hatred leave these shores now
Never to return

Holy Ground
I love the sound of the bodhran,
kicking in behind me

2   The Man Is Alive
The night sometimes seems dangerous
we wonder what it hides

What once was luscious green,
now is gorgeous brown

Diamond Mountain
I will be here when you need me,
I will be here in the pouring rain

Don't Be So Hard On Yourself
Somebody needs you, you always come through,
you let nobody down but when you're low,
where do you go who helps you come around

When I look at you, I see your power,
but when your blues come around,
you're so hard on yourself

I open up my eyes
To the sunlight shining new
And in the dream that takes me back
A single word rings through
My memories awaken
To the horrors come to pass
One word in the morning light
Brings freedom home at last
Forgiveness ...

For the ancient wounds still hurting
For the wrongs I've never known
For all the children left to die
Near fields where corn was grown
Like the ones who braved the ocean
In the fever sheds to burn
Let all the hatred leave these shores now
Never to return

Rainbow Day
I forget about the future,
squeeze the juice out of the day


First Gigs
from 1979 and 1988/89 ...
Carnesore Point Anti Nuclear Power Festival, Ireland
Birmingham, Alabama, US
Orpheum Theater, Boston, Massachusetts, US
The Riviera, Chicago, Illinois, US (opening for the Pogues)
Tramps & Roseland, New York City, US

... to 2001
De Oosterport, Groningen, Netherlands
The Lowry Theatre, Manchester, England

Favourite Gigs
5 Votes
12 March 2001 - De Kleine Komedie, Amsterdam, Netherlands

2 Votes
15 May 1999 - The Abbey, Chicago, US
23 July 1999 - Róisín Dubh, Galway, Ireland
15 October 1999 - CC Ter Rivieren, Deurne, Belgium
12 October 2000 - Ancienne Belgique, Brussels, Belgium
30 March 2001 - The Lowry Theatre, Manchester, England
13 May 2001 - Oostanding 2001, Oostende, Belgium

Favourite Venues
5 Votes 
4 Votes 
3 Votes 
De Kleine Komedie, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Whelan's, Dublin, Ireland
Ancienne Belgique, Brussels, Belgium

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Contributions from LukaListers to the LukaList Survey 2002.
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12 February 2002

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