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03-05-1999  Tin Angel, Philadelphia, PA, USA
Denise Smith (Philadelphia, USA)
03-05-1999  Tin Angel, Philadelphia, PA, USA
Anna Hight (USA)
23-06-1999  McGann's, Boston, MA, USA
Anna Hight (USA)
23-07-1999  Galway Arts Festival, Roisin Dubh, Galway, Ireland
Alice Farrell (New York, USA)
23-07-1999  Galway Arts Festival, Roisin Dubh, Galway, Ireland
Vicky Romani (New York, USA)
24-07-1999  Galway Arts Festival, Roisin Dubh, Galway, Ireland
Vicky Romani (New York, USA)
28-07-1999  Royal Spa Hotel, Lisdoonvarna, Co Clare, Ireland
Vicky Romani (New York, USA)
13-09-1999  Tin Angel, Philadelphia, PA, USA
Denise Smith (Philadelphia, USA)
21-08-2000  Roisin Dubh, Galway, Ireland
Rena Bergholz (Germany)
22-08-2000  Matt Molloy's, Westport, Co Mayo, Ireland
Rena Bergholz (Germany)
24-08-2000  Ionad Cois Locha, Dunlewey, Co Donegal, Ireland
Rena Bergholz (Germany)
08-11-2000  Markthalle, Hamburg, Germany
Sabine Schellack (Germany)
16-03-2001  Muziekcentrum Frits Philips, Eindhoven, Netherlands
Sabine Schellack (Germany)
16-03-2001  Muziekcentrum Frits Philips, Eindhoven, Netherlands
Rena Bergholz (Germany)
20-03-2001  Diligentia, The Hague, Netherlands
Jolande (Netherlands)
28-07-2001  An Taibhdhearc, Galway, Ireland
Kris Watkins (Australia)

Tin Angel, Philadelphia
Monday, 3 May 1999

The venue is indeed intimate. Our seats couldn't be better, any closer and we'd be on stage with the man. Ah, the stage, was too small for him (I think), his movement seemed to be subdued even caged. Tehehe, he didn't knock over any guitars. ;-)

Guitars: I've heard a lot of pickers but Luka is one with his guitar. They really are blood relatives, right down to the familiar tweak of a gear key. The sound was warm and rich. Question: Not to cast aspersions on Rudy, but he sure looks like he's been around. Judy, however, looked brand new. Is she? Is this Judy II? Carmen, sounded lovely on Keeper of the Flame and Water Ballerina.

Voice: What can I say about his voice? It's the sorcerer's apprentice, weaving spells, captivating all who listen and he is indeed in fine form.

Audience: The crowd was very friendly, music crazed people, packed in like sardines in a long low lit rather warm room. Apparently I wasn't the only one longing for Luka in Philly.

New Songs: Well, I was surprised that the Salty Heaven material didn't surface until later in the sets. When I think of the new songs it's "Rainbow Day" that is my particular favorite. Gabriel is very moving, and Angel of Holland, romantic. Keeper of the Flame, a slow burn of sultry unspent passion. Ciara, was indeed faster, a bit mischievous. While it was faster is was also much cleaner without all the other instruments from Salty Heaven, a melding of the two versions. It sounded questioning not pleading to me. There was another song, which Anna called No Resistance and I thought that one was lovely and had the same sort of quality as Keeper of the Flame.

Old Songs: Rescue Mission was unbelievable on Monday night. He played and sang it perfectly. Exploring the Blue immersed the audience in a gentle and floating stream of melody. Everybody Hurts was moody yet lovely. Diamond Mountain, haunting.

Stories: It was a pleasure hearing them from "himself".

After the show: Luka Bloom is one warm generous guy. He really put out on stage and though tired spent some time with each of us. Signing, snapping, etc. Michaela Majoun, from XPN was trying to get him to visit her show in the morning, but she's on really early and over at 10:00am, so no was the answer. More signing and snapping. He insisted on a group shot. A patient man. Yes he earned that P word, a very kind and caring soul.

The man and his music remain undefinable. Sanas. Thanks for sharing it with us Luka.

