The Burren is a virile place
And it's called the fertile rock
From every corner of the world
Beautiful women do flock
To experience silver landscape
And the magical gifts it gave
They seek manhood in ceili dancing
Or beyond out on the waves

Oh the reels
Reels and the jiggy jig jig...

I know a woman called Yoko
She came here from Japan
She was drinking green tea in Cooley's
When she met a handsome young man
He was lost inside his music
Rockin' the bucks of Oranmore
Last I heard Caoimhin and Yoko
Were on offspring number four

Oh the reels
The reels and the jiggy jig jig...

Elle 'a une femme in Ennistymon
She embodies Ooh Laa Laa
She came here for Ceili music
But she stayed on for the fleadh

There's a man called Willie Daly
He's a legend and a stud
He's doing no one any harm
He might even be doing some good
People are dying of boredom
On Facebook and on iTunes
They'd be better off going dancin'
In Kilfenora or Lisdoon

Oh the reels
The reels and the jiggy jig jig...

© 2016 Luka Bloom (IMRO/MCPS Ireland)

© Rena Bergholz :: Luka Bloom Page