Anti-Nuclear Single
Anti-Nuclear 12" Single


Our politicians talking
They never let us know
They make their decisions
They bring us pain and war,
Pain and war.

They tell us, that there is nuclear
That give us the energy we need
But they really mean that this way
They can satisfy their greed,
Their greed.

No one needs this devil
We can't afford the chance
But that's where they line pockets
That's where we must stand
That's where we must stand.

The sun provides the energy
The earth provides the seas
And nature free to prosper
Gladly fill our needs

But the cancer of this nuclear
Is the cancer of our time
The science of destruction
The crime beneath all crimes
Crimes of crimes
Crimes of crimes
Know, people they must know
The truth you must not hide
That people and heaven will die
Heaven will die.

Written by BARRY MOORE
© Mild Music

© Rena Bergholz :: Luka Bloom Page