- Denise Smith

Tin Angel, Philadelphia
Monday, 3 May 1999

Luka's voice was perfect, not a foul note to be had anywhere. It's amazing, all those sounds out of one man and one guitar (well, three - Rudy, Judy and Carmen all say hello). The crowd was wonderful, well-behaved and enthusiastic. Just a great, great show that followed no specific setlist, and resembled more a strange party among friends than a concert among strangers.

- Anna Hight

McGann's, Boston
Wednesday, 23 June 1999

Ooohhhhhh those of you who didn't come to Boston tonight for this last-minute gig, you're gonna be kickin' yerselves.

Besides a special Colourblind especially for Lukalist's very own Tony, The Man Is Alive/Hill of Allen, Delirious, Gone to Pablo, Rescue Mission, I Need Love, and regular staples like Hungry Ghost, Forgiveness and Blackberry Time, an incredibly fast Ciara, and specials like Sanas and Shape of Love to Come, Mr Bloom succumbed to crowd pressure and proceeded to beautifully mangle Irishman In Chinatown. It didn't matter that he hardly knew half the words, the crowd did. It was a twisted, strange, harried, freaked-out version that brought the house down.

- Anna Hight

Roisin Dubh, Galway
Friday, 23 July 1999

I've been lurking for awhile now on the list and understood from Luka that there were a bunch of people from the weblist at the gig on Friday night, along with myself and a friend. It was truly magical to see him in Ireland, in such an intimate venue and the quality of the show was up there with any I've experienced over in the states, and then some.

I had the great pleasure of sitting next to his son Robbie who seemed as fascinated by the crowd reactions as the crowd were by Luka, and it was a warm and fuzzy kind of feeling in the room, with everyone really connected to what he had to say and sing.

The best moment of all came for me when he did Sunny Sailor Boy and for the first time he actually got to hear me sing along, only to remark of course that he hates it when "real singers" sit up front and make him look bad! Well, it would take a lot more than a few trained voices to make him look bad and I only wish that my voice spoke the volumes of the craggy crevices of the west of Ireland as well as his!

The show featured all the usual favorites including "Gone to Pablo" which I hadn't heard him do in quite awhile and the captivatingly splendid "Leaving Lhasa" which has quickly become my personal new favorite. I would hope that you all will have the opportunity to see him perform in such an intimate and beautiful setting at some point soon.

We ran into him on the street the next day, walking and shopping with Robbie, and he was off on Saturday to play on Inishmore and then onto Lisdoonvarna tomorrow. I told him I was trying to decide between seeing him again that night, or going to see the Galway trad band De Dannan's. He assured me that he'll be back in the U.S. and will be playing the Bowery Ballroom on September 10th. Needless to say, I'll be there with bells on!

There was a wonderful singer/songwriter who opened for him named Damien Rice (alias Dodima, formerly of the band Juniper) and he will be a force to be reckoned with in days to come. He has a wonderful in-your-face attitude and definitely is not afraid to speak his mind and does with with a beautiful and versatile voice. I look forward to hearing more of him.

Well that's my first two cents worth! Hope you all enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed experiencing it.

- Alice Farrell

This is your country: Three Luka concerts in Ireland.

Roisin Dubh, Galway
Friday, 23 July 1999

Rena and Erwin saved two seats at a stagefront table for Nainsi and myself. Poor Luka's gonna get a scary flashback and wonder if he's in Ireland or not when he sees me yet AGAIN! 8-) I set down to chatting and spot Nainsi has moved a bit behind us (smart girl!). ;-)

Paul Scully workin' away on stage and turns around and spots me! (OK, OK..this is AFTER I yelled "HIII PAAAUUULLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!" I'm great at being subtle dontcha know! LOL!;-)). Paul comes over and says: "I can't believe yer here!!!!" Woohoo!!! Neither can I and after 48 hours without sleep, I'm just as goofy as can be! (Basically my regular self, but a bit less chatty, not by much though!).

