Bittersweet Crimson
Bittersweet Crimson



Finally the Summerís upon us
Blackbird sweetly sings
The cuckoo rules in the meadow
The beauty of everyday things

Nature basks in sunlight
Summery long days bring
Peace and love and freedom
The beauty of everyday things....

© 2020 Luka Bloom //
(IMRO/MCPS Ireland)

"Finally the Summerís upon us..."

This is the first song from my new record Bittersweet Crimson, coming out July 20th, 2020.

I am quite moved by this video, filmed by Matthew Kelly. People of all ages around Clahane County Clare, painted the rocks and stones and created this gallery of love and hope during the Lockdown of 2020. People have such beauty within, and this is what I see on this wall. In the dark days of isolation, and separation, people young and old create, and then share, their colourful visions, for all of us in the area. And so, with this song, I can now share this gallery of love and hope with everyone.

The record will be available on July 20th at

~ Luka Bloom

© Rena Bergholz // Luka Bloom Page