Bittersweet Crimson
Bittersweet Crimson



© 2020 Luka Bloom //
(IMRO/MCPS Ireland)

"This is a song of friendship.
I have been visiting this tree for about 24 years, and try to get there once every season.
I love this song, because it is an unusual manifestation of an actual friendship in my life with a
non-human being.
And I love this video, because in it, I can feel the love I have for the tree, as well as the utter majesty
of the tree itself.

We need the trees.
The woods, the forests; they are the lungs of the earth.
When I walk to this tree, and then sit there, my breath deepens.
The stillness is natural and easy.
And there is peace.

Say hello to My Old Friend the Oak Tree.

Thank you Matthew Kelly for filming this song for me.
Thank you Susan Hill for your assistance on the day.

And most of all, thank you to all the custodians of Birr Castle, especially Alison.
This natural sanctuary is a safe haven for the trees, the birds, the animals, the bees and butterflies.
And all in the heart of a busy town, Birr, County Offaly.

My Old Friend the Oak Tree is a song from my record Bittersweet Crimson; which will be available
in cd and download from from July 20th."

~ Luka Bloom

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