Frugalisto 01. Frugalisto
02. Warrior
03. January Blues
04. No Fear Here
05. Oh Sahara
06. Isabelle
07. Lowlands Brothers
08. Berkeley Lullaby
09. Jiggy Jig Jig
10. Give It A Go
11. Australia
12. Wave Up To The Shore

© 01-02-2016 Luka Bloom - Big Sky Records BSCD-0009

LISTEN HERE: January Blues

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Produced by Luka Bloom
Recorded in Lettercollum Recording Studios, Timoleague, Co Cork
All tracks mixed and mastered by Brian Masterson at Soundscape Studios

Cover photo by Lieve Boussauw, Bruges, Belgium
Photography by Amelia Stein
Design by Steve Averill

Is it love? Is it addiction?

Almost 40 years since recording my first album, and still it excites me like a child at Christmas.
Finally holding the actual CD. Studying the finished artwork. Opening the package.
Taking out the CD, and listening to each song. Remembering the hours of endeavour.
Every note played by every musician, precious to me. Every song special in some way.

For example, the last song on FRÚGALISTO is called Wave Up To the Shore.
I wrote it in 1972. Yes, 1972. Tried to record it many times. The song means so much to me.
And here it is finally on this record in 2016. And my nephew Gavin singing the last verse with me.

I love everything about this record. I love the songs. I love the studio where we recorded.
And I love the playing , as well as the singing by many fine singers, who helped me bring the songs home.

I thank Lieve and Amelia for the photos, and Steve Averill for his art and patience with me, in creating the design for the record.

Thank you everyone.
I am blessed.
And Frúgalisto, off you go out into the world.
I hope people will find 50 minutes to sit with you and hear you.
It may well be addiction, but it definitely is love.
It’s a beautiful life.


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