Luka Bloom

New Year Message
27 December 2000

Greetings, and a very happy new year to my music friends in Cyberia.
So, what do birds do when time flies?
And don't it just fly.

2000 has been a really remarkable year. I must begin on a sad note and express my sorrow at the loss of such a sweet star as Kirsty McColl. Her loss is huge, and too tragic for words. I never met Kirsty but loved her voice, still do, and always will. I can only pray for her family, and send them good wishes in an impossible Christmas. RIP.

Again, I want to thank from the bottom of my heart, all the people who take enough interest in my work to come to shows, to own cds, to comment on songs, and thus be part of this musical journey. It is ever apparent to me that I have great fortune, to sing and write songs. I hope whatever twists and turns that life presents; that I never lose gratitude for the many blessings constantly bestowed upon me. I love to have this opportunity to say thanks to some of you; my only regret is that I can't directly connect with those who are not 'online'. Somehow I hope they too are aware of my gratitude.

2000 was a year in which I took a chance, and made a dip into the independent world of music. I cannot believe I didn't do it sooner; but as the saying goes, 'If my auntie had balls she'd be my uncle'! Crude, but true. I'm over the moon with Keeper of the flame. This was an enormous project for me. Partly because I had no record company support; and partly because of the responsibility of performing such great songs by such great artists. I'm happy that I've done my best to make the best cd I could; and because I've found good people to distribute in many territories, I suspect that it's at least as easily available as Salty Heaven was. (Except the US; I'm working on it!)

However the real value of this cd, is the opportunity it has given me to enjoy the greatness of other artists; and the good response to the cd gives me great hope for my future independent projects. I've already begun to work on the next cd, but it will take time, and I don't expect it to be available before Jan. 2002. As some of you know, I'll be performing a lot in 2001, yipee!

Regarding this LIVE cd, I need to clarify the situation. Over the past years I've recorded a good few shows, and will continue to do so. When we booked the Kleine Komedie for the coming Dutch tour, I remarked to the Manager (of the theatre) that it would be a nice room to record in. I NEVER intended them to advertise a Live recording for the shows. I would never do that; as this would affect the atmosphere. The whole charm of the live show show is the spontaneous, the unexpected. I probably will record the Kleine Komedie; but I never intended it to be perceived as THE definitive show for a cd. I sincerely apologise to all of you who are practising your whistles, cheers, singalongs, heckles, in the hope that you will recognise yourself on my live cd! There will be many shows, and I have no idea which ones will give me the songs for a future live cd. I'm reluctant to do a live cd because the show is a bit sacred to me; it's an in-the-moment experience. But I'm always asked for one; and my resolve is weakening. Any way, I apologise for any misunderstanding; I'm sure it's all my fault.

2000, again brings me many sweet memories of shows. The Century Ballroom in Seattle was lovely; the irish festival in San Francisco really surprised me; I just didn't expect to do so well. Irving Plaza, in NYC; everywhere in Australia; Dingle; Caherciveen; Montreux Jazz Festival (WOW); Ancienne Belgique in Brussels; Roeselaar?, the last show in Belgium.....So many memories of lovely people sharing sweet moments with me. This year I am going to do something I never do, and single out one show for a special mention. It's the Markthalle in Hamburg. Can't explain it; but from the moment I walked on stage I was in the white light. It was effortless and dreamlike; and the response of the people was embarrassing, so lovely. All shows are special, and I really try to make it that way. I never treat one city as more important than the other. You never know when this special feeling happens; so you look for it every time. It's a reward. This night in Hamburg, the sound was perfect, thanks Paul; the flowers were right; the lighting was fine. I was happy, and the people were sublime. Thank you; and thank you to all the people who come to these evenings. I am sharing this special moment with you, not to suggest that this was a 'better' show than anywhere else; only to share a special moment with you. It also confirmed something I have felt for a long time; that Germany is a country full of gentle, sensitive, kind people. Finally, I am beginning to find an audience there; slowly but surely; and I'm really happy about that .

Next year I'll be singing in Ireland, England, Scotland, Holland, Germany, Scandinavia, Switzerland, Australia, the US (I hope!); and anywhere else that will have me!............ I am truly blown away by the kindness of people. Everywhere I go, people bring flowers, books, even bicycle tools!, to share with me. You never need to do it, but I thank you all.

I end this year in gratitude; and with the anticipation of soundchecks, preparations, dressing rooms, flowers, and hopefully many nights of song in the coming year. I wish for you, all the blessings of the world for your new year. Take care, have big fun.

Love, Luka

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