Deadly Potions
Deadly Potions


There's a creature on the mountain
Lived in perfect peace
Been there in his slumber
Through all the centuries
Happy in the mountain
Peaceful left alone
Lately he's been hunted
Taken from his home

Man brought him to the city
Locked him in a hole
In this evil captivation
He burned with anger in his soul
Take a lion from the mountain
Lock him in a cage
He'll fight you with a vengeance
In another age

See our waters laden down
See our waters, just a dumping ground

This creature in the city
Grows more angry in his pain
He burns with deadly hatred
He must be moved again
There are ships out on the ocean
Sailing through the night
Bearing cargo of destruction
Sailing slowly

Now the creature of the mountain
Waits in anger in the sea
He will poison all around him
He'll punish you and me
Once he was so peaceful
Now he's full of hate
He was taken from the mountain
He longs to seal our fate

Written by BARRY MOORE
© Ruby Records

© Rena Bergholz :: Luka Bloom Page