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Dancing Queen Keeper Of The Flame
Bob Dylan
Make You Feel My Love Keeper Of The Flame
Bob Marley
Natural Mystic Keeper Of The Flame
So Much Trouble In The World unrecorded
Waiting In Vain unrecorded
Elvis Presley
Can't Help Falling In Love The Acoustic Motorbike
Eric Bogle
Do You Know Any Bob Dylan? unrecorded
Frank Sinatra
Autumn Leaves unrecorded
Hunters & Collectors
Throw Your Arms Around Me Keeper Of The Flame
Jim Reeves
He'll Have To Go unrecorded
John McCormack
I'll Walk Beside You The Girls Won't Leave The Boys Alone
Cherish The Ladies
Joni Mitchell
Urge For Going Keeper Of The Flame
Kris Kristoffersen
Please Don't Tell Me How The Story Ends unrecorded
LL Cool J
I Need Love The Acoustic Motorbike
Into The Groove unrecorded
Nina Simone
Keeper Of The Flame Keeper Of The Flame
Norman Blake
Billy Gray
Planxty: True Love Knows No Season
When Doves Cry Rock Over London 92-48
No Surprises Keeper Of The Flame
Everybody Hurts unrecorded
Robbie Robertson
Golden Feather Keeper Of The Flame
Rose Royce
Wishing On A Star Keeper Of The Flame
Simply Red
Holding Back The Years unrecorded
T-Bone Burnett
River Of Love Live 5/19/90
Recorded live at the Park West, Chicago
The Cure
In Between Days Keeper Of The Flame
The Kinks
See My Friends unrecorded
The Temptations
Just My Imagination unrecorded
The Waterboys - Mike Scott
Sunny Sailor Boy Turf
This Is The Sea Live 5/19/90
Recorded live at the Park West, Chicago
Tim Hardin
If I Were A Carpenter Keeper Of The Flame
Bad Keeper Of The Flame
New Year's Day unrecorded
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