2 Meter Sessions



1. Gone To Pablo
2. Innocence
3. Don't Be So Hard On Yourself
4. Rescue Mission
5. Sanctuary
6. Primavera
7. The Hungry Ghost
8. Thank You For Bringing Me Here

Produced by Luka Bloom
Mastered by Brian Masterson
Recorded for 2 Meter Sessions, Netherlands
Programhost: Jan Douwe Kroeske
Luka Bloom: Guitar & Vocals
All songs written by Luka Bloom
1, 4, 5: Warner Chappell. 3, 7: BMG, UK
2, 6, 8: IMRO Ireland/MCPS
Design: Pointblank - www.pointblank.ie
Photography: Ewa Figaszewska - www.figaszewska.com.
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Luka Bloom, Jan Douwe Kroeske I love my job, I get to write songs, perform them in concert, record them, and sometimes I get to hear them on radio!

There are a few parts of my job I don't like. I hate most PR, interviews, etc... However, there is one part of PR I really enjoy, and that is live radio. In live radio there is a risk, there is fun, and most of all, there is no editing. I sit with the presenter, we have a conversation about many things, and I get to sing some songs directly for people. It is a very rewarding experience always. So whenever I come to Holland to release a new record there is always the hope that I will do a 2 Meters session.

For 20 years now, I have come to the studio to meet Jan Douwe and the crew of sound people and producers. Armed with new songs, new ideas and new dreams I come into this warm and welcoming environment. We are singing from the same hymn sheet. We know it is all about the people. It is about something real, something honest, something true, and hopefully something enjoyable to listen to. No hype, no bullshit. Just two people talking about songs and music, and one of those people then singing songs. Mostly after interviews, I feel tired and drained. But whenever I leave a 2 Meters session, I feel alive, happy, and grateful for the great job I have.

Thank you Jan Douwe, and 2 Meters for keeping this window open, so that men and women like me can still be heard.

- Luka

Dreams In America Dreams In America
2 Meter Sessions / Dreams In America
Boxset released by www.v2benelux.com

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