Eleven Songs
Eleven Songs


I sit beside a young man
Headphones in his ear
I'd love to get a story
But I can't get near
Sounds like angry music
Bleeding from his phones
Straight into his head
Experienced alone
Where's the fire now?

Everywhere I go
Everybody's cool
Coming down with gadgetry
All the latest little tools
Living in your headphones
Can you hear your dreams
Give me some new ideas
Let me hear your screams
Where's the fire now?

We know we were lied to
For another stupid war
Misery and mayham
And who for and what for?
Where are all the tigers
Protesting how they feel?
Everybody's gone online
Where nothing is real, big fucking deal
Where's the fire now?

I believe a bright new flame
Is simmering deep inside there
We're all too busy with ourselves
To question or to care
Where's the fire now?
Where's the fire now?

© 2008 LUKA BLOOM //

© Rena Bergholz :: Luka Bloom Page