Damien [Rice] climbs past our table: He thanks Luka for having him open and says he loves to play for Luka because of the kind of audience Luka attracts.. (I of course already think "this man is brilliant" though he hasn't played a note!)..and he was brilliant!! Talented, great voice, great sense of humor, and he could do lovely things with his geetar! He was also..erm..easy on the eyes.
(Ok, gratuitous and superficial addition..but since yer 'seeing' the person when you're in a live s etting, this sure doesn't hurt. ;-)'s LUKA!!! Wow, I just arrived that morning, and barely have got the feel of Ireland in me. And yet I'm already surrounded by lots of nice people, who's greatest difference to other audiences I've been with, is that they make anything and everything sound entertaining due to a natural talent for phrasing and expression!!!! :-)

Thank God Rena's got a comprehensive setlist. (I'm hopeless when it comes to this!)

Roisin Dubh SETLIST: Here And Now / Exploring The Blue / Black Is The Color / Gone To Pablo / Rescue Mission / Sunny Sailor Boy / Love Is A Monsoon / Delirious / You Couldn't Have Come At A Better Time / Forgiveness / Ciara / The Fertile Rock / Blackberry Time / I'm a Bogman / Keeper of the Flame / Angel of Holland / Holy Ground / I'll Walk Beside You
Encores: Looking For The Perfect Tune / Rainbow Day / Leaving Lhasa / Everybody Hurts / Can't Help Falling In Love

I'll walk beside you was lovely and moving in the usual sean nos style The audience was a bit shy but Luka had 'em full force for Fertile Rock and Everybody hurts.

Highlights: The whole show! Deadly! Brilliant! Like awesome! Especially the stage to audience duet with 'the girl with the great voice' (now, better known as what a voice!!!)
Luka's thoughts, "Lovely!"..and then "I hate when someone with that good a voice sits so close to the stage!" :-))) Big Luka smile..but no more singing from Alice. Luka: "uh-oh..I've frightened her". Then, more singing from Alice and Luka looks like a happy man in the world!!! GOOOO ALICE!!!

The audience was great... really very nice, friendly people.. a great group!

The traveler's highlight: A lovely welcoming smile from Luka along with a pat on the head as he passed our table. If I had not been made to feel welcome in this lovely land and brilliant festival, that did it alright! Thanks Luka!!!!!

photo: Rena, Nainsi, Luka & Vicky

Roisin Dubh, Galway
Saturday, 24 July 1999

Oooo..musta been a full moon this night!!! ;-)))
We sat on the other side of the stage so Luka would only have a fearful flashback when he looked left and saw me YET AGAIN!!! AHHHHHHH! 8-))

This show was wild and wonderful. Great craic! Diamond Mountain reeeally hit home for me, he really went up and down it during this song. Beautiful!!!

Interesting how each show there's one or two songs that really stand out, either cause of audience reaction or the timing or the intensity with which the song is delivered. That's not to say that they aren't always great but something clicks and I've asked other people and sometimes they agree and sometimes they don't so it may be a personal thing. Maybe when one's own emotions are in sync with the emotions in a song at that moment?? Hmmm...
Once again 'tanks' Rena for keeping track of the songs..

Salty Heaven Poster SETLIST: Sunny Sailor Boy / Exploring The Blue / Gone To Pablo / Rescue Mission / You Couldn't Have Come At A Better Time / Looking For The Perfect Tune / The Acoustic Motorbike / Hungry Ghost / Water Ballerina / Keeper of the Flame / I'm a Bogman / Love Is A Monsoon / Holy Ground / Ciara / Blackberry Time / Here And Now / Forgiveness / Diamond Mountain / The Fertile Rock
Encores: Leaving Lhasa / I Need Love / Everybody Hurts / Gabriel

Water Ballerina was really lovely. Another stand out for me was Gabriel. Very beautifully sung and the audience going "ssssshhhhhhhhh" to those by the bar making a bit of clatter before Luka started and Luka thanking them. Great stuff!

Here's where the full moon kicks in: ;-)
1) Oh, Canada!
There was a man from Canada asking Luka all sorts of questions and Luka answered the first few and then was like "what is interview??!!!!!" LOL! The man, unperturbed was like "I just want you to come back to Canada!" And Luka promised to answer the rest of his questions after the show..
2) Shut the F**** up!!!!!
People shouting requests and Luka looking a bit like he's trying to make out finally the guy sitting at the other side of our table yells..SHUT THE F**** UP!!! Which breaks up Luka and the crowd..everybody laughing...Luka asks if he wants to be his spokesperson..LOL! :-)))
3) Shut the F*** UP (again)!!!
Someone in the crowd made a comment..I can't recall.. Something like: 'we want Christy'and Luka says "Is that supposed to bother me??" Everyone applauds (YESSS!) And the guy says something and MR. SHUT THE F*** UP! chimes in again! (I love a man with good timing!!) More applause.
4) Bogman:
Bogman had recently been released as a single and when Luka was singing it, you could already hear people singing along with it!!! NEAT!!!!
5) Great view:
Wow, as close as I've been in the past..when Luka would walk to the edge of stage left playing I got about a 5 inch from my face view of the geetar playin'...amazing!!!
6) Persistent woman. :-))
One brave gal was determined to get her request and stood up and started discussing with Luka why he wouldn't play her request and Luka was like "I haven't played it in so long, I've really forgotten it" she asked for "everybody hurts" an alternate choice..
7) Brave Woman! ;-)
When Luka did 'I need love' and did his usual 'i dare ya' pause.. ;-) gal was like, "OVER HEEEEERE!"..the audience got a kick out of this..and Luka walked to to the side of the stage she was closer too and continued to sing looking straight at her. ;-) I think she was rewarded with a lovely sunflower for her valient effort at the end of the show, as well..sooo if ya want a bloom, courage is key! ;-))
8) Ovations:
At the end of the concert Luka got a standing ovation..and he was giving the Wayne's World 'i'm not worthy' bow to the audience!!

Royal Spa Hotel, Lisdoonvarna
Wednesday, 28 July 1999

Lisdoonvarna's a lovely town. I stayed at a B&B that a really nice woman was running. My tootsies were a bit sore from treking around the countryside. I sat a bit back from the stage flanked by Rena and Erwin and a new aussie Lukavibe recruit from my B&B, Gillian. No opening act tonight. Luka comes on, reams of applause. The lights were completely down so were in darkness. Luka had a spotlight on him which didn't allow him to see the audience. He said a couple of times "I sure wish I could see ya!" Lots of flash piccies. Whew, I was seein' spots don't know how he manages to see after a flash barage!

One highlight of the Lisdoonvarna show was that Luka nearing the end of Fertile Rock made mention to the many individuals who are 'not for sale'!! And intend on protecting the Burren. YEAH! WOOHOOO!!! I can't recall all those individuals but some of the them included: P.J. Curtis and John O'Donohue. The audience was applauding loudly. It's obvious that many of the Irish people, or at least those in the audience at Luka concerts agree that protecting the Burren is important and they don't want to see it destroyed for commercial purposes.

As a tourist I feel so very lucky to be able to see it, but if being able to go there meant that it would result in the destruction of this area then I would gladly give up this opportunity. It was very upsetting to often see garbage on the paths and roadsides as it is...

Highlights, so many!!! Great audience again, excited to be there, loving Luka's performance, very positive reactions to his new material. He sang 'hands of a farmer' and dedicated it, but I didn't catch the dedication. Overall Luka seemed really relaxed and happy and did a number of encores. Really brilliant concert!!!

All three concerts were lovely, unique and a lot of fun! Robbie, Paul and Luka were a terrific trio.. making sure all went smoothly and making everyone feel comfy and cared for! :-))

Special thanks to Rena, Erwin, Nainsi, Robbie, Paul, and of course Luka, for making Irish wanderings even more special if that's possible! :-))

- Chatty Vicky <---'finding love along the way...and rainbow days'. :-)

> setlist & photos

Tin Angel, Philadelphia
Monday, 13 September 1999

Yes, it's the witching hour and I'm just back from heaven. Poor Luka was possessed by mischievous gremlins tonight at the Tin Angel. But it was another very mellow and wonderful show. He seemed very content to be back at the TA. He wore that 60's looking tie-dyed turquoise shirt and seemed very relaxed and in no hurry.

Here is the set list, which I wrote down in a journal Vicky presented to me, um presumably for the life and times of Denise M. Smith. It starts:

Luka Bloom at the Tin Angel - His last show in America this millennium
1. Be Well - a request granted for Mz. Vicky
2. You - oooo, I was sooo glad to hear this one live!
3. The Acoustic Motorbike
4. Sunny Sailor Boy - owa's were very soft. A timid audience. No, it was just hot!
5. The Perfect You
6. Rainbow Day - this is still my favorite of the new songs
7. Can't Help Falling in Love - heavy sigh...
8. Rescue Mission - whoa that guitar is bitchin!
9. Love is a Monsoon (guilt without sex!)
10. Keeper of the Flame - gorgeous!
11. I Have to Dream Again
12. I'm a Bogman - a Christmas present for someone at the back
13. Water Ballerina - um, lapse in concentration, rolling eyes 'shyness stayed ashore'
14. The Hungry Ghost - Judy took a dive...sound faded...Paul come up here!
15. The Golden Land - while Paul worked his wire magic, Luka's pipes took over
16. Don't Be So Hard On Yourself - started tentatively but finished nicely
17. Forgiveness - the long sad song
18. Sanas
19. Ciara - very rhythmic this time, furious ending, poor Judy!
20. The Fertile Rock - I can't hear ya back there!

Encores - Introduces band, Rudy, Judy, Carmen and Trudy
21. Leaving Lhasa - lovely
22. Black Is the Colour - gentle, almost tender
23. The Request - I Need Love - Where'd that lady with the glasses go? She bailed cause you made that mean face at her. What mean face? You know the one, the cross eyed up in the air look? Daisy attack. Muttering. Well, if ya see her tell her I'm sorry. Sing it for us anyway. But don't mess up the words. Second line he messes up Ah, F**k! LOL!
24.You Couldn't Have Come at a Better Time

You can say that again. Another wonderful show at the Tin Angel. Only one complaint smoking in such a small place sucks. It is soo inconsiderate to the performer and the other folks trying to breath. Luka ask for a Non-smoking show next time.

Tanx to Luka and Paul for that wonderful, healing musical magic that they weave. To the girls for their excellent company. Vicky, Jeannie, Susan, Bobbie and Dale, Jonetta, Anna, Danielle. If I missed anybody I didn't mean too.

Hm, March is only 6 months away....

- Denise

Roisin Dubh, Galway
Monday, 21 August 2000

Just when our plane landed at Shannon airport a beautiful rainbow made us feel welcome in Ireland. Our timing and planning of the travelling route (Mayo/Sligo/Donegal) was not bad, though this year we missed his gig in Lisdoonvarna! but of course we made a break in Galway when I heard that Luka was doing a gig at the Roisin Dubh again, the same place where we'd seen him playing two brilliant concerts during the Galway Arts Festival 1999.

Candles on the tables made the atmosphere cozy and intimate, again a packed venue and a very enthusiastic and excited crowd. Paul was back at work - so of course no complaints about the sound - and Luka was in great form. It was a brilliant show and another unforgettable night at the Roisin Dubh!

> setlist

Matt Molloy's, Westport
Tuesday, 22 August 2000

After Galway our next step was going to Westport and Clare Island. It was our first stay in Westport, and of course we were planning to visit Matt Molloy's pub in the evening. He is a member of the famous Chieftains, and his pub is a well-known place for live music! I expected to hear some great traditional Irish music that night... but then there was a singer who only had one folk song in his set... and that was a Swedish one... but I was not really disappointed! They do not sell tickets in advance, only at the door on the night of the show one hour before the gigs begin! Most of the gigs are sold out very soon and so it also was that night.

The small venue, a backroom with a bar, the roof partly made of glass, a small stage - there was not much space for moving around - a few rows of seats and some bar stools... most of the people were standing in the back and it was really crowded. There was a very lively atmosphere, the audience a bit restless - the bar was closed during the performance, so people had to leave the room for getting new drinks - but nevertheless it was a great gig again and it was over too soon!!!

> setlist

Ionad Cois Locha, Dunlewey
Thursday, 24 August 2000

Ionad Cois Locha And finally the Lakeside Centre in Dunlewey situated at the shores of Dunlewey Lough, on the foot of Mount Errigal - a very unique place. The venue holds 200 people and has a perfect sound and an intimate atmosphere. It was a seated concert, rows like a theatre, and maybe therefore it was more quiet and the audience was more concentrated on the music. On the other hand it took some time before they actually warmed up and joined in singing the songs. But finally the applause at the end of the show was so enthusiastic and overwhelming that he came back for 2 encores!!

The songs he played were all as great as usual! The Acoustic Motorbike, Sanas, I'm a Bogman, The Hungry Ghost, Diamond Mountain, Black is the Colour, Delirous, You couldn't have come at a better time..... but 'Love is a Monsoon' was still the only new song in the setlists!

There are always some songs I miss (never during the show but afterwards) or I would have loved to hear again (so little time - so many songs)! This time I was hoping to hear 'Cool Breeze' live in Donegal... there was no cool breeze these days... but he didn't sing one of his wonderful beach songs either! I always love when he sings some "surprise songs", songs which do not belong to his "usual" setlist! In Dunlewey it was a wonderful a cappella version of 'Silvery Moon', which I'd only heard once before, and in Westport 'Catch the Wind' a wonderful song by Donovan, it was a song of the first record he ever bought himself.

He also played again a lot of cover songs: If I Were A Carpenter, In Between Days, Make You Feel My Love, No Surprises, Bad, Dancing Queen, Natural Mystic, the great Australian song Throw Your Arms Around Me, and of course always Keeper Of The Flame!

- Rena

> setlist & photos

Markthalle, Hamburg
Wednesday, 8 November 2000

Just coming back from an extraordinary concert here in Hamburg's Markthalle, I have to say NANANNAAAANA!!!! we got 3 (three) encores, beat that! After some last minute floor- taping by Paul, Luka appeared (no Hawaiian - but an awful jeans type shirt - I want the water rippled one, please - ) starting with a song for Mr Nader... but I should let you have the setlist now:

1) Dreams in America
2) Love is a monsoon
3) Gone to Pablo
4) Exploring the Blue
5) Rescue Mission 6) Sanas
7) Don't be so hard on yourself
8) Natural Mystic - with an unusually friendly reference to smoking ganja -
9) Blackberry times
10) Make you feel my love
11) Keeper of the flame
12) Bogman (with a wonderful 'Christy' verse)
13) No Surprises - What a surprise
14) In Between Days
15) Sunny Sailor Boy - something to keep the audience busy
16) Urge for Going
17) You couldn't have come at a better time
18) I'm a happy man in the world (can't think of the real title- should be somewhat different but it's too late now to root around here to find the right CD
19) Ciara - (does anyone still measure his relationship - situation according to how he plays Ciara? - if yes, he was quicker than ever and sort of relieved when it was over)
20) Fertile Rock - super-extended version - still hum

1st encore - dark blue shirt - very nice - Very hanseatic Mr. Bloom !
21) If I were a carpenter
22) Bad
23) The Swedish Folk Song

2nd encore - still dark blue shirt - sort of wet by now
24) Delirious
25) Black is the colour - an almost clerical, eclectic version - absolute silent and alert audience - brilliant and intense.

3rd encore - no comments on the state of that shirt anymore
26) "10 million miles from reality" - this is the only line I could take down - maybe one of you is able to tell me what I've heard? (Bob Marley's "So much trouble in the world")
27) Throw your arms around me - over and over requested by a girl in the audience, who didn't get the real thing but at least 'her song'
28) Autumn leaves - a cappella - absolutely brilliant - one couldn't wish for more to end this show - (except for : it should never end)

The venue was packed, but it was a marvellous show, I hope the performer enjoyed it as much as 'his' audience (and we were all 'his'). Have fun, all the rest of you who are going to see him during the next weeks. YES - I forgot, CD's were sold before and after the show, I think he signed them as well after the show.

- Sabine

Muziekcentrum Frits Philips, Eindhoven
Friday, 16 March 2001

Just returned home from the second Luka Bloom concert in a week (Sunday Amsterdam - yesterday Einhoven) dog-tired and knackered. But pleased. I thought Luka once a year here in Hamburg is about the dose for me, not too little - not too much, but now I have to say even twice a week isn't overdosed. Amsterdam was nice - all the people who came from all over the world to meet in a poxy aul' bar at A'dam station - good to see everybody healthy and happy. - The concert (it was my first time ever Luka concert where I had to sit down and couldn't move to the music strange feeling). Aftershow party in the Irish pub (hosting a lot of celebrities) was special.

Yesterday in Eindhoven we saw one of the performances for which I admire Luka deeply. Music brilliant as ever but on top he was talkative, the audience reacted nicely - again he knew how to work a crowd, perfect!

Here's the setlist: 1-Diamond Mountain 2-Natural mystic 3-Don't be so hard on yourself 4-Ciara 5-Gone to Pablo 6-Rescue Mission 7-Sunny Sailor Boy 8-You couldn' have come at a better time 9-Golden Feather 10-Keeper of the Flame 11-Bogman 12-If I were a carpenter 13-No Surprises 14-In between days 15-Holy Ground 16-Fertile Rock 17-I need love 18-Dancing Queen 19-Black is the colour - Te Adoro - Exploring the Blue

Brilliant all together.

- Slán go foill, Sabine

Muziekcentrum Frits Philips, Eindhoven
Friday, 16 March 2001

A great concert in Eindhoven, and a great audience as well! This time no complaints about not enough participation by the audience, tonight it was more the opposite! For the wellknown reason, Luka was trying to prevent them from clapping during the songs again and again... :-)

He was not thinking of his gig at the Buitenboel Festival in 1997, when he said he would be in Eindhoven for the first time, but some people of the audience did. His lack in memory was good for some jokes during the rest of the show.

He sang again Robbie Robertson's "Golden Feather" and it's great to know that in a few weeks this song will be released on the US version of "Keeper Of The Flame".

Is "Exploring The Blue" already a great song itself, in the outstanding combination of "Black Is The Colour" and "Te Adoro" it became a very new and unique touch!! It was the perfect end of a wonderful show. Again it was sold out and again he got standing ovations after the show and after the encores as well.

- Rena

Diligentia, The Hague
Tuesday, 20 March 2001

My last concert for this tour, and I wasn't too sure beforehand. After that great second night at the Kleine Komedie.. O me of little faith... The venue in The Hague was just as intimate, it was sold out again, and the sound was perfect. I loved the combination of Black is the Colour/Te Adoro/Exploring the Blue, I've never heard Gone to Pablo done more beautifully, and Ciara and I Need Love were.. different!

I loved all the concerts I saw and found something special in all of them, and it was a different song every time. Ciara and Black is the Colour/Te Adoro in Utrecht, If I Were a Carpenter in Leiden, and Gone to Pablo last night. And I'm still recovering from Delirious in Amsterdam, that may take me some time. I could make this a longer list, but it's back to the real world.

- Jolande

> setlist

An Taibhdhearc, Galway
Saturday, 28 July 2001

I just made it home from Ireland today and after a 25 hour plane trip, I'm amazed I'm sitting here writing this but I guess that's what jet lag will do to you. Ireland was wonderful and I've come home with some great memories of warm hearted people and stunning scenery. But the highlight from which I'm still buzzing is the Luka concert in Galway. Everyone in the States who's waiting for the man I don't think you'll be disappointed.

He played at the Taibhdhearc in Galway which is a tiny Irish speaking theatre. It made a great change from seeing him in the huge places he plays in when he comes to Sydney. It was very intimate and what seemed like a rather cold audience warmed up quickly to the point where requests where being asked for and Luka did his best to play them. I'm really sorry but I don't have a set list, he just played whatever came into his head. Some of the more memorable moments included the mandatory "Fertile Rock" singalong which later became the mantra by which the entire audience sang him back on stage for the encores and also the fact that everytime I've heard him sing "I Need Love" it's been different and this time it was with a rather ironic and insincere edge which gave the audience a good laugh.

So, it was a mixture of old favourites, covers and a few newies. Lots of stories were told and it was really interesting seeing him in front of an Irish crowd, he seemed more relaxed though he did say he was on holidays. He was on stage for 2 and 1/2 hours and did two encores. It's amazing the buzz that you walk out with after one of his shows, I took a friend who was converted into a Luka fan that night and we couldn't stop raving for hours.

So, everyone he's in fine form and I think he'll be worth the wait. Anyway enough raving, I think maybe I should grab some sleep.

- Kris Watkins, Australia


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