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11-02-2002  Carré Theater, Amsterdam, Netherlands Jolande (Netherlands)
14-02-2002  Räucherei, Kiel, Germany Rena Bergholz (Germany)
15-02-2002  Audimax, Hamburg, Germany Rena Bergholz (Germany)
16-02-2002  Capitol, Hannover, Germany Rena Bergholz (Germany)
11-11-2002  Luxor Theater, Rotterdam, Netherlands Sandra Berkemeyer (Netherlands)
16-11-2002  Dr Anton Philipszaal, The Hague, Netherlands Sandra Berkemeyer (Netherlands)
17-11-2002  De Meervaart, Amsterdam, Netherlands Jolande (Netherlands)
20-11-2002  Stadsschouwburg, Haarlem, Netherlands Sandra Berkemeyer (Netherlands)
20-11-2002  Stadsschouwburg, Haarlem, Netherlands Jolande (Netherlands)

Carré Theater, Amsterdam
Monday, 11 February 2002

I loved it too! Great to see so many listers from so many countries before the show. And the man was in fine form. I think he played mainly the same set as he did in Brussels, though in a slightly different order. He didn't do "Autumn Leaves", but he did do "Delirious", probably because he knows it is my favourite live song. Well, I like to think so anyway. And, of course, its was briljant. He did a wonderful Dancing Queen in front of a lovely disco curtain lowered especially for the event. And he did "On Raglan Road", which I had never heard before, and which was beautiful.

- Jolande

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Räucherei, Kiel
Thursday, 14 February 2002

Luka's first concert in Germany took place at the Räucherei in Kiel, the same place where he already started his German tour in October 1999. Once again the venue was packed, seats in a row instead of the round tables, but again a lot of people were also standing along the walls. It was a great audience, and Luka was in brilliant form!

It was Valentine's day, and he said he was just in the right mood to sing a lot of romantic love songs!

When he explained to the audience what it means to be a bogman in Ireland, he asked if there is also a word for this species in Germany! and somebody called "Landei"! So a new songline of the bogman song was created: "Ich bin ein Landei!"

Outstanding songs of the night were 'Raglan Road' and 'Black is the Colour / Te Adoro / Black is the Colour'.

In Kiel his new mandolin was no "Feng Shui stage filler". For the first time he played "Seamus" on "As I Waved Good Bye"! He also told us the story of learning to play the mandolin for the recording of the new album and how "Seamus" got his name!

The last songs were Diamond Mountain, Moonslide, Gabriel, If I were a Carpenter and Dancing Queen!! He played a really long set and it was a wonderful start of the German tour!!

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Audimax, Hamburg
Friday, 15 February 2002

This time Luka's concert in Hamburg took place in a lecture hall, the AUDItorium MAXimum! So of course no wonder that his first words to the audience were "Good evening class!!"

As so often his concert in Hamburg was once again a concert not to be missed!! The stage was beautiful decorated, lights on the curtain, glittering especially during Dancing Queen. It took a little bit longer to warm up (for Luka and the audience) than I remember it from the last time, maybe one reason was that the audience in Hamburg had to sit down (for the first time??) and was not really used to it. All the songs were fantastic, Monsoon, Diamond Mountain, Raglan Road, Black is the Colour & Te Adoro, Love is a place I dream of, Here and now, Rainbow day ... again so many great songs!

CDs (the new album 'Between The Mountain And The Moon' - including the vinyl edition -, 'The Barry Moore Years', 'Keeper of the Flame' and 'Salty Heaven'), the new tour poster and t-shirts (though not the latest edition) were sold before and after the concert, and it was also possible to subscribe to the mailing list.

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Capitol, Hannover
Saturday, 16 February 2002

For sure this time no complaints about not getting enough fresh air, the Capitol's air-conditioning was really working very well, but unfortunately as a negative result the room temperature was not very comfortable. Some people took over their coats and jackets again, and maybe if possible Luka would have loved to do the same. Several times he asked for more light to warm up a bit more, and he said he would play much better when it's really hot in a room!

But nevertheless he played a great concert. The wonderful combination of 'Black is the Colour & Te Adoro' was again a beautiful concert highlight, and so were Love is a place I dream of, Here and Now, Rainbow Day, In Between Days, and so many more! He also introduced the audience to the new German word he had just learned in Kiel, and again it became a new songline of the bogman song, instead of "I'm a bogman" he sang "Ich bin ein Landei"! He finished the main set with a brilliant version of 'Perfect Groove'.

The encores were Bad, Dancing Queen, Diamond Mountain and Gabriel, and in spite of the cold room temperature everybody in Hannover enjoyed his show very much!

- Rena

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Luxor Theater, Rotterdam
Monday, 11 November 2002

Been to Rotterdam yesterday. Luka was in a very chatty mood. And played a lot of my favourites (but then again I have so many favourites that that's no surprise....) I don't have a very good memory, so don't expect too many details) Beautiful start of the gig with True Blue. I was very happy to hear Love is a place I dream of, Black is the Colour, Keeper of the Flame, Don't be so hard on yourself, I need love. Funny was the story accompanying Urge for going - ever since it took about half an hour to finish. He introduced the song saying he learned the song of a great guy, although he couldn't quite remember ye man's name. Isn't it great to see our super hero is only human too. Couple of songs later, only microseconds after finishing the song he just said 'Tom Rush' (I think.... see the remark about my memory above) and then he explained he'd been trying to remember the man's name during the last 3 or 4 songs....

Have to say that the audience was only lukewarm... just like some of the audiences in Belgium Dirk was telling us about. Very much unlike the last gig in Carre...

Maybe it was because Luka's sound in the new Luxor theater was pretty good and people were afraid to sing along.... apart from the ooooooohaaaaaaaaaaaa oooohhhhha oooooooooooooooohooooooo in Sunny Sailor Boy (and Luka responding with a warm, modest 'mooi'. hey, for the gig other Dutch gigs, let's try to get a bolder respons like 'schitterend' en 'geweldig'.... with some good ol' Dutch throat-sounds).

Anyway, really looking forward to the gig Saterday in The Hague.

- Sandra

Dr Anton Philipszaal, The Hague
Saturday, 16 November 2002

The concert in The Hague was BRILLIANT!!!

Luka was not very talkative, but very 'singative' indeed. Again I have no setlist, but the songs were pretty much the same he's been playing during other concerts the last few weeks and so was the standard (very high that is). I had another great time and did the rest of the audience and it was very clear that our buddy Luka had at least as good a time as us!!! Doing a lovely duet on the lovely Love is a place... with the lovely Alyanya. On request of a 'very tall guy at the front row he didn't dare to refuse anything' he ended the concert with Raglan Road (so that's the trick: just bring a couple of guys from the gym to your next Luka concert)...

- Sandra

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De Meervaart, Amsterdam
Sunday, 17 November 2002

A new venue for Luka in Amsterdam, not a great area (one of the suburbs) but a nice hall. Quite big, and quite full. The atmosphere was pretty good. Again, a good Alyanya performance, and later the duet.

And a new Luka song this time!! He said he had just written it, I have no title, but it was all about Mohamed from Algeria and the meeting of cultures and music. I liked it a lot. I also really liked a set of Exploring the Blue/Te Adoro/Black is the Colour. And a great Delirious. Oh well...

I was only planning to go to Utrecht and Amsterdam this time, but now I am tempted to add Haarlem to the list.

- Jolande

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Stadsschouwburg, Haarlem
Wednesday, 20 November 2002

So the concert in Haarlem.... Glad that Jolande & I decided to just get on with it and go!! Very good decision to decide (only after hearing Alyanya three times & I find myself borrowing her words...)!

To put it this way, if the concert I saw in Rotterdam was the lovely starter, the concert in The Hague was a perfect main meal, than this one in Haarlem was an absolute Grand Dessert!!! Very atmospheric venue. Rather small; built at the turn of the century - with loads of gold & velvet ornaments - and renovated in the eighties adding a school cantine feeling to it...Charming stuff ;-)) Actually the venue is in dire need of another renovation as the guy next to me informed me... the roof at the part where we were sitting was fine, but above the stage things weren't so good due to a serious case of decay of concrete...! Great news if your favourite performer is just about to walk onto that stage. Anyway, maybe someone told Luka too, because he was performing like it was his last show on earth ;-)

I can't name any highlights right now (see earlier remarks about my memory), but you have to take it from me there were a good few. He was very chatty and very entertaining. Loads of loud laughs & singing from the Haarlem audience! Genuine interaction going on there!! As Luka would put it: 'mooi'. Actually, one guy had Luka in stiches saying 'mooi' to him after I think it was black is the colour... Nice one.

Hang on there, I loved I need love, I loved Love is a place (Yep, with Alyanya), I loved the session with Mohamed (very special... I don't know who enjoyed it more: them two on stage or us in the audience...).

- Sandra

Stadsschouwburg, Haarlem
Wednesday, 20 November 2002

In addition to Sandra's report, here the mere facts:
Exploring The Blue / Gone To Pablo / Dreams in America - Holy Ground - Don't Be So Hard On Yourself - Billy Gray - Ciara - Natural Mystic - Keeper Of The Flame - Make You Feel My Love - Here And Now - I Need Love - Black Is The Colour / Te Adoro / Black Is The Colour - You Couldn't Have Come At A Better Time - Sunny Sailor Boy

duet with Alyanya: Love Is A Place I Dream Of

Luka Bloom & Mohamed Bouhanna: I'm A Bogman - "Mohamed" - Monsoon - Perfect Groove

The Fertile Rock - Gabriel

I think on the whole this was a lovely concert, the atmosphere was good and relaxed, Luka seemed to be enjoying himself, particularly when he was on stage with Alyanya and with Mohamed. I loved Dreams in America, I hadn't heard the story before. Good to hear the new song accompanied by Mohamed (who only played it for the first time yesterday afternoon. Again, Alyanya's voice so beautiful on Love is a Place.. And Luka changed his bogman from "boer" to "turfsteker". He is quick!

I fully agree with Sandra, I am glad we added this one to our list, a great one to end this tour with, and hard to pick highlights or favourites. It just all fit together.

- Jolande

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