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Koeln 2010 Luka Bloom New York Irish Center
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16-04-2010  Kulturkirche, Köln, Germany
Rena (Germany)
01-05-2010  Waldsee, Freiburg, Germany
Rena (Germany)
03-06-2010  Birnam Arts Centre, Dunkeld, Scotland
Sally Vignoli (England)
10-06-2010  Òran Mór, Glasgow, Scotland
Stephanie Smith (Scotland)
14-06-2010  Oerol Festival, Terschelling, Netherlands
Henk (Netherlands)
28-09-2010  Higher Ground, Burlington, VT, USA
Dave Cain (USA)
02-10-2010  Ramapo College, Mahwah, NJ, USA
Vicky Romani (USA)

Kulturkirche, Köln
Friday, 16 April 2010

His concert in Düsseldorf yesterday was wonderful!! I enjoyed it really very, very much, but no words to describe the following night in Köln!!

This church in Cologne has always been a great place for him, and yesterday was no exception!!
He loves the place, the people love him... I mean they always do..... but sometimes there is a little difference in the atmosphere... and yesterday was one of those nights again.

He got already so much applause before he had even started.... and it was open for everything and everything was there....... So much power and energy, so much participation from the audience... Tribe, City of Chicago, Rainbow Day, Sunny Sailor Boy, Don't Be Afraid Of The Light That Shines Within You and the outstanding encores were As I Waved Goodbye, The Fertile Rock and Black Is The Colour.. and finally a very beautiful a cappella version of I'll Walk Beside You.

It was such a fantastic and brilliant night, really wonderful!!

- Rena

Waldsee, Freiburg
Saturday, 1 May 2010

Luka Bloom The German tour is over now with wonderful concerts everywhere.... Finally a short review of the last show in Freiburg, a very beautiful place in Southern Germany. The Waldsee Cafe was a new venue for him, beautiful located outside the city centre beside a little lake.

The set was again a great mixture of old and new favourites, and several songs were again requests from the audience.

It was again a great audience, listening to the songs till the last tone was gone and singing along so well on songs like Tribe, Rainbow Day, Sunny Sailor Boy, Don't Be Afraid of the Light.... and The Fertile Rock. All the songs ended with a lot of applause!

Sunny Sailor Boy was dedicated to one of the youngest fans in the audience, a boy who celebrated his 10th birthday at his first Luka Bloom concert. It was probably a moment he will never forget... :-)

The night ended with one of my favourite songs, a really wonderful version of The Fertile Rock.....
He left the stage when we were still singing......
it was the perfect end of the show, it was the perfect place and end of this great tour in Germany!!

- Rena

Birnam Arts Centre, Dunkeld
Thursday, 3 June 2010

Yay, an evening with Luka!
... sounding great ... looking relaxed and suntanned with plenty of banter.

Luka Bloom These are the songs he treated us to...

I am not at war with anyone
Here and now
Make you feel my love
City of Chicago
No matter where you go, there you are
I'm a bogman
The first time ever I saw your face
Peace on earth
Exploring the blue
Love is a monsoon
Talk to me of Mendocino - Luka's world premier of this song. Originally by Kate and Anne McGarrigle, Luka learnt it earlier this year following the sad death of Kate.
I'm on your side
May you never
Sunny sailor boy
You couldn't have come at a better time

This is your country
I need love
Joy of living

- Sally

> photo by Sally Vignoli

Òran Mór, Glasgow
Thursday, 10 June 2010


Luka started the show on a high and he just kept taking us higher and higher.

Luka Bloom I gave a gently woo for Glasgow when he gave The West End a mention in The Acoustic Motorbike but if you blinked you might have missed it.

He sung not only my favourite but in fact by the volume of the audience The West End's favourite You Couldn't Have Come At A Better Time as the last song before coming back on for an encore.

Talk about finishing on a high.
If it hadn't have been a standing gig we most definitely would have been at that point. For me that was the highlight of the gig. I could not believe that Luka was singing his song in The West End. The place I regularly hear the song sung and had I not heard and loved the song I may not have found out about "The Luka Bloom Magic". I still can't believe Luka came to The West End and sung the song. I couldn't believe it as he was actually doing it.

It was the best Luka Bloom gig I have been to.
I hope he comes back soon.
Haste Ye Back (again), Luka.

- Stephanie Smith

> setlist
> photo by Jan Winder

Oerol Festival, Terschelling
Monday, 14 June 2010

Last week Luka played at the Oerol Festival on the Isle Terschelling in the Netherlands. In the late afternoon he played open air at the Groene Strand for a big audience. Incredible how a Man with a Guitar can make such a large Crowd enthusiastic and singing. I was lucky to stand right in front of him and made some pictures.

Then we heard he would give another concert that day, very intimidate in an restaurant somewhere in the middle of the Island. Only a few tickets were available. We decided to try to get two tickets. So we went on bicycle to the restaurant and...we were the first. We got our tickets, and the best places thinkable. Luka stood playing and singing only two meters in front of us. Incredible, a dream. He played nearly two hours, asked what he should play, unbelievable. What an evening...

Greetz from the Netherlands,

- Henk

Luka Bloom
Photo by Henk

Higher Ground, Burlington, VT
Tuesday, 28 September 2010

We just got home from a wonderful evening in Burlington, Vermont seeing Luka perform at the Higher Ground Music Hall.

I've seen Luka many many times now over the past 16 or 17 years and I'm always grateful for the opportunity. At times getting to a show has included some very long drives and late nights, but this time around it was a short trip, since Luka happened to be playing only an hour or so away from our home.

The crowd in the hall was small, but nonetheless people showed up. Luka warmed to the setting quickly, encouraging everyone to move to the front. As soon as he started playing we could have been anywhere. He gave no less f then he would have anywhere else despite the small crowd, and by the end of the evening I think maybe even just the opposite was true. There was something powerful happening and the songs just kept flowing on the shared musical journey he took us on.

I was struck by just how much of himself Luka puts into every facet of the song; his strumming arm is a machine that can stop on a dime or hammer without fail and dance between the lightest touch to the most driving rhythm. He doesn't hold back and is a master of his craft; that he works hard is an understatement. What he does is impressive and inspiring on every level, from songwriter to guitar player, from performer to musician, he creates something really beautiful and fulfilling.

A few tunes I recall from the evening:
Water Ballerina
Sunny Sailor Boy
Make You Feel My Love
True Blue
Exploring the Blue
City of Chicago
Wherever you go there you are
Don't be so hard on yourself
I'm on your side
Gone to Pablo

Acoustic Motorbike
The Man is Alive

It was a great night!

- Dave Cain

Ramapo College, Mahwah, NJ
Saturday, 2 October 2010

What a GORGEOUS night of music. Many new faces - definitely quite a few 'newbies' to Luka's music which is always a good thing to see. :) We met up with friends who had to drive in from the city and they got caught in traffic. Though we had a lovely and funny time at dinner with them we unexpectedly had some difficulties getting to the Berrie Center. So we missed the first couple of songs. But it was great to have heard all the songs we did in a theater where the acoustics were AMAZING!!! WOW.

Luka Bloom Here's a setlist though not in any particular order and I know he sang Tribe before we arrived but I'm not sure which other song he sang.

Thank you for bringing me here (can't remember if it was just that I was thinking this often last night or he sang it!) : D
No Matter Where you Go, There You Are
Make you feel my love
Here And Now
First TIme Ever I Saw Your Face
Love Is A Monsoon
City of Chicago
Perfect Groove
Peace On Earth
Don't Be So Hard On Yourself
Lord Franklin
Exploring the Blue
Gone To Pablo
Sunny Sailor Boy
Acoustic Motorbike
Couldn't Have Come At A Better Time
I'm On Your Side
Man is Alive - Hill of Allen - Man is Alive

He got a standing ovation and so launched straight into more songs - I don't remember all the encores but I'm sure he finished with man is alive and that I'm on your side was one of them as well. The audience wasn't as involved in singing along but they made respectable attempts. ;)

They were all very good listeners to the gorgeous sound that only Luka can draw from those lovely Alvarez guitars (DANKE WOLFGANG!!!) and the gorgeous acoustics of this venue!!! Which was heard at it's BEST with Paul (Scully) handling sound, of course! :)

Everyone left in great spirits. Lots of happy smiling people! As I was waiting to see if I could find Jennifer, I was seeing people filing out and it was great stuff to hear all the positive comments and see all the musically well steeped Luka listeners after having been brewed to perfection in gorgeous night of music! Luka and the guitar trio are looking and sounding AMAZING. Woohooo!

Our friends who were hearing Luka for the first time really enjoyed the concert as well and were impressed with Luka's guitar playing and his vocals on the slow songs especially, as well.

- Vicky Romani

Luka Bloom
Photos by Brian C. Reilly